I was grateful of the able assistance of Sarah walker who has just started on the Stewarding Scheme, she is attentive and handles the cats with care and ease. I can recommend her!




1ST IMP GRPC MATTHEWS  GR PR PAMPURRED PAPER TIGER (30) MN 20.5.06 Strapping brown spotty of class a big well muscled lad of cobby proportions, excellent bone and weight supported by tree trunk thick legs and large round paws. Super apple head, neat ears set well apart ( I do recall them being rather large so he obviously grew into them) Rounded profile, short straight nose, level bite, chin recedes, fat cheeks. Broad deep chest and rump, 4 square chap. Short dense slightly soft coat. Quite well separated spots to season on a warm copper brown ground. Good contrast just some minor brindling to spots. Good eyes for shape and set and a lovely orange colour. Tail has rings, thumbprints to ears, a necklace and spotty tummy.


RES IMP GR PR BENGERS’ GR PR STONNALL ROCKEE (30D) MN 15.6.05 Plump lad, loves his food! Slightly out of balance therefore. Excellent weight! A good sized chap with  good bone and substance. Head is rounded, plenty of width between fairly neat ears, short nose but tapers to a square muzzle. Level bite and chin. Cobby chap with a broad chest. Coat is short but not as dense as winners, spots are not as well defined against a rich red ground so the contrast wasn’t quite up to it today. Coat is a mite soft too. Tail has rings, a faint necklace and thumbprints to ears.




1ST CC BUJALSKA-AXON’S DELPHINIUM MIGHTY ATOM M 29.8.07 Excellent size and balance with super well boned fairly short thick legs and large rounded paws. Round head shape with medium but wide based ears although they are set wide apart. Lovely broad cheeks. Nose is short but slightly dished in profile. Level bite and chin but fractionally squared in the muzzle. Large expressive gold rounded eyes. Coat is a pale blue, very short and thick, minimal silvering! And almost sound to root. Tail thick and ends in a rounded tip. Well presented.


2nd. LEE’S SODACHICHATS STORMIN NORMAN M 11.4.07 Sadly lacking in show preparation he was quite grubby! Cracking size and bone on him which is a pity as he was let down by not being prepared well. His head is rounded but tapers to a square muzzle. Bite is level and chin slopes back rather. Large eyes of a good gold shade. His ears are set wide apart but are also broad at base. His blue is a darker phase and his coat lay flat but was totally sound. Tail thick to shoulder.






1ST CC& BOB BROWN’S CHARMODEN SIMPLYYAZZ F 6.4.04 Extremely nervous and twitchy lass, such a shame! It took some very gentle handling indeed to get her relaxed enough to judge. Quite a good size and weight, cobby with short legs and rounded paws. Tail is broad at base with rounded tip.  Her head is nice and round but a tad flat on the forehead between medium sized ears set well apart. Muzzle tapers to a slight point though. Good cheeks. Level bite and chin. her coat is short, a tad soft but is dense and very nicely mingled with pale sound blue and pale cream, just a few minor ghost markings yet to clear. Large gold eyes, nice and round.


2nd CHADWICK’S WINDYMEADOW OLIVIA F 6.7.07 Out of balance lass with a small head to body and generally needs  more weight and muscle tone for her age. Slender boned legs and rounded paws. Her head is more oval shaped than rounded and lacks cheeks, which, with her large ears emphasises her in-balance I am afraid. Level bite. Fairly short but rather flat lying coat almost as though the undercoat had been groomed out? Patchy very silvered blue and cream, lacks mingling. Nice orange expressive eyes, probably her best feature, sorry!




1ST (CC & BOB W/H) HADEN’S KIRMINAC CHOCLATE BUTTON (30B) Sadly she still looks very much like an overgrown kitten, she is tubular, lightweight and needs much more bone and substance I am afraid. Her head is fairly round and ears are large and flared and wide at the base. Short nose, level bite chin slopes back marginally. Her legs are too slender and dainty with dainty paws. The coat is short but soft, has a lovely warm ground but very brindled spots. Hazel toned eyes rather than gold copper or orange in this light, nice expression and well rounded, unfortunately she has a distinct green rim. Tail is fine and tapers to a point with a defect at the tip. Sorry to withold, but apart from the veterinary defects she isn’t up to standard at present.




