I had a wonderful day with some gorgeous cats and the fantastic company of Karen Holloway who is just superb company and handles all the breeds with ease, here’s to the next time Karen!



1ST & BOB BROWN’S CHARMODEN SIMPLYENYA 28.1.09 Nice cobby typy lass of very good weight and muscle tone and bone to her short stocky legs. Short broad tail. Her head is well rounded, her ears are neat and set well apart. Her eyes are a tad deep set but a lovely copper colour. The nose is short with a very narrow leather though, bite is level, very firm chin, good cheeks. Her coat is short and dense and in this light had a brownish tinge, fraction soft and has ghost markings still. It is also a little unsound at the moment. I hope it all comes together better as she grows.



1ST & BOB RICHARDS’ ANGELS ATMIDNIGHT SUNKING 26.4.09 I decided to take these kittens to the special light provided to see what colour they really are as in this light they were both blue toned and not correct.  This kitten is a better colour, still needs warmth and still needs more pinky tones though. He needs some time to develop his type, his head is slightly wedge shaped, ears a tad large set fairly well apart into the contours, good profile, short nose, nice rounding to brow. Level bite but his chin slopes back slightly. His eyes really should be larger, and a deeper golden to orange colour. The coat is short dense and crisping well and is nice and sound. His tail is a different shade to his body, it’s a good length though. Slightly out of balance today and lucky to get the BOB, just hope he comes together better.


2nd. WEST-MULLENS’ WESTMUSTKATZ BENSONS BOY 30.4.09 I couldn’t quite find both testacles descended on this kitten, as discussed with his owner breeder later.  He is really out of sorts too, his head shape is more oval with large ears. His nose is rather long, muzzle is pinched at present, bite is level but his chin is a tad shallow. Cheeks still filling out. His eyes are a tad deep-set and small, nice gold colour though. His coat is darker and shows a tipping and banding which is not desirable in this breed colour I am afraid. The length is a tad long too, fairly sound but lays a little flat. His tail is quite ringed. Lovely temperament!



BOB ONLY: HARRISON’S PR DIWALI KATALINA 12.3.06 A lovely lady typy, cobby, cracking eye colour but quite tetchy today.



1ST PC & BOB   STAPLES CATYKES ALICES WONDERLAND (30as) 13.4.08 He is a big lad, fraction tapered at the muzzle otherwise his top of head is broad with fairly neat well spaced ears. In this light he looked, as discussed and agreed by another Full judge, almost slate grey rather than blue based. His eye colour looked hazel with green to the centre too which is incorrect for this colour. So we all went off with him to the special light provided, he was as gentle as a lamb so this was easy for us. What a difference, the eyes are orange, they just pale to the centre. His pattern is more a slate blue and the nose leather and pads are dark blue. His spots are lovely! Coat length and texture very good too. He has some fawning to his legs otherwise he is clear. Good contrast from the ground to his pattern in the special light. Good job we had it! Good tail rings too.





1ST PC WILDERSPIN’S PYEWACKET (40/4) 11.8.98 Bid lad in need of his double pen! Excellent bone and a powerful cat despite his age. Nice head type, still got all his teeth but his eye colour is almost non existant now. He shows some shading to his warm magnolia body, the points are a tad blue in tone too. He wasn’t that happy but we saw enough and let him relax.


BOB: CROOK’S PR MIBABYESE ZARA (40/40 FN 30.3.06  Beautiful girl, super cat my in my top 3 choice for the BIS neuter.. Got the lot! Just lovely.




