The ever popular Herts&Tarts went well, I enjoyed my pressy thanks! My very capable steward was Sarah walker from the Selkirk world, thanks again Sarah, here’s to the next time.



IGPC  MORRISS’ GR PR VINDELIS IN THE SPOTLIGHT (30) 3YRS 2 WEEKS Mature lad who looked much better today in this hall lighting, he is a very good weight and has cobby muscular build supported ably by short strong thick legs and large round paws. His head is rounded with good fullness to cheeks, a short straight nose, level bite chin just slopes back a tad. Excellent large round well opened orange eyes that initially looked hazel with a green rim(we took him to special light and yes its ORANGE, no rim) of good expression. Good short dense coat for this time of year, crisp too. In the special light his ground is much warmer and his colour better overall. The brownish black spots are quite well separated, good spine line, leg bars and thumbprints. Tail is a tad short but is nice and broad at base. A little nervous so we gave him extra cuddles.



GRCC KRAUSE’S GR CH ADFURSH BLUE TYCHO (16) 5YRS 5MTHS. Goodness he looked so much better than I have seen him in recent months. Well done on the Imperial today too, deservedly so, also my selection for Best Adult. Cobby well proportioned and balanced he has a large broad rounded head with plenty of width between neat ears. Huge fat cheeks. Level bite, good chin, very short nose! a typy lad which I confess to liking! His chin is slightly shallow though. Large rounded golden eyes. Palish blue, slight silvering and paling to roots, crisp texture and good density. His new coat is just coming through on his neck and that part is sound.



GRCC W/H PALMERS’ CH KASTINET STARLIGHT (14a) 5YRS 8MTH Sadly this girl was very tense and nervous and attempted to bite, she was cowering in her pen, So we tried to help by getting the pen people to add some card so she couldn’t see the male in the next pen.  I was unable to judge her fully hence the withholding. That said, her coat was not in show condition at all, and she needs a good moult. I have always liked this cat, she has lovely type and it was such a pity to see her like this today. I hope she improves and gets more TLC, she deserves it bless her.






1ST CC SIDEY’S LATCHCATS GEORGEOUS GEORGE 2YRS 3MTHS When w eventually managed to judge him, he was upset and tense too, it was worth the wait. I love his type, he is young yet but has promise. His head is apple shaped, excellent width between medium ears set well. Lovely profile and cheeks. Good bite (at a glimpse) and chin. Super open innocent face and cracking eye colour. Paleish blue coat, almost sound, tad soft but nice and dense and even in length. Good tail.




1ST CC SIDEY’S LATCHCATS EYE CANDY (16) 3YRS 1MTH Cobby pretty lass, would prefer her more powerfully built if I am honest but I liked her type. She too was hissing and spitting…season??? Neat ears set well apart a nicely rounded head, good cheeks and bite. Chin is firm. Large round gold eyes. Her body is reasonably muscular, legs quite well boned short legs and she is a reasonable weight. Her tail is slightly short but a good breadth at base. Her coat is fairly short, a little open, little silvered but almost sound. I gather this made her up to CH today, congratulations.



1st & BOB BANT’S ASPIRITOUS URUAH HEAP (79s 16) 4MTHS WOW!! What a cracker! Stunning Selkirk type and coat for such a baby. Superb head shape, correct ears and set. Correct profile, good downward slant to his nose, good chin and bite. Excellent width across the cheeks; muzzle developing well and you can see a slight padding when viewed from the side. Curly whiskers and eyebrows. Large round expressive eyes.  His coat is really wavy right down to the roots all over even on his lovely big paws and is a super texture already! Lovely breadth across the chest and he stands cobby and has medium length legs of excellent bone. Good tail, also waved. Lovely colour too which is irrelevant but his colour would put some British Blues to shame!


3rd, no 2nd. PALMER’S TISHKABAR KOKO LOCO (79s 15b) 5MTH. A well grown lad in size but lacks bone unfortunately. He is quite nicely toned though for muscle. His head shape is not really rounded and it tapers at the muzzle rather. He needs more width between his large ears too. He dosnt really have the width at the cheeks for a Selkirk in fairness, he is rather pinched in the muzzle instead of developing a rectangular shape face on and padding from the side. His bite is clearly very undershot and his chin is really strong and prominent. His eyes are too small and sadly they were watery thus spoiling whatever expression he may have had. His coat is a tad straight, it’s fairly uniform but lack waves. His eyebrows are straight, whiskers are nice and curly. Sorry to withold 2nd place but his bite and lack of Selkirk type precludes the award.



