I had a lovely evening at the judges hotel with Sandra Woodley and was accompanied by my good friend Peter Collins who recently became a Full Burmese judge, many congrats! Peter shows great interest in the British cats and handles them well too; I look forward to our next engagement.



1ST CC&BOB KIRK&JUHASZ GUSELLI SUNSET KING (31d) 9mths. Goodness what a whopper for his age and so balanced too! Excellent large broad and rounded head with plenty of width between his medium sized ears.  Lovely rounded profile, short broad straight nose, good chin and full chubby cheeks. Lovely large well opened rounded orange eyes too. Powerful and muscular body ably supported by  short “tree trunk thick” legs! lovely! His coat is a fraction long but it is nice and dense and fairly crisp. The colour is a vibrant red, a little spotted but he is almost sound. Good rich red fully coloured tail, just ringed a bit heavily, nicely broad at base tapering to a broad rounded tip. The balance of colour to white is very borderline on being just enough, i.e. 1/3rd.  The symmetry of patching is slightly unbalanced but perfectly acceptable, just a few white scattered hairs along the divisions. Lovely white chest, white on nose, some white to belly and some on legs. Aptly named!


2nd. PARRISH PARDILLEO BEAU JANGLES (31a) 17mths. Rangy blue a&white not showing the balance nor maturity of his much younger competitor in fairness. Nice round head shape, pretty face on, large round orange eyes, longish nose though, level bite but his chin slopes back. Good fullness to cheeks but as the muzzle is a little prominent they fill out further back thus spoiling the balance. Ears sit fairly well apart but are broad at base. Long bodies, fairly well muscled but not as powerfully built as the winner, he is also standing tall and I suspect will take time to fill out his frame better. His coat is nice and short and a pleasing blue, but is rather silvered and too unsound at the roots really at the moment. Also borderline on white to colour ratio, less than the winner. Blaize to nose, cute blue chin. Nice ¾ collar but he has a lot of blue down his legs and tummy. Fully coloured correct blue tail.



1ST CC (N/A) PARRY’S PINEMARTIN MOZART (31a) 9mths. Glad to chat to her owner breeder afterwards as I was very sad to have to withold on this lovely young lass! She has super type, a lovely apple head, gorgeous round light copper eyes, lovely expression, excellent neat ears, short straight nose, good bite and chin with super filled cheeks. She is cobby and stands on sturdy short legs. Excellent fully coloured tail. Her coat is a pleasing mid blue, a little silvered but sadly it is extremely unsound and my sole reason for withholding. We even carried her to the daylight to see if it made any difference so I could award, sadly not.  The balance and symmetry of colour to white is excellent and she is well into the required percentages of ratios. Cute blue patch on her shoulder within her white area. I hope the unsoundness is transitional, as she dearly deserves a CC.



1ST CC WALKER’S AMAZOLOU MR BRIGHTSIDE (79l/43) 9MTHS. This lad really has improved since he was a baby! He is a good size and weight, muscular and solid with medium length reasonably well boned legs, a correct rectangular body and a good large broad cheeked head. The ears sit correctly and are nice and broad at base. The eyes are open and round. Nose slants downward, a fraction short, bite is level and but his chin just falls away a little. The depth of his head is good and muzzle is well padded when viewed from the side. Lovely doming to his top of head. Curly eyebrows. Super coat, stands away well, is curly down to the roots all over. Ruff is still filling out, excellent tail plumes!

2nd HAZEL’S ASPIRITOUS URIAH HEAP (79S 16) 9mths This was a heartache decision as I adore this cat! There is no-one  to touch him for bone, build and his fabulous coat! However, as I did muse when last see, once his head broadens and fills out I wondered if his ears may “fit into the head more neatly” and they do, which makes him look more British along with the merging of the muzzle. His head is really rounded and really full cheeks but he has less padding than when last seen. Such a pity, he has so much to offer this breed though. He is a huge teddy bear, but is starting to look too British in his head type. He still stands fairly rectangular but his legs are just below medium in length, fabulous boning though! His coat is incredible, short, dense, plush, tight waves all over and stands away beautifully. Really thick tail with waves too. Breeding wise I have no doubt he will still prove immensely useful!


3rd MURPHY’S AMOZOLOU SUPER TROOPER (79L 43F) 10mths. Slightly out of balance lad going through an adolescent phase. He is a good size and weight with good bone. He is broad cheeked with a short downward slanting nose but I would like the muzzle to be more padded at this age, his head is round and ears are medium in size and set fairly well apart. Nice tight curls and a good ruff and tail plumes. Soft almost silky semi-long coat, not quite as dense and didn’t stand away quite as well as the semi-long haired winner. Good bite but chin slopes back. Large round eyes.







1ST PC & BOB HAWLEY’S ALFRESCA CAPTAIN KIRK 18MTHS. Interesting to have 2 litter brothers here who look quite different in many ways. Better typed better-boned lad with a rounder head shape and ear set is better set apart. Cheeks could be fuller but I guess he was neutered quite early? Well-developed body and muscle tone with good bone to his slightly long legs. His eyes are round and a lovely green but a fraction deep set. Nose is fairly short and broad, bite is level.  His coat is shorter, crisper and more dense. The spots are a better black with a brighter less sooty ground. Some brindling to pattern and ground but not that bad at present. Good tail shape and rings.