1ST RILEY’S LILACMIST BO DIDDLY (40/2) 2.5.08 Large lad of good bone and of reasonable weight, good have better muscle tone for his size and age. Tail is fairly broad at the base but has distinct rings and is a darker blue than his other points. His head is rather oval shaped instead of rounded tapering to a pointed muzzle. Fair width across the top of head between rather large ears I am afraid. His eyes are small and really need more blue tones to be correct. His nose is long and has a large bump in profile. Bite is level but chin slopes back. Thus his whole head is out of balance. His coat is sadly rather long too and lack density. The points don’t match, they are differing shades of blue which is a pity. I am afraid all in all I would not suggest he is of show potential and I did consider withholding 1st due to his many faults, sorry.






1ST & BOB HOLLOWAY’S WINDYMEADOW  MASCERANO (40/14) 5.5.08 Stunning example of a correct British shorthair for type, bone and coat! Gorgeous type, eyes beautifully rounded my only nit pick is that I would prefer them a tad larger, good colour though. Fabulous coat!, excellent bone and conformation. Clear contrast between points and body colour. Good tabby markings and spectacles. Just a little cool toned in points but they match. Good tail too.


2nd. CHESTERMAN’S VIOLET BEACHBABY (40/4) 5.5.08  Nicely balanced baby if a tad smaller overall than the winner. Good solid body, cobby and short legged of good bone with rounded paws. Round head shape, fraction squared at the muzzle though, level bite and chin of good depth with cheeks filling nicely. Neat ears set well apart between a nicely rounded skull. Short straight nose. Coat is nice and short, of promising texture and density. Points are nicely mingled with pale cool lilac and pale cream, matching but legs fractionally paler. Pale rounded eyes, sweet expression.


3rd. ANNAN’S ADATESH MOONLIGHT DELIGHT (40/2) 17.2.08 Large well muscled lass of a super temperament! Round head, medium sized ears set well apart, short straight nose, level bite but her chin recedes and is also quite shallow, good cheeks. Muzzle a little squared. Long coat that is of quite good density, rather soft and therefore lays flat. Lovely shape to the mask, but they are too dark but they do match. Heavy shading to the body and only just enough contrast between body and leg points at present so if she shades up much more it is incorrect.


4th. BREWER’S CAKIES TIGERLILY (40/10) 20.4.08  Good weight and overall size with rather slender boned legs and large rounded paws. Long tail, fairly broad at base but tapers to a point. Rather a triangular head shape with large ears that are set too close together. Long nose with a bump, level bite but chin recedes. Head type really needs to be rounder and more full cheeked. Eyes are round but pale in colour. The points are a dark blueish lilac with  hot cream so this also detracts I am afraid. The coat is also uneven in length at present, being short on the head and neck and long down her back, fair density and texture. Shading to flanks, contrast totally sufficient from points to body colour.



Very difficult to differentiate on the two kittens in 2nd place hence extra 2nd as permitted by the Show Manager


1ST CREATON&WALKER’S CURLU NATE (79L15) 19.4.08 Cracking black semi longhair with a proper Selkirk look about him! I now see why I liked him as he is a full brother to my own black SLH and in many ways resembles him, particularly his muzzle! Large well boned and heavy solid chap with a good rectangular body and medium length thick legs with a full balanced curly tail. Round head, correct medium sized ears set wide apart, short downward slanting nose, level bite and good doth to chin. Super broad cheeks and curly whiskers and eyebrows. Large round cheeky looking eyes! Rectangular muzzle already and well padded whisker pads. Good ruff and tail plumes and his coat is excellent, all over waves and curls loosely set in an unstructured way. At least he didn’t have any twigs and leaves in him like my own black! Well presented.


2nd.AMARILLI’S AMOZOLOU THE NEW SCMOO (79S 39D) 13.4.08 Almost equal of 1st place I have judged this stunning kitten very recently, I had to enlist extra stewards to look at these two together. My only criticism if it can be called that is that I would have like his muzzle more developed at this age and very slightly larger eyes, that was ALL!. Stunning otherwise.