2ND NO 1ST PALMER’S TISHKABAR LAVENDER ANDLACE (79s 31c) A good sized lass but she too lacks bone, she is rather slender I am afraid. Her head is foreign in type as discussed and agreed by another Selkirk Full Judge and her ears broad based but large, they are too upright and set too high. Her nose is long, and more at a right angle than a downward slant. Her eyes are rather almond shaped and need to be rounded. Her bite is level but the chin slopes back. The muzzle tapers to a point and when you look at the underlying bone it isn’t really conducive to developing a rectangular shape in my opinion. Her coat is short and the waves are developing and the texture was pleasing. Her tail is correct.



BOB AWARDED TO: COULTHURST’S PR SHADOWSMINE SILVER SHIMMER (18) 2YRS 2MTHS. Lovely lady, good pattern and lovely type!



1ST PC W/H LEE SEWNSEW WOTSITABOUTALFIE (79s 16) 1yr 4mths. All out of balance this lad at the moment and out of coat too, hence the withholding as discussed with his  owner. He is a nice sized lad of rectangular body shape with medium slightly slender boned legs. Of fair weight and muscle tone at the moment. His head is fairly well rounded with good width between medium ears set slightly high though. The profile is ok, gently downward slant to the nose but it is rather too wide for the size and shape of his head. The bite is correct, chin fairly firm. Quite good width across the cheeks. Fairly rectangular muzzle shape and padding is evident from the side. His eyes are a little small. His coat is not really in show condition today I am afraid, its rather greasy and open. Fair waves. Straight whiskers. Lovely temperament.



1ST PC & BOB GILLOT’S CURLU COCO (79l 21) 4YRS 1MTH A lovely lass who went on to win Best British Overall, well done. My only nit pick is that I would prefer her body to be slightly more rectangular, other than that she is a typical Selkirk for type and coat. Her head is well rounded, ears are medium in size and sit well apart and show tufts. Her eyes are large and rounded and expressive. Her nose is short and broad and slants downward. Bite is untidy but acceptable. She is full cheeked with a rectangular muzzle face on and nice padding when viewed from the side. Good ruff and tail plumes. Her body is solid and muscular on has good bone. Her lovely semi-long coat is loose with unstructured curls all over including her legs and paws, it shows good density too and has a super texture.




1ST & BOB RANSOM’S CARINIS FIRSTKISS (27) F 6MTHS What a lovely kitten, sat at the front of her pen eyeing up her new world! She is a very well developed medium firm bodied baby of excellent weight; her chest is well rounded, back is straight and her legs are slender and elegant with neat oval paws; her tail is a very good shape ending in a nice paintbrush tip and balances. She has good rounding to her top of head between medium ears, broad at base and tilt gently forward; they are set nice and well apart and follow the outline of the upper part of the face. The wedge is short and blunt and has good width at the jaw hinge. In profile the head has very promising depth, gentle rounding to the brow and a short nose with a good break but it just rounds off slightly at the tip. The bite is level, chin just steps back very slightly and is of medium depth. Her eyes are developing their expression, they are set wide apart, are large and are of the desired shape, yellow chartreuse in colour. Super medium brown fairly short coat that shone with health, lays close just a few white scattered hairs on her shoulder, otherwise is nice and even. All in all a promising baby.



1ST LEIGHTON’S PORTEOUS SPIN THE BOTTLE (15 45a) M 1yr 3mths. Considering what these cats were bred to, to obtain the ticking gene this cat has amazing bone and body conformation! His head is huge and well rounded too. I would suggest his eyes are a tad bold but they are masked by a slightly heavy brow. His eyes are slightly pricked up at the corners but they are nice and large and of a lovely deep golden colour. His nose is slightly narrow, its short and straight, bite is acceptable, chin is very firm. Excellent fullness to cheeks. Excellent breadth at the chest and rump too. Super muscular body and excellent bone. His coat is short and dense and crisp! Ticking evident on sides better than the back, mid blue in colour and banded with contrast to the base colour of warm mushroom tones. Good M to face and necklaces on chest.





