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Kittens 2010.

Ch Kolinga Just Judy
& Ch Loraston Led Zeppellin
had 4 babies born 19th may.

Boys: 2 Blue&whites,
1 Blue

Girls: 1 Blue .
All Booked.

Another super litter of kittens
from this repeat mating!

Stonemarr Doris Day
and Ch Loraston Led Zeppellin
had 4 babies born 20th may.

Boys: 3 Creams (All Booked)

Girls: 1 blue-Cream
(All booked)
Doris is proving to be a very attentive
1st time mum!

The litter is lovely and this mating certainly seems to have clicked!


Loraston Joni Mitchell a blue girl from Judy and Zeppy last year.

4 lovely babies born August Bank Holiday.
3 Girls and 1 Boy.
1 show quality blue girl available. Nov 2010


Finally my stunning
baby Burmese

shown here at 5mths
Aureus Dinah Mite

Sire: Imperial Grand Champion Katchyn Coco Loco (27b)
Dam: Imperial Grand Champion Aureus Femme Fatale (27c)

HEAPS of congrats to Dinah on her BEST IN SHOW award chosen by Judge Sandra Woodley at Dinah's 1ST outing to a Burmese breed show !! what a feat!

She took it all in her stride until in her Best in show pen she knocked over a bag of biccies..she thought it was a MONSTER in her pen! good job she didnt knock over her (or my) Champagne!!!!!