Extra 2nd.MINSHALL’S ACOZNI NITESHADOW (79S 36) 21.5.08 Gorgeous smoke lad, with a fabulous look about him but I felt his muzzle was rather prominent and not as rectangular as the 1st two lads and he wasn’t quite as full cheeked as the kitten above, but he had a super dome to his head in profile with correct ears for set and spacing. Other than that, his coat is stunning, he has excellent tight curls, standing well away from his body, curly whiskers and eyebrows too. Excellent bone to him, a good solid chap with rectangular body shape coming and medium length well boned legs. I feel he would be an asset to this breed.


3rd. AMARILLI’S HONG KONG PHOEY (79S 75) 13.4.08 Pretty chap, that for me just looks slightly too british in that his ears are marginally smaller than medium and not quite as broad at the base as they should be. Lovely rounded with very good width at the cheeks, level bite, short downward nose. Curly whiskers and eyebrows too. Large round expressive eyes. Very good size and weight and has very good bone. Muzzle not quite as rectangular as the kitten above. Super coat too, and excellent tail.


4th. BEARD-SMITH’S MEWSOS FERGAL SHARKEY (79L 40/7) 31.3.08 Big lad! Excelent bone and weight, really solid and muscular too. Sadly his head isn’t that rounded and he really has no chin as discussed with his owner. This really detracts I am afraid, in addition his eyes prick up at the sides thus appearing slightly oriental rather than rounded. Superb coat mind you, semi long haired mix of excellent waves and curls, probably one of the best coats I have see ! Excellent plumes and ruff too.




1ST & BOB  MINSHALL’S ACOZNI TWILITEAMBER (79S 36e) 21.5.08 Superb Selkirk rex type on such a young baby indeed! Super round full cheeked head with very good ears set and spacing. Good fullness to cheeks too. Rounded profile, short downward slanting nose, level bite and chin of good depth that is very firm! Promising muzzle, whisker pads obvious too. Solid and well muscled, supported by good strong well boned legs and large rounded paws. Curly eyebrows. Fabulous coat!, really tight waves right down to the root, still standing away from the body, all over. Very pretty tortie smoke. Tail to balance with curls and waves.


2nd MINSHALL’S ACOZNI SMOKINGEMBERS  (79s 36e) 21.5.08 Litter sister to winner and very alike, but  bite just about acceptable, watch that chin! Very similar except I felt that rather than developing a muzzle of rectangular look she is puffing out her whisker pads and is pinched. Not quite as curly as the sister and has a finer tail.


3rd. BAKERS’ TOLLCROSS INNUENDO (79L 30) 14.5.08 Well grown lass but I feel she is slightly out of balance. Her ears are slightly smaller than medium in size and not as broad at base as I would like, good width though between them rounded brow and short downward slanting nose. Sadly she is undershot, very firm chin. Not quite as full cheeked as the other two girls and not quite as well developed in the muzzle. Strong legs and rounded paws with a tail that is not quite yet showing plumes. Ruff not quite there yet either but the coat is a lovely mix of loose random curls and waves, marginally straighter on her back.








1ST PC & BOB GRIBBEN’S PR BRITARD BEEPOLULU (75) 27.11.02 Nice round typy head with neat ears, short nose and level bite. Good cheeks and chin. Cobby weighty body supported by short legs. Tail fairly broad at base with rounded tip but ringed. Coat is slightly soft and long and tabbied, nice ground colour, mainly even tipping. Round eyes but slightly pale gold.





1ST & BOB MATTHEWS’ KATCHYN ORANGE BLOSSOM F 13.3.08. Lovely name and rather apt too as she is a good rich tangerine even in this hall lighting. Excellent balance and weight to this stylish kitten with slender shapely legs and oval paws, of very good muscle development and rounded chest. Medium thick tail of good length tapers to a rounded but thickened tip, just a minor fault, as confirmed by a Full Judge.  Lovely Burmese type and expression, very promising! Super short wide, deep blunt wedge tapers to a minor pinch but she has just finished teething; gentle rounding to brow between well set, forward tilting ears. Short straight nose with excellent break in profile. Full lustrous golden yellow eyes set nice and wide apart and of good shape. Level bite and good depth to level chin. Super coat, lays really well, and is short and fine, satin texture developing well. Broken necklace to throat area, a few faint smudges to thighs otherwise nice and even.






