Welcome to the pets and retired breeding cats photo page
This is Lenny, (Loraston lenny Thelion) a cream &white bi-colour who I kept because he was just such a naughty kitten and had bags of personality.  His party trick is jumping on the kitchen work surface when I am preparing salads or using packet vegetables like mange tout...he pinches the packets and runs off with them, opening them as he goes...yup, the contents get strewn all over the floor! He also likes to try and "bonk" poor penny !!!!
This is my first patched cat Cherubin Dassle.  She is mum of Lenny, Gr Ch  Loraston Penelope Pitstop and Loraston Contrary Mary. She is also mum and grandma etc..to various titled cats listed elsewhere in this site.  She is a big softee in nature and now retired from breeding, follows me around the house...even to the loo!
This is Ch Loraston Annastazia, who diverted me to breeding colourpointed for a few years.  Stacy, is a very vocal cat.
14.3.05, sadly Stacy was put to sleep due from Cancer of the Stomach. It was very sudden and she was my 1st Champion cat and will be very sorely missed. Sleep well sausage.
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Grand Champion and  UK Grand Premier Adquash Loraston Lucinda...otherwise known as "Squidgy"....posing here in the garden next to the girls house where she used to "reside".....you can almost tell what she used to think of that can't you!!!

Squidgy in the garden looking very clear coated thankyou!
An old photo of Millie my red self girl who is 11 years old may 2001, sitting on a chair  in the kittening room ...never mind millie I was only cleaning it!! I don't think she realises she was neutered 10 years ago..bless!
Sadly we lost millie to cancer late christmas 2001. She will be sorely missed as she was a such a character.  Sleep well millie.
Grand Champion & Premier Loraston Penelope Pitstop
Now retired from the show bench after a stunning show and breeding career.  She loves to chase buterflies and presents me with FROGS! from the pond!!!
Loraston Contrary Mary now living with her new mum and dad, helping with such things as IRONING!! she didnt do that for me!
Gr Pr Loraston Morrisey a pet neuter I showed for a while who now lives with his new mum and dad.  he is son of Henryhorlicks and Cherubin Dassle
.Ch & Pr Loraston bessie Bunter pictured here at 3 years. Now 7 years old retired and is much FATTER than this pic! She also chases butterflies and has caught 1 frog so far but prefers to "love it up" with Lenny!
Champion Loraston Jean Jeanie flat out!