Interesting outfits at this Halloween show! I wore black but didn’t quite manage the wigs! My thanks to Sandie Holloway for her expert stewarding and congratulations on getting Best BSH Kitten too!





1ST CC& BOB MILES’ CH TUFTON TOPOLINO (18) 15.4.03 Solid lad of very good weight and muscle tone, a tad long in the body but supported, ably, by strong boned thick legs and large rounded paws. Broad mature head, tapers at the muzzle slightly, level bite and chin, fat cheeks. Light hazel rounded eyes, marginally deep set, and nice expression. Bright mid silver ground with good contrast against a pattern of good depth of black, minimal brindling to ground. Superb oysters, fraction vague butterfly due to minor brindling but overall a clearly defined pattern with straight tramlines, spotty paws and tummy and thumbprints. Short dense slightly soft coat. Thick tail balances.


2nd.WARNES’ COLINSWOOD SILVER JENSON 15.8.07 Young lad needing to mature. Nice expression though. Quite a good size and good muscle tone he has fairly short thick legs and fat rounded paws. Fairly rounded head with good width between neat ears but are wide at base. Slightly long nose with rather a prominent bump in profile and is fawned at present. Level bite but his chin recedes thus spoiling the balance and shape of his head. Eyes are round and hazelly green. Long soft coat, lays open and very brindled to the pattern, thus appearing a charcoal grey rather than dense black. Butterfly is vague, good oysters. Tramlines are not straight. Good rings to tail but fawned, also he is very fawned on his legs so he doesn’t present himself with a good clean silver and black patterned cat at the moment. Nicely ringed tail.  Not his time of year I guess.





1ST CC GRAVES SARGENTA SILVER YASMEEN 4.8.07 Cobby lass of good weight and bone with a fairly rounded head, still developing. Good rounded light hazel eyes, slightly long nose with some fawning, level bite and chin slopes marginally with good fullness to cheeks but slightly square in the muzzle. Ears seemed to tilt forward even when relaxed? Good tail. Fairly short coat, quite dense and texture slightly soft. Pattern is matching on oysters but they are not surrounded by complete rings, butterfly fairly clearly defined on the lower element, brindled to the upper part. Tail fraction short with rings.




1ST , CC  & BOB  W/H NICHOLSON’S METALLICAT SPOTTED DICK 21.9.07 Lovely big lad of fabulous bone, muscularity and is very well developed supported by short thick legs and fat rounded paws. Thick tail with 2 rings. Nice type, big rounded head with good width between rather wide based ears though. Short nose level bite but chin slopes back. Good cheeks. Eyes rather yellow looking, unfortunately, very little green to centre. His coat is a tad long but of quite promising texture, he has sooty legs and paws and behind his ears. Brindled spots which makes him also look charcoal grey instead of a dense black spotted cat and he is fawned around his ears and neck. Sorry to withhold but he has too many faults as listed above today.




1ST, PC & BOB W/H PERRY & HANDYSIDES’ BRIGHTHELM SILVER GHENGIS (6.4.07) Lovely type and bone to this lad and I did deliberate on the award for some time. He has a lovely face! Excellent cheeks too, deep chest and flanks and excellent thick legs. Eyes not quite rounded though, hazel in colour. His pattern, for me, lets him down; it is dark, sooty and brindled and fawned in places. The oysters are too vague as is the butterfly, such a pity as I loved his type. His ground is brindled too thus lacking the required contrast. Tramlines are crooked too. Dreadfully sorry to withhold as his type   is lovely but I do feel his pattern lacks clarity and definition.




1ST PC&BOB READE’S IOLANTHE BEN 14.4.07 Huge chunky lad of lovely overall type and balance with a super look about him. Big round head, large green eyes, a tad pale but good eye liner. Short nose and level bite and chin. Fat cheeks. Excellent bone and substance with thick legs and huge fat paws. Super coat, crisp, fairly short with even tipping. Thick tail to balance.