1ST & BOB STEPHENS’ MILLGILL YANG M 15.4.08 Slightly built chap with slender legs and dainty oval paws, of average weight, would prefer him heavier to be honest and more muscular. Tail is slightly fine not really medium in thickness and is slightly short. Moderate wedge with minor teething pinch, of quite good depth and width; very gentle rounding to brow between large forward tilting ears. Long nose that rolls off at the tip, good break though in profile. Level bite but chin is shallow and recedes. His eyes are, for me, could be slightly fuller and set wider apart to achieve the Burmese expression, colour is pale yellow. Pale cream coat with powdering to head but is slightly long and not as fine as I would anticipate at his age. Noticeable smudges to thighs and faint on forelegs.  I did deliberate for some time on whether to withhold the Bob on this kitten for the faults described above but decided he was at an awkward stage of development and allowed for this today.





1ST & BOB COLIN’S AUREUS VIVACIOUS (27j) F 29.12.08 Cracking kitten with so much promise! Excellent development, very solid and muscular, good rounding to chest with shapely legs and oval paws; very good tail that is medium thick and reaches shoulder tapering to a paintbrush tip. Excellent short blunt wedge that is both wide at the cheeks and of very good depth; Marginal pinch. Gentle rounding to brow between slightly larger than medium ears of good set, space and tilt. Super nose break to nose but it just rounds off at the tip. Level bite and chin just recedes just a fraction.  Super full lustrous yellow chartreuse eyes set wide apart and developing a good Burmese expression. Pale lilac and lovely pale cream mingling, very pretty indeed! Super coat, nice and short and fine, lays well too.


2nd BUTLER’S RELTUB MYSTICSTAR (27h) F. 27.3.08 Nice size and of good weight, lovely solid feel about her too with slender legs and dainty oval paws, her tail is slightly short though, ends in a rounded tip. Moderate wedge with large very broad based ears of good tilt and set reasonably wide apart with a gently rounded top of head in-between.  Good width at the cheeks but could be marginally deeper from top of head to lower jaw. Good break to her short nose but it rolls off at the leather. Level bite and chin is slightly shallow and marginally pinched. Lovely large chartreuse eyes of good shape and set wide apart. Super short fine and close lying coat of good feel and lays well, pale chocolate and pale red mingling.


3RD STEPHENS’ MILLGILL YACKETY-YAK (27g) 15.4.08 Smaller slender built lass of average weight with very slender legs and dainty oval paws. Slightly fine tail that has a small but obvious defect at the tip.  Slightly flattened brow between large ears set fairly wide apart, in profile the break is quite good but the nose rolls off at the tip and is, for me, slightly too long. The bite is level but the chin is shallow. The wedge is short , but tapers to a rather fine and pinched muzzle; I would also prefer to see more depth and width at the cheeks thus allowing  the pale chartreuse eyes to be set wider apart, additionally I feel they should be fuller and more lustrous even at this age. Lovely coat indeed, lays really well, a pale blue and mix of pale cream, blotching.





1ST BURFORDS’ CH MIBABYESE BOWJANGLES (17) 2.11.06 Stylish lad, balanced and well built. Judged I see on many occasions, what is interesting is how his coat colour changes with differing light! Nice and pale today. Lovely expressive orange eyes. Good British type, coat and conformation.


2nd EDNEY’S CH WELLMAR BOYGEORGE (16) 17.6.06 Maturing slowly, he is a nice looking cat that still needs some time. I do like his expression. Coat is dense for time of year.  Good overall size  and bone to.


3rd. YOUNG’S HARLEME BETRAND (15) 29.10.07






2ND PAYNE’S LIMATZ TWIGS (30S) 24.11.07 Well grown lad with typical tabby look about him, very good bone and coat but slightly brindled spots. Pale hazel eyes.