1ST LEIGHTON’S PORTEOUS BITE THE BULLET (15 45c) 4mths 3wks. What a cracking kitten! I loved his type and bone and what lovely ticking for his age, better than the adult for me. Super round head shape, ears just a tad generous at the moment but set well. Cobby body, excellent bone to his stocky short legs and large fat round paws. Very good weight to his solid muscular body, good breadth across his chest and rump. Thick tail! Super type, open and innocent with large soft expressive orange eyes. Short straight nose, bite is level and chin firm. Super fat cheeks.  His coat is short and dense, cool lilac in colour, pleasing pale cream contrast to really clearly defined ticking, has much improved since I last judge him. Very promising indeed.


2nd BROWN’S ACRESWAY ILIANA (39) F 5MTHS. Very pretty typed kitten! Lovely open face with large rounded green eyes and black mascara. Neat ears set very well apart. Nice profile, good short straight nose, level bite but chin just slopes a little, medium depth. Good cheeks. Fairly cobby body, good weight, short dense coat, even light tipping. Promising baby.


3rd. CAMM’S DIXYLAN FELICITY FRECKLES (30c) Lovely lilac spotty, green rim at present.





1st POTTER’S KABENBE VANILLA SURPRIZE (17) 7MTHS Lovely type and stunning copper eye colour to this lad, good conformation too, just a tad out of balance at the moment standing tall on his legs, good bone mind you! May need to finish teething as he had sore gums. Super coat length and texture and colour, jut some tabby markings yet to clear.




2ND CAMM’S DIXYLAN LITTLE ANGEL (40/3) M 5MTHS Large well grown lad, good bone and substance. Excellent shape to his mask, all points match but are a bitter chocolate, for preference I like a more milky shade. Excellent clear coat.


EXTRA 2ND ANNAN’S COCBELLA LAVENDER ROMANCE (40/4) F  5MTHS. Very pretty typed lass with lovely points colour, matching in tone too. Good cobby body and bone. Lovely coat! Super contrast. Very promising! Ran the kitten above close.





2ND JARVIS’S  KYMIAN BEATRICE (27e) 8mths. Judged I see a couple of weeks ago, she is such a character! A tad wriggly and I wondered as her antics suggested she was coming into season? She is quite good weight for her size. Seems lighter than when last judged, calling possibly?  Her chest is rounded and her back is straight. She has a firm body and elegant limbs with neat oval paws and her tail is a nice shape to balance. Her top of head is very slightly rounded between slightly large ears that are well set and correctly follow the upper part of the face. Very nice width at the jaw hinge and her short wedge has good overall depth; I do feel she is a little fine at the muzzle though. In profile the nose is short with a good break but slightly rounds off at the tip and the brow is marginally flattened just above the eyes; the bite is level and chin is just marginally shallow.  Expressive yellow eyes of good size and shape, set wide apart, good fullness to the lower line, topline slants gently to the nose. Good coat, slightly long but is fine and really close lying and a beautiful and striking mix of warm brown and pale reds. An attractive alert baby.





1ST COWAN’S CH AMBASKIN SILVERMIST (27c) FN 4yrs 1mth. A super look to this lovely mature lady! She is a well-built muscular lass of excellent weight and legs and stance are correct; her tail is well shaped, just balances and tapers to a rounded tip. Good rounding both ways to her top of head between medium broad based ears set wide apart and in line with the upper part of the face. Her head forms a super short blunt wedge that has excellent width at the cheeks. Super profile! The head shows excellent depth from top of head to lower jaw. The nose is short and straight with a distinctive break, the bite is level as is the chin. Gorgeous typical large and lustrous yellow eyes set wide apart, very good shape and expression. Beautiful coat, short, fine, lays close and has a slightly pink tone to the pale dove grey colouring that is even in tone too, just a slight mask to the face.


2nd WILLIS  ’ CH LUSARA CHLOE NARCISSE  (27c) FN 5yrs 9mths. A medium sized lass of good weight and muscle tone for her age, shapely limbs and neat oval paws with a slightly short tail that I feel is a trifle fine. Her top of head is marginally flattened between medium ears; they are set well apart and tilt gently forward. She has a short blunt wedge with width at the jaw hinge. In profile the head shows good depth, short straight nose, good break, good bite and chin lines up, nice profile.  Very nice eyes for shape and set well apart, good expression but I would just prefer them a little larger for perfection. Yellow chartreuse in colour. Her coat is an even dove grey but slight blue tones. It is fairly short and lays well and has a nice sheen to it.