2ND 1ST WITHELD GRAY’S KELOUGRAY MINGZHU (27c) 31.5.09 Lovely temperament, very playful! A well-grown lad marginally out of balance from head to body at the moment, of very nice weight with slender legs and large oval paws. Nice width across the top of his gently rounded head, large ears at present, broad at base and set wide apart. Rounding to chest and straight back. His tail is a fraction short to balance and a trifle fine. His head forms a moderate wedge of acceptable width, tapers to a fine pinched muzzle. In profile the brow rounds gently, good overall depth, long nose that rolls off with a fair break and a slight rise to the centre. The bite is clearly overshot unfortunately, I did take note of his bottom teeth, and i.e. they appeared not to be fully through, so I called the duty vet who did however confirm my suspicions, hence the placing. His chin recedes and is rather shallow. His eyes are set fairly wide apart, fair fullness to the lower line, upper line tilts up at the outer corners thus appearing a trifle almond shaped, good colour though and I would have liked them a little larger ideally. His coat is short and fairly fine, lays nicely, is even dove grey but rather blue in tone. He did enjoy his cuddles on his back with my steward mind you, I think he would have stayed there all day bless him, so sorry to have to withold 1st.




1ST & BOB GRAY’S KELOUGRAY MEIRONG (27c) F 31.5.09 Litter sister and what a promising baby! Small but perfectly formed as one says. Lovely balance and type, firm body, good weight with slender limbs and neat oval paws. Good tail shape to balance. Good head lines, very nice shape to head, good rounding to top of head and brow. Excellent ear set; nice and wide apart and correctly follow the line of the upper part of the face. In profile the head show promising depth, a good short nose but she too has a tiny rise in the middle. Bite is level and so is the chin.  Super eyes for shape and size, pale yellow with just a green rim evident in this bright white light at present, promising expression developing. Typical baby coat a little longer down her back but it lays well and is even toned warm dove grey. Maybe her 1st show? If so she did really well and also loved her cuddles flopping in my stewards’ (and mine actually) arms.



1ST & BOB QUINCEY’S MAYRLING DAYZEE CHAYN (27h) 21.3.09 A very well grown baby for her age of excellent weight and has a good firm feel to her medium sized body. Her tail is balanced with a rounded tip but tapers slightly. Good rounding to her top of head between generously sized ears that are broad at base and set wide apart. Short wedge that shows good width at the jaw hinge. In profile the brow is slightly rounded, the depth of the head is good for depth; nose is slightly long and rounds at the tip with acceptable break. Her eyes are a good shape and set, yellow in colour but I would just prefer them a little larger for perfection. Her coat is fairly short and lays close and is of super texture and a pleasing mix of warm chocolate and pale reds. Super temperament.


2nd. WILLIAMS’ MOLYNMEUX ZAZEUX (27j) 23.12.08 A very pretty kitten almost an adult with superb type! Sadly and most likely not easily seen in most hall lighting, was a suspicious white looking patch to her throat area.  I did consult 2 full Burmese judges, one of which had recently judged her and both of them confirmed that under this bright white light a white locket was clearly evident. Both judges also agreed it was unlikely to be seen in most other hall lighting. That said, I absolutely loved her type. She is a firm bodied kitten; is a good weight and good rounding to chest, straight back with a balanced tail to body. Her legs are proportionate and shapely with neat oval paws. Her top of head shows excellent width between marginally generous ears, correct set and gentle forward tilt. In profile the head has good overall depth. Her nose is short and straight till the very tip where it just rounds off. she has quite a good nose break. The wedge is fairly short and blunt. Her bite is correct and the chin is level but would prefer it deeper. Stunning eyes! Excellent size and shape, yellow chartreuse in colour, wonderful Burmese expression, so very typical and I loved her look. Her coat is reasonably short, lays beautifully and is a very pretty mingling of pale lilac and cream. Such a pity about the locket today and under different less “white” lighting I have no doubt it will probably not show up at all.



1ST POTTS VINMAR SILVA-BELLA 918) FN 27.8.06 My choice for Best British Neuter she is gorgeous! Superb mature lass of very good balance and proportions. Excellent type, lovely round expressive pale hazel eyes. Good bite and chin, Super cheeks. Large weighty cobby stocky body with excellent bone. Good clear pattern, fraction brindled in the ground otherwise good contrast. Coat is short and dense, just a mite soft.