1ST GRIBBEN’S CH CRAZIPUSS FULLOFPROMISE (30DS) 25.10.06 Super type and bone and coat on this lass, lovely orange eyes too. Fraction long bodied but she has  a large frame to fill still.


2nd. DAVIES’ SODACHICHATS SUNANDMOON  (18e) 16.9.07 Nice tortie overlay on this young lady, pretty type and eye colour cobby too. Good coat, promising lass!


3rd. EDNEY’S ROCODANNE MR BEAN (30d) 15.10.07



1ST. CONNEALLY’S TANYRALLT MILLY LE MINX (16) F 17.5.08 Stunning blue girl that has got the lot! My choice for best BSH kitten.  Fabulous cobby type and British head type, lovely coat, sound pale to medium blue, really dense and even in length.




EXTRA 2ND STUBB’S POSITIVELY PANACEA (16) 21.5.08 Another gorgeous blue baby, very promising look, coat and bone. I liked her very much.


3rd. STUBB’S POSITIVELY YEATS (16) Litter brother to Panacea, what a cracking litter that must have been!


4th CHANCE’S CHARODEN SIMPLYOGEY Worthy of mention too in this large class, loved him!





1ST  CREATON&WALKER’S CRINKLES JACK FROST (79L 15d) MN 2.5.07 Well I went between these 2 cats for a while, both have faults that are different and just about equal in points too. Big lad, good bone, super coat excellent width between good ears. Full cheeked. Eyes round but he sometimes frowns so they look straight across the top! Good nose, chin just slopes back. Fabulous coat and tail.

2nd WALKER’S AMOZXOLOU MISTER FANTASTIC (79L 36d) MN 3.4.07 Virtually same size, lovely coat too,  large eyes, good full cheeks, ears fraction smaller than winners, muzzle not quite as rectangular, which what swung me in the end.! Good chin.



1ST PAYNE’S ;IMATZ BLACL MAGIC (FN) 8.11.06 Super typy lass of excellent conformation, coat and bone. Lovely green round expressive eyes too. Excellent coat length texture and density my only nit pick was her butterfly was a vit vague and she is slightly brindled to her patter. Good tail.







1ST  COLIN’S GR CH AUREUS FEMME FATALE (27c) F  8.10.06. My word what a beautiful cat! I loved her total look, such style and what a lovely nature too. Well grown, mature and weighty lass of balanced proportions, shapely legs and paws and a correct medium thick tail with paintbrush tip. Super short wedge that has excellent depth and width at the cheeks, super yellow eyes of very good set and shape with that gorgeous typical Burmese expression! Good ears set wide apart and tilt forward with rounding to brow in between. Excellent nose break in profile to her short nose, level bite and chin. Lovely coat; pale even lilac, short, fine and close lying and what a gorgeous satin texture.


2nd KASAMUN’S CH BIENZOLI SUGAR PLUM (27b) F  4.4.06 Solid well grown lass with shapely legs and oval paws, of good weight for size; Her tail is medium thick with  a nicely rounded tip that reaches her shoulder.  Her ears are slightly large for her head; the wedge is short but tapers to a squared muzzle that is also slightly pinched. It is nice and wide at the cheeks but for me could be deeper from top of head to lower jaw. Her chartreuse eyes are marginally small and the lower line needs to be fuller otherwise they are set fairly well apart and do show some expression. The nose is short with a good break in profile. Level bite and good chin. Lovely texture to her short fairly fine coat which is short and close lying but is uneven and slightly brindled. Very relaxed lady.







1ST  VIRTUE’S HOBBERDY HOCUS POCUS (27b) F 28.1.07 Gorgeous and stylish girl with a super typical Burmese expression to her yellow eyes. Well grown, solid and of very good weight she has shapely legs and spoon-shaped paws with a medium thick balanced tail ending in a paintbrush tip.  Large ears to her short wide and blunt wedge at present but they are set wide apart, have a nicely rounded brow in-between and tilt forward. In profile the nose is short, has a good break and is straight. The bite is level, muzzle a fraction square, chin deep and level. The coat is lovely! Short, fine, lays well and shines with health a lovely warm even chocolate.


