My thanks to Helen and crew for the invitation back again, my hard working and very capable steward was Sandie Holloway who I can recommend any time!



1ST (CCN/A) RISCHLING’S ADATESH HENDRIX 10MTHS. Unfortunately he is at present totally out of balance and is rather small and slender boned for his age. His head shape as shown to his owner isn’t really rounded, it’s more oval. He has fair width across the top between medium ears. His eyes are small and not fully rounded, pale gold and have a green rim around the pupil. His nose is a tad long, bite is untidy sadly and his chin recedes. The cheeks need more fullness too. He needs to develop more muscle tone for a brit even at this age. His coat is short but lays rather flat and is far too soft and rather silky, fairly sound to the roots. His tail is short for balance. We have to judge of course on the day but I would have my doubts as to whether he will ever develop to look more like a British I am afraid, as discussed with his owner when she approached me and was able to see what I meant. So sorry.






1ST & BOB BLACK&FULLER’S AVELLOSO BOUNTY (40/7) 8MTHS Quite a well-grown lad overall with nice substance and weight. His head could be more rounded, fairly good width between medium ears set well apart. Fairly short nose, level bite and chin just slopes back a little. Cheeks quite well developed. Round eyes of a pleasing blue tone. Slightly slender boned really for a boy, currently standing a tad long and tall frames with large paws. His coat is nice and dense and reasonably short, just slightly longer down the spine line at present. Tail is broad at base tapering to a pointy end though and heavily ringed. His points are a warm cream, nice mask shape, and legs paler as is usual in this colour. Mostly clear of tonal shading on his cream white body so has a good contrast.



1ST PC&BOB MORRIS’ GR PR VINDELIS IN THE SPOTLIGHT  2YRS 7MTHS. Large framed lad of nice type and body conformation. Round head shape with good width between fairly large ears a tad flattened on the top of his head though. Short nose and level bite but his chin recedes a little, cheeks nicely filled. Broad chest and flanks. Quite good bone. Very short dense crisp coat, grey at the roots, black pattern but brindled quite heavily. Spots separated quite well and spine line is a little elongated. Nice thumbprints and spotty tummy. His tail is slightly short with just 1 or 2 rings. The ground is a warm copper brown but with the brindling and the grey roots the contrast is lost a little at the moment.



1ST (PC&BOB N/A) GEARD’S PR VINDELIS SATIN LILY (30a) 2yrs 4mths. This lass has seriously had enough, she didn’t really want to come out and was very angry. I did see her in her pen and am afraid her spots have rather depleted now and she is rather a dark slate blue. I wasn’t able to assess anything else as she actually went for my steward and meant it but Sandie was too quick for her.



1ST SIDEY’S LATCHCATS EYE CANDY (16) Nicely typed lass, cobby and balanced with neat ears set well apart, but a tad flat on top of head. Short dense coat, but soft and silvered. Round eyes a tad bold, light gold. Tail a fraction short.


3rd no 2nd. DOBSON’S LEAHBLUES BOBBYMOOR (40/4) 5YRS Big lad, but lacked British type and is clearly overshot. He lacked show preparation, was very grubby and had bad stud tail.




2ND SIDEY’S LATCHCATS GORGEOUS GEORGE (16) 1 YR 11MTHS. Lovely type, good size and bone. Very dense short coat a lovely shade too. Good eye colour. Promising lad.

3rd.RUTHERFORD’S ANIMOSO PIANINO (40/4) Ok type, dark points though much too blue toned. Lovely mask shape. Crisp coat.



1ST MILES’ MARDENKA MUSICAL CHAIRS (16) 7MTHS. Cracking baby who I gather got Best BSH Kitten and well deserved too.  Super type and balance, cobby body lovely shade of blue coat, kittenish still though. Lovely expressive eyes. Pretty baby!


2nd. WILLIS’FELESAMOR TAMERINE-HUNNY (31f) 7mths.  A lovely looking well-grown lad of very good bone and substance. Large apple head shape with plenty of width across his top of head between neat ears of good set.  Full cheeks. Large round eyes of a super orange colour, but marginally deep set. Level bite with good depth to his chin. Thick fully coloured tail to base, tapers to a rounded tip, typically hot rings evident.  He is short limbed with stocky appearance, broad chest and large rounded paws. His white areas are pristine in colour and the demarcation of the coloured areas to white is quite well defined all over. He has a full white collar, a nice inverted white blaize on his face, white chest and some under his belly with mostly white legs, some colour on his rear legs. All in all I would say he is just over 1.3rd white to colour so well within the ratios required. His coat is a lovely shade of cream, short and dense but marginally soft. Unfortunately he is extremely unsound, indeed almost white at the roots, which is a witholding fault. His coat is also banded sadly, some ghost spotting evident that I hope would clear as he matures. A well presented lad with very few scattered white hairs so It is a great pity indeed about the almost white undercoat and is unusual to see in most bi-colours I have judged; I was  therefore glad of the opportunity to have a long chat with the owner after judging about the coat, as its very unsoundness is quite worrying.