2nd HAWLEY’S ALFRESCA COSMOPOLITAN 18MTHS. This lad is a darker silver and has tarnishing on feet and legs and face. His nose is long with a bump. Eyes are round but more hazel in colour. He has lots of linkage on his spots and his spine line should be more broken. Similar type other than this. Nice crisp coat.



1ST PC MARSHALL’S SUTILLIAN SILVER GRACIE 2YRS 7MTHS Pretty typed lass with a nice round head and neat ears set well apart. Cobby and of nice weight. Her eyes are large and green. Bite is very untidy. Her coat is long and soft, spots a good black and a nice spotty tummy. Her spineline needs to be better separated.



BOB ONLY: WITHELD. This lad has a clearly obvious green rim unfortunately.




1ST & BOB MOORE’S DULCEMARA PEEB-BO 17 WKS. Lovely sized baby girl of a nice firm feel and was very relaxed on what must have been her 1st outing? Slender legs and neat oval paws with a good tail for shape; just short of shoulder. She shows good width across the top of her head with medium to large broad based ears she held slightly high today but then she is teething. In profile the head and brow are slightly rounded, just a fraction long in the forehead, good break short straight nose till it rounds of at the very tip. Quite good width across the cheeks and overall depth. Head forms a wide and fairly short blunt wedge with a teething pinch. Correct bite and chin of medium depth lines up. Promising eyes for shape and set and size, being set wide apart, good rounding to lower line and gentle slant of her topline;  yellow chartreuse in colour. Warm even glossy brown baby coat that lays well. Handled very well and purred, very happy to be on her back in my steward’s arms!



1ST & BOB WILSON’S MAHARANI JEZEBEL 6mths. What a character! Lovely well developed baby girl of excellent weight and firm lithe body, elegant slender legs and neat oval paws. Tail is a good shape that balances with a paint brush tip. Good rounding to chest and straight back. Nicely balanced baby for her age. She has excellent width across the top of her gently rounded head between medium sized ears. The head forms a short wide wedge, broad blunt muzzle with slight pinch. level bite  In profile the brow rounds gently to a short straight nose with distinctive break and shows good depth from top of head to lower jaw. Super yellow eyes for expression, set very well apart and are large and lustrous, with good fully rounded lower line with flatter topline slanting gently to the nose. Fairly short close fitting silky pale chocolate coat showing warm tones with slight masking to face otherwise even toned.



2nd MOORE’S MAINMAN KISSING YOU 5MTHS Sweet natured baby going though what I feel is an awkward stage. Nice firm feel to her fairly weighty body with slender legs and neat oval paws. Nice shaped tail marginally short to balance. She has broad based slightly generous sized ears set quite well apart a very gently rounded top of head. The wedge is short and ends bluntly but I would like to see a little more width across the cheeks and overall depth. In profile the nose is short with a fairly good break but rolls off at the tip and has a wee bump. The bite is correct. Just short of medium depth level chin. She has yellow eyes with a slight green rim at present and for shape and set I would just prefer them a little larger and set wider apart. Fairly short, close lying baby coat of slightly uneven tones today, showing some warmth in places. Necklace and faint smudges just evident.



1ST MARTIN’S UK&IMPGR CH & GR PR WELLMAR ISABELLA (28) stunning blue-cream, well known and is one of THE nicest blue-creams for type coat and balance around!

2nd LEAONARD’S CH&PR GRAYGEES SILVER TRINITY (18) Lovely lass, good type, good eye colour, trams a little higgledy but nice overall look.




Top 2 very close decision for me!

1ST BRIDGES’ SANLIS PIZAZZ (27) 9MTHS. This lass is medium in size, and is an excellent weight with good rounding to her chest and has a lovely firm feel about her. She has elegant slim legs and neat oval paws. The tail is well shaped and just balances. Excellent width between her medium broad based ears that gently tilt forward, good set too. Excellent type! The head forms a good short wedge just tapers to a just marginally fine muzzle. She has very nice width across the cheeks and in profile the brow and top of head round gently, the nose is short and straight, bite is good and chin firm and lines up. Excellent Burmese eyes for expression, a good size, correct lower line being more fully rounded and topline slants gently to the nose, pale chartreuse in colour. Super coat that is short, fine, silky to touch and is close lying. The colour is a rich, warm and even brown that shines with health. Worth getting out after I coaxed her by flattering her! but what a madam !!!


2nd  COLLINS’ AUREUS AUDACIOUS ANGEL (27j) 9mths. Elegant medium to long bodied lass just a trifle out of balance today. She has good rounding to her chest and is straight backed; she is an excellent weight and is well muscled. Her head forms a short blunt wedge with good width between fractionally large ears set well apart and follow the lines of the wedge, but is just out of balance to her body today. She shows good width at the cheeks and very good overall depth. Her nose is fairly short with a nice positive break in profile. The bite is correct as is her chin. She has gorgeous golden yellow eyes that  show typical expression too and are large and lustrous, lower line is fully rounded and the topline gently slants to the nose. Her coat is fairly short, is fine and close fitting and is a pretty mix of warm lilac and warm cream. One to watch a she matures!


3rd COULTERS’ AYSHAZEN ROCKY BALBOA (27b