1ST MACOY’S KYMIAN WESTON 22.3.08 Well grown lad of excellent weight and muscle tone for his age, proportionate legs and rounded paws. Good shaped tail that balances with rounded tip. Excellent width between slightly large broad based ears that tilt gently forwards when relaxed. Super short, wide and blunt ended wedge of very good overall depth and width at the cheeks. Nicely rounded brow between the ears with a short straight nose, level bite and chin of medium depth. Eyes were a good shape and slant to nose, would prefer marginally larger for balance but they were set nice and wide apart, yellow chartreuse in colour and had a pleasing Burmese look developing. His coat is a warm rich brown, quite even in tone but slightly long down his back but lay quite well although not quite as fine as I would like to see at this age. A few scattered white hairs are on his throat area and neck, some on belly and groin but are very few indeed.


 2nd. TAYLOR’S ZIGON  SCARAMOUCHE 7.5.08 Good size and weight supported by slender legs and oval paws.  Medium thick tail to shoulder, rounded but slight thickening of bone at the tip. Short wedge of good depth but would prefer marginal more width at the cheeks. Slight pinch to muzzle. Well rounded brow but his ears seem to be set marginally too high on his head for balance, although they do tilt forward and are broad at base. Excellent break to his short nose but it rolls off at the tip. Level bite with good depth to level chin. His eyes are yellow in colour but I would like to see them slightly larger and set wider apart to achieve the Burmese look better. His warm brown coat is slightly long but lay well, just a few scattered white hairs, also around his neck, belly and throat.


3rd.  DELL’S KUPRO BROWN KAL 10.5.08 Excellent size and weight with very good muscle tone but his legs are marginally thicker than slender boned by description to the standard. Tail to shoulder with rounded end but tiny pip at the tip.  Moderate wedge of good depth but average width at the cheeks; Slight muzzle pinch. Slightly long forehead to his short nose that has a good break though in profile. Level bite and chin. The ears are set fairly wide apart but held marginally high on the head with gentle rounding to brow in between. I would prefer his pale yellow eyes to be larger and set wider apart with more fullness to lower lid. His coat is slightly long with brindling on his back and shoulders and slightly uneven in tone. White scattered hairs on his shoulders


 4TH CHAPMAN’S TRIBUNE BRUNOBEER 9.6.08 Youngest lad who had  a lovely feel about him, nice and solid and of good weight though small for his age, standing on slender boned legs and large oval paws with a tail that is slightly short to balance. His wedge is short with good width at the cheeks and overall depth, tapers to a pinched muzzle presently. Gentle rounding to brow between slightly large ears though they sit high on his head, despite letting him relax. Short straight nose with good break in profile. I would prefer to see a larger eye and this affected his placing, yellow chartreuse in colour and of quite good shape but  they pricked up at the corners and I felt the topline was a little too straight. Beautiful coat! Best in the class for texture and lay really close but was uneven in tone and also had some pale hairs although I would question whether they were actually “white”.






1ST & BOB HOPE’S  HYPNOS HEMI 16.5.08 Small but balanced kitten of good weight, slender legs and neat oval paws. Excellent shaped tail with paintbrush tip, balances. Short blunt wedge of good width and depth with rounding to brow between correct ears for set and forward tilt; just has a slight flattening to brow above her eyes. Good break to her short straight nose. Level bite and chin of medium depth. Yellow eyes of good shape and set and set wide apart, full lower line and gentle slant to nose.  A few scattered white hairs to her short baby coat on her neck and head otherwise her coat is a promising texture and lay well and was even in tone.




1ST    MACOY’S OYIBO MACOYS BLUETT 14.4.08 Excellent development and muscle tone for his age, a very solid weighty lad indeed with proportionate legs and large oval paws. Marginally long tail slightly thicker than is required, tapering to a rounded tip. Moderate wedge with a gently rounded brow between large ears, rather a long forehead which spoils the balance of the wedge though. His nose is straight but slightly long with a poor nose break. And he is squaring his muzzle.  Level bite and chin but slightly shallow. Nice colour to his yellow eyes but they are slightly deep set and tending to be more oval than the required Burmese shape.  Dark toned blue coat but has a brown cast with ticking, some silvering visible mainly on his head, ears and legs but was not as fine and close lying as I would like as, lengthening down the back with some pale hairs to the groin. 