1ST BOOTH’S CH KOLINGA COUGAR 1YR 9MTHS. Massive boned lad judged on many occasions now. Love him just would prefer large eyes!

2nd ALLEN’S CINCCI ENRIQUE (40/4) Well grown lad of good size. Head fairly round, neat eras, round but almost grey eyes. Short soft dense coat. Points good match a little better, sandy tail.



1ST GILLOTT’S AMAZOLOU EDNA MODE 79s36e 2yrs. FN Solid rectangular body she supported by strong boned medium length legs and rounded paws. Well prepared lass, super coat, stands well away and nice curls evident just a fraction straight down her back. Lovely whiskers and eyebrows! Super Selkirk type.


2nd HARRISON’S PR DIWALI KATALINA (28) 3yrs 4mths  FN Lovely balanced blue-cream with super mingling. I now recall judging her over the last few years and she has really matured nicely, in fact very typical of a proper British!



I wished I had more than 1 1st in this class-Thanks, a pleasure to judge!


1ST MOONEY& REID’S GR CH MAINMAN KISSABLE (27b) 7rs 10mths. This cat has it all! Absolutely excellent Burmese type. I see I have not judged her for well over a year and am delighted to have the honour of judging her again. She is medium bodied of very deceptive weight, nicely rounded chest and still shows good muscle tone for her age too, tail is a good shape, to balance with paintbrush tip. Elegant slender legs with neat oval paws. Her wedge is beautifully balanced, short very deep and wide at the cheeks, level gums and medium depth to level chin. Her broad based ears of correct size and shape are set wide apart a gently rounded brow which leads in profile to a short straight nose with a distinctive break. Her coat is beautiful, it is short, glossy, lays close has a lovely satin like feel to it and is a warm chocolate, just a fraction darker down her back otherwise even in tone. Her eyes are amazing! Large full and lustrous pale yellow chartreuse that are set wide apart with a super shape being full and rounded lower line, top line gently slants to the nose. I have since heard she went on to win the BOV Burmese, well done she is stunning!


2nd COLE’S CH MOLYNMEUX ADORABLE 2ys 7mths another gorgeous lady of style and also says “I am a Burmese” Excellent weight and balance to her medium sized body with good rounding to chest, elegant slender legs with dainty oval paws. Her tail is marginally fine in shape and slightly short to balance. Nice rounding to brow between medium gently forward tilting ears that are set wide apart but a fraction generous in size. Excellent short blunt wedge of very good width and overall depth, super balanced head!  Level bite and firm level chin.  Excellent break to her short straight nose. Warm chocolate coat, possibly some seasonal tonal changes to her head and shoulders, which I forgave her for. Excellent chartreuse eyes for shape and set, full and lustrous, and set wide apart, typical wicked Burmese expression, just loved it! Smudge to thighs and 1 feint necklace. Her coat length and texture itself is beautifully sleek and short. A lovely girl indeed.



What a lovely personality this male entire cat has, dead soppy! Medium well developed body of very deceptive weight with good rounding to chest, proportionate shapely legs and a well-shaped tail to balance. Medium sized gently forward tilting ears with the outer line following the line of the wedge and are set well apart aside a very gently rounded brow. In profile the nose is short and straight with an excellent break. Bite is level with level medium depth chin. Lovely short wide wedge with very good overall depth too, just a fraction square at the muzzle. Super coat that is short, lays close, rich seal brown and shining with health. Just a feint smudge to his thighs. Yellow chartreuse eyes have the desired shape with a gently rounded topline slanting towards his nose and a fuller more rounded lower lid set well apart giving the typical Burmese expression. I see he got the Grand today, many congratulations and that was one of my favourite James Taylor tracks!



3rd. GREEN’S BETTERJIM FANCY FUDGE (27b) 2yrs 1mth. Happy lass who purred all the time enjoying her cuddles. Balanced and of good size and weight for her frame, firm medium body of good muscle tone with elegant dainty legs and neat spoon-shaped paws with a well shaped tail that just about balanced. Lovely short blunt wedge also of good depth and width at the cheeks. Correct ears for set and width apart of gentle forward tilt and broad at base. Level bite and chin. Very good break in profile to her short straight nose. Fractionally long coat of good texture and lays well but is fraction uneven in tone ands shows some minor brindling, a darker toned chocolate but glossy and shining with health. Full and lustrous chartreuse eyes set wide apart, fully rounded lower line and topline has gentle slant to nose this giving rise to a good Burmese expression.