2nd MATTHEWS’ KATCHYN BLUE HAZE (27G) F 23.6.07 Pleasing Burmese type on this well developed lass, slender legs and paws, tail reaches the shoulder but has a defect at the tip. Medium ears of good width and set; very gentle rounding to brow, short straight nose with good break but I feel her forehead is slightly long for balance. Lovely expression to her pale chartreuse eyes which are set wide apart and of good shape. Short wedge of good depth and width at cheeks.  Level bite and chin. Super coat, lays nicely, is quite fine and satin-like with lovely mingling of pale blue and pale cream.







1ST. LANGLEY’S THUNDERCATZ SABRINA (27) F 23.1.08 Solid well grown baby with slender legs and large oval paws. Her wedge is rather long and narrow really, I would prefer to see more width between the ears that are presently quite large. In profile the nose is too long but has a good break. Bite is level but chin should be deeper and level too. Her pale yellow eyes should be fuller and more lustrous and set wider apart to achieve the Burmese look but the head is too narrow to help achieve this. The muzzle is very fine, pinched and not blunt ended like it should be. Lovely coat though, a super even toned rich brown, shining with health.





1ST BUTLER’S CHILIPEPPER RISING SUN (27f) MN 6.11.04  Good sized lad, very relaxed with his lot too! Slightly plump, obviously loved his food, he is very weighty and is supported by shapely legs and large oval paws, the tail is to the shoulder ending in a rounded tip. His ears are medium in size, set very well apart with forward tilt, slight flattening to gently rounded brow in-between.  Super short blunt wedge that is very wide at the cheeks and has good overall depth. His nose is marginally long and rolls off at the tip but has a good break in profile. Full and lustrous pale yellow expressive eyes of quite good shape and set but would prefer not to see the topline quite so straight. Level bite chin just slightly recedes. Short close lying fairly pale cream coat, nice satin feel, just shows a necklace. Good powder to head and ears.


2nd BROWN’S JOWNORB KING THEODEN (27d) MN 19.1.07 Good size and weight, slightly tetchy so we got a brief look. His wedge is moderate with quite good overall depth and width at the cheeks but tapers to a fine muzzle with a shallow chin. Ears are large, set fairly wide apart, nose is marginally long with quite good break but rolls off at the tip. Lovely golden yellow colour to his eyes but I would like to see them set wider apart and fuller to achieve the Burmese expression. His coat was laying slightly open and I didn’t get a good enough assessment of it I am afraid. Quite a good rich tangerine in tone but slightly uneven and has a feint necklace.








1ST. WILLIAMS’ IMP GR PR ZAMPETTO LIMITED EDITION (27) FN 12.3.03 Written about recently and I have had the sincere pleasure to judge this gorgeous girl I see now, on numerous occasions. She has superb Burmese type and expression with an excellent short blunt wedge that is both wide at the cheeks and has excellent overall depth. Tail to balance with paintbrush tip. Very good ear shape and set wide apart with a gently rounded brow in-between. Excellent break in profile to her short straight nose, level bite and chin. Chartreuse expressive eyes of excellent shape and set wide apart. Solid lass of very good weight and muscle tone she is mature and in fabulous condition. Superb rich even toned brown glossy satin-like coat that is short and fine, lays really close.

2nd ROBINSON’S GR CH ROSSIKHAN INYOURDREAMS (27c) FN 7.4.02 Another lovely lady and what a super even pale lilac coat! Mature and stylish too she has lovely Burmese type and balance with slender legs and oval paws, but her tail, although nicely rounded at the tip, is short. Good short wide wedge, blunt ended and of very good width at the cheeks and overall depth; Super typical full and lustrous eyes, set wide apart and of correct shape and slant to nose, pale chartreuse in colour. Short straight nose with very good break in profile; Untidybite but level with good chin. Excellent short coat, fine and close lying, lovely texture too. Unlucky to meet the winner, I liked her very much.


3rd. QUINCEY’S MAYRLING RED RUM (27d) MN 17.11.07