1ST & BOB TAYLOR’S ZIGON SARABANDE 7.5.08 Good size, weight and balance to this baby with slender legs and dainty oval paws and a balanced tail with rounded tip. Short blunt wedge of good depth and width, gently rounded brow between good ears for set, shape and tilt. Short straight nose with good break, level bite and chin of medium depth. Yellow eyes with a faint green rim presently, good shape and size and set wide apart with correct gentle slant to nose. Soft blue silvered coat that lays close and is fairly fine in texture.


2nd WYATT’S TYPHA HARMONY 9.4.08 Well grown lass of nice weight and muscle tone with slender legs and dainty oval paws, tail balances. Medium thick tail that balances with rounded tip. Short wedge of very good width and overall depth, rounded brow between medium broad based ears but she held them slightly high. Short straight nose, level bite but pinched muzzle, currently teething. Super golden yellow tone to her eyes but I would prefer them slightly larger and set wider apart. Fairly short soft blue coat with plenty of silvering on the head, shoulders and legs.





1ST & BOB BRIMSDEN’S PURRANZA SAVING GRACE 1.3.08 Petite but balanced and of actually a very good weight for her size! Slender shapely legs and spoon shaped paws her tail is slightly short of shoulder and marginally thickens at the tip. Her wedge is short and wide but tapers to a slightly fine muzzle, level bite and medium depth level chin. Good rounding to brow between medium forward tiling broad based ears, the nose is a fraction long but it is straight with a good break in profile. Large and lustrous yellow eyes of promising expression and shape, set wide apart. Coat is fine and lays well and is a warm chocolate but a little uneven in tone at present.


2nd PEED’S FERARA TERALINA 25.1.08 Another dainty lass but not quite the balance and weight as the winner for her size, very slender boned legs with small oval paws, tail just balanced good shape but there is a bony thickening at the tip. Short wide wedge of good width but flattened on forehead in profile and tapers to a fine muzzle and I would like to see more overall depth too.  Medium broad based ears set wide apart. Short nose with good break, level bite, but receding shallow chin, squared muzzle.  Her yellow eyes are too large and bordering on being too protuberant they are also a little straight across the top thus spoiling the look. Her coat is quite short, lays a little open though presently and is a pale but uneven toned chocolate, I would prefer more warmth to its colour.





1st KNIGHT’S PR LORASTON LANA TURNER (31F) FN 10.9.02 How lovely to see this type big lass again! She looks very much like her grandmother Bessie Bunter! Gorgeous face and expression, round deep orange eyes, short broad straight nose, level bite and firm chin with chubby cheeks. Weighty, compact solid “matronly” body! Short legs and fat paws. Short very thick mid cream sound coat, fraction soft. ¾ collar, clean white areas to coloured patches, just about 1/3rd  ratio. Fully coloured tail. Congratulations on getting Best British Neuter!




1ST LEIGHTON’S GR CH OLANGAS TSAR PETER THE GREAT  (IMP) 15C M 17.11.05 Recently judged my comments are the same but actually I thought he had matured and his coat was thicker than when last seen, otherwise he has a lovely innocent face and character.


2nd RUSE’S CH TRUBRIT BLACK MAGIC (15) M 21.6.06 Small lad but balanced in shape with a cobby body and fairly well boned short legs. Round head but his eyes are a bit small and set too close together, excellent colour though! Crisp jet black coat. Thick tail. I would prefer at this age for his muzzle to merge more into the contours of his head too.




1ST BOOTH’S KOLINGA COUGAR (16) 18.6.07 Strapping chap of excellent bone and substance, judged on numerous occasions I love him but I would like his eyes to be bigger and more well opened.


2nd. FROST’S CRAZIPUSS SWEET WILLIUM (17) M 17.8.07 Nice typed lad of good bone and substance and balance.  Good coat for length and texture but sadly too hot and unsound a cream and tabbied. Fabulous eye colour.







1ST HOLLOWAY’S RAYANSHEL LILLY LUVBUG (31A) F 27.4.08 Stunning! Got everything this kitten, I wish I had bred her myself! Superb type, balance and symmetry of sound blue coat to white patching, cobby, good bone, excellent overall balance. I hear she went on to win Best BSH Kitten, much deserved! I shall follow her with much interest.