Another super class and yet again I wished I had 2 1sts!

1ST. BONE’S CH SYKRIS DEJA VEUX (27c) 2yrs 8mths. Well I see I have not judged this gorgeous lady for some time, she has matured well, I just adore her look and she screams Burmese for me! Well-grown and lithe medium deceptively weighty body with good rounding to chest and straight back, elegant slender limbs support her with neat oval paws and her tail is a lovely shape, fractionally short to balance.  Her head forms a superb short blunt wedge that is both wide at the cheek and has superb depth from top of head to lower jaw. She has a gently rounded brow between correct gently forward tilting ears, set wide apart and are broad at base, balanced in size to the head. Short straight nose with very good break in profile. Level bite and good depth to her level chin. Her coat is stunning for colour and texture! Pale even dove grey and one can see that slight pinkish cast even in this light, which is short fine and lays really well, also shining with health. Her eyes are beautiful! Large, full, lustrous, super shape and set wide apart. She just has a slight seasonal change of tone to her coat on her back. Superb type!




EXTRA 2ND KENNARD’S CLARKESFIELD OPALROSE  (27c) 1yr 9mths. A medium sized lass who is a quite a good weight and shows good rounding to her chest with a straight back, shapely elegant legs and small oval paws. The tail is good shape to balance. Super wedge that is short, tapering to a blunt finish and has good width at the cheeks and overall depth from top of head to lower jaw. Lovely width across a gently rounded brow between medium ears that are broad at base and gently tilt forward. At the muzzle she has a marginal pinch; the bite is level but her chin although just about medium in depth it just recedes slightly.  The nose is short and straight with a fairly good break.  Super coat for colour! Pale even dove grey that displays a slight pinkish hue, lays close and is short, fine and satin like in texture.


3rd. HALL’S CH MINOTOSA BRONWEN (27d) 4yrs 6mths. Large well built lady of very good weight and a lithe muscular body, rounded chest and straight back to her medium body with elegant shapely legs and oval paws. Tail of good shape that balances. Her head forms a short blunt wedge of very good width and overall depth with well set ears of good shape and tilt gently forward sitting  aside a gently rounded brow. Her nose is short with a quite a good break in profile, level bite but her chin recedes.  Short reasonably fine coat of pleasing texture that is a good vivid tangerine, 2 necklaces evident and she is a fraction uneven on her sides.  Her eyes are large, the topline slants very straight to the nose, the lower is fully rounded and I feel they are marginally deep set, pale chartreuse in colour and are set wide apart.



1ST BRABNER’S ROSEAMBUR FLIGHTY MISS (27b) 4mths. Rather a dainty baby of average weight for her size, I would refer her little heaver. Dainty slender limbs with small oval paws, tail is a trifle thin overall and is short to balance. The brow is very gently rounded between large gently forward tilting ears that follow the line of the moderate wedge that is of fair depth and width. The nose is a fraction long and rolls off at the leather with fair break, I did check to see if she was teething but not today.  She is also quite pinched at the muzzle as yet. Unfortunately the bite is just marginally overshot even allowing for the upper teeth slanting inwards.  Her coat is typically kitten for texture, lays well and is a darkish but warm chocolate with contrast masking.  Pleasing eye shape with lower line fully rounded and topline shows a gentle slant to the nose, good size but need to be set wider apart. Necklaces to throat and leg bracelets.



1ST REES PR OAKENSHIELD LOUISIANA (27f) 2yrs 6mths. Lovely mature lass but who was not in the best of moods today at all, hissed and spit (but this added to her look!) Sadly we were not able to check her bite unfortunately. That said she is a medium bodied and well built lady of excellent weight, in fact she has a rather portly tummy so she obviously adores her food bless her!  Elegant shapely legs support her with oval paws, the tail is a good shape and just balances. Her head form a super short wide blunt wedge of very good overall depth. She has a very gently rounded top of head, just slightly flattened above her brow between medium ears of very good width apart and set and outer line follow the line of the wedge.  Fairly short straight nose with a good break in profile but just rounds off at the tip. Chin just recedes. Palish cream a tad darker on her back, otherwise even toned, is short in length and lays close, nice texture too with feint powder evident on her head and paws.