2nd HORTON’S ADVISH DUSTYDREAM (40/6) 27.8.06 Another large and solid lady of excellent size and conformation. Good round head just a tad square in the muzzle. Good eyes for shape and colour. Her coat is a mite long but its dense.. Super points, all match and good shape to mask. Body shading is tonal.





Interesting class, I was going between second and third for a variety of reasons and could easily reverse placings as they mature too.

1st. CREATON&WALKERS’ CRINKLES FORGET ME NOT (79l 21) F 17.4.09A very well grown lass, big weighty body and has very good bone to her medium length legs. She is cobby and her torso is rectangular in appearance. Excellent round and full cheeked head, very good ears for shape set and width apart. Round eyes, could be marginally larger but nice and round. Good bite. Her muzzle is rectangular when viewed from the front and has padding from side view. Super ruff and tail plumes too. Nice internal furnishings to her ears (sounds like she has a sofa in there dosnt it!) Lovely loose unstructured curls that stand well away from her body. Good to see a good powerful build in the females of surprising weight and I have rewarded her for this. I think sometimes this is forgotten,  we want a powerful heavy boned cat in both sexes.


2nd  WALKER’S AMOZOLOU SANTAS LIL-HELPER (79l 29d) M 11.5.09  He is a tad small for me, of good weight for his size with quite good boning. His head is very rounded, good width between marginally small ears though, prefer them to be medium and more broad at base for perfection. His eyes are rounded, I would like them a tad larger though. He is full cheeked and his muzzle is developing. His coat is uniform in length and well waved all over, wonderful plush feel and stands well away from the body.  Good tail too.


3rd. WALKERS’ AMOZOLOU MR BRIGHTSIDE (79l 43) M 11.5.09 Nice lad.



1ST HOLLOWAY’S KRUZINKAL TORCHWOOD (40/4) M 3.6.09 Well he can light up anyone’s life this lovely lad! Wonderful type and colour, cobby and a good weight. Excelent head shape and ears for shape and set. Super expressive eyes, make you melt! Super coat coming, good matching points too. Just gorgeous, I shall watch with interest.


2nd TWONSEND’S CRAZIPUSS O’LA LA (30es) F 23.5.09 Another promising kitten, super type and conformation. Excellent copper eyes, good size and shape too. Lovely coat for length and texture. Good spotting, just minor brindling at present, nice tortie overlay. Good contrast. Very promising too.


3rd. AMOZOLOU’S SUPER TROUPER (79l 43fs) M 17.4.09 Cracking chap for Selkirk type, wish he was in my other side class! Just lost out on coat today which is changing.



1ST HEMMING’S CH&GR PR HINDERSLYNE BLACK HEMLOCK (15) 17.8.07 Judged recently and my comments remain the same, my 2nd choice for the BIS neuter. He has matured really well and shows lots of promise of things to come.


2nd CREATON &WALKER’S PR CRINKLES JACK FROST. (79l 15d)  2.5.07 Also written about recently, my comments remain the same, he is a cracking cat and deserved 1st place too.


3rd. ANDERSON-CARTER’S DARRWAY TIBERIUS (16) 15.8.08 Massive lad, masculine too.



1ST  BEALE’S TEIGNAGE BETTY BOOP (27) F 9.12.08 A well-developed good-natured lady of very good weight and she has a nice firm feel about her. Elegant shapely legs with neat oval paws. The tail is a good shape to balance with a rounded tip. Her top of head is very gently rounded and her ears are well apart and of correct set. Her head forms a short blunt and wide wedge, a tad pinched though at the muzzle. In profile the head has very good depth, the nose is short and straight with a good break; Her bite is correct and her chin lines up well. Her eyes are a strong chartreuse, of very nice shape and are set well apart, although I would just prefer them a little larger. Her coat is a mid seal brown, slightly long but lays well, not quite a gradual fade to the roots on her back at the moment, perhaps seasonal?