2nd  SOUTH’S FELDIKATZ COSMOPOLITAN  (22a) f 28.4.08  Cracking blue-tortie&white also of lovely type and substance. Very good clearly defined patches against a clean bright white coat. Lovely coat for length texture and density too. Sound mid blue and palish cream, just some warm cream ghost spots yet to clear. Excellent copper eyes.


3rd. HILLYARD’S TRUBRIT MOLLY JONES (16) F 7.6.08 Nice blue lass.





1ST. HOLLOWAY’S RAYANSHEL BETTY BLUEJEANZ (16) 27.4.08 I see she is the litter sister to the fabulous blue&white, this must have been a cracking litter? Gorgeous type, bone, conformation too, very similar expression and eye colour. Cracking coat and bone. Would also have taken this one home too if I could!


2nd NICHOLS CURLU NEO (79S15d) 19.4.08 No wonder I was very taken with his look as he is a later mating to my own red Selkirk and has a very similar appeal as he has a very good Selkirk type developing, stunning coat, well prepared too. Super curly whiskers and eyebrows. Coat stands away very well and is random curls and waves and has a super plush feel to it.


3rd. PERRY& HANDYSIDES’ BRIGHTHELM SILVER BESHLIE (30S) 16.3.08 Lovely type and spots.


EXTRA 3RD GARDNER’S KEYSTONE GINA CHARMNUT (17) F 31.5.08 Cracking lass for type and coat length texture and density but is unsound and has a translucent silvery tipping to the ends of the coat which detracts, sorry.









1ST FORTESQUE’S BLOOMERS BELCHAMP’S BARON (27d) M 9.4.08 Excellent well developed chap of superb weight, balance and muscularity  with proportionate legs and large oval paws. Correct balanced tail with paintbrush tip. Excellent deep and wide wedge that is short and blunt ended. Rounded brow between marginally large ears but set wide apart and nice and broad at base. Short straight nose with distinctive break in profile, level bite and excellent depth to level chin. Super yellow eyes set wide apart and of correct shape and have typical Burmese expression. His coat is short and lay well, is an excellent rich even tangerine except for a very faint unbroken necklace. My choice for Best Burmese kitten and many congratulations on being Overall Best Burmese in Show.


2nd SIMMONS’ KYMIAN ULRICA ( 27h) FN 2.2.08 Another lovely kitten of very good size and weight, well muscled too and very well developed for her age; good legs and large oval paws with a balanced tail that ends in a paintbrush tip. Lovely deep wide short wedge with well rounded brow between large ears of excellent set and width apart.  Short straight nose with very good break, level bite and medium depth level chin, just marginally square at the muzzle. Lovely yellow expressive eyes set wide apart and of correct shape. Super coat, fine, short and lays well too. Warm chocolate and pale red mingling, very pretty!


3rd. DELL’S KUPRO RED SASSAFRAS (27d) F 10.5.08 Sweet baby of nice weight and felt quite solid for her size.




1ST CROW@GOSS’S GR PR KAGURA GLORIANA (27) FN 25.4.99 Stunning cat and in wonderful condition for her age! Congratulations on the Best Burmese Neuter award! Small but of excellent weight, loves her food obviously too; she has that wicked expression I adore! Tail of good shape and rounded tip but just slightly short to balance. Superb short deep blunt wedge of excellent width at the cheeks; marginally flattened brow now between correct ears for shape and set. Short straight nose with excellent break in profile, level gums with chin of good depth.  Excellent typical Burmese eyes, pale chartreuse in colour, set wide apart and are large, full and lustrous, correct shape. Lovely coat, glossy rich brown that lay close, just a few white scattered hairs in a few places.


2ND BUIST’S GR PR ADMEW BILBO BAGGINS (27) MN 10.5.02 Lovely solid muscular lad of excellent weight and proportions and balanced tail of good shape.  Short lovely deep wedge of good width too but squared at the muzzle. Good ears for shape and set and tilt with a rounded brow in-between. Short nose with good break, slightly long browed and very marginally undershot bite, level chin of good depth. Lovely expressive large, typical eyes of pale chartreuse. Super coat, rich glossy brown nice and even in tone.


3rd. ROBERTSHAW’S KYMIAN SATCHMO (27) MN 21.8.07 I have judged this young lad on many occasions now and like him very much as he is starting to mature.