What a lovely class of exhibits, thank you! The top total 3 were all worthy of 1st place and I had a lovely time separating them, it gave me an excuse to pay them some attention, they are all such gorgeous cats.


1ST VIRTUE’S CH HOBBERDY HIGGLEDY PIGGLEDY (27e) F 4.2.06 I love this girls look, her head lines are so well balanced and I love her profile. She is well-muscled, medium in size with good rounding to her chest and a straight back. Her legs are shapely and proportionate with neat oval paws. Her tail is well shaped to balance. She has a gorgeous short blunt wedge, a gently rounded top of head, ears are medium in size and set very well apart. In profile the brow rounds gently, the nose is short and straight with an excellent break. The bite is level and chin is a good depth and is level. Her eyes are wickedly correct! Large lustrous, super shape and set well apart, typical Burmese expression and she knows it! Super coat, striking blend of seal brown and pale reds, a very attractive look and she just stands out!


2nd WILLIAMS’ ROSSIKHAN ENVY (27) F 7.4.07 Ran my winner so very close I loved this girls type and expression. Her body is firm and nicely muscled, her back is straight and her chest is gently rounded; legs are elegant and shapely with neat oval paws. For me the tail is just a trifle fine and a short but tapers correctly to a rounded tip. Marginally generous broad based ears are set very well apart a very slightly rounded top of head. The wedge is short and wide and shows excellent balance. In profile the head has very good depth, the brow is very gently rounded and her nose is short and straight with a very good break and the bite is level

with a medium depth level chin. Stunning large very typical eyes, what an expression! Super shape and set, pale yellow chartreuse in colour. Her warm seal brown coat shone with health, is in lovely condition and although marginally long, it lays beautifully with a gorgeous satin feel to it. A beautiful girl!


EXTRA 2ND. ROBINSON’S CH ROSSIKHAN VELVETMISS (27a) F 5.4.07 Another lovely girl of quality and style who has lovely balance and lines. She is a good size and very good weight, her body is medium sized and she is lithe and muscular; her legs are shapely and slender ending in neat oval paws. The tail is well shaped and balances with a paintbrush tip. Her head forms a super short blunt wedge that is wide at the cheeks. Her broad based ears are marginally large, well spaced, of very good set and tilt gently forward. In profile the head shows very good depth, the brow is gently rounded nose is short and straight, very good break; the bite is level, chin is slightly shallow though. Lovely typical Burmese eyes, large and lustrous, set well apart and of gorgeous expression.  Her coat is intermediate toned blue, shows very good silvery sheen and is short and close lying; beautiful satin like feel.


EXTRA EXTRA 2ND. VIRTUE’S CH HOBBERDY HOCUS POCUS (27b) F 28.1.07 A chocolate lady of style and again lovely type and balance. She is a lithe and muscular lady of medium proportions, very good weight, elegant limbs and neat oval paws. Her tail is a lovely shape and tapers to a rounded tip that balances. Her ears are medium in size, well-spaced aside a marginally flat top of head. The wedge is short and wide and of excellent depth. In profile the brow is slightly rounded, nose is fairly short and straight but just rounds a little at the very tip, good break. The bite is level, chin just steps back slightly. Super Burmese expression to her eyes, they are large and lustrous, yellow in colour, set very well apart and scream Burmese. Her coat lays really well, is short and fairly fine, lovely shine to it and is a warm even chocolate.


3rd. TARBUCK’S CH MOLYROSSI STARBUCK (27c) F 18.9.07 Stylish mature lady also has lovely head lines and balance, she is a good size and weight, nice lithe muscular body of excellent weight. Super paintbrush tip to her shapely and balanced tail. Her head forms a short wide wedge with very slight rounding to her top of head. Her medium broad based ears are set well apart. In profile the brow rounds gently and her fairly nose is short with a good break. The bite is level but chin is slightly shallow. Large pale yellow eyes, set well apart and of the desired shape and size, lovely expression too. Medium toned lilac coat, lays really well, is short and fine and of a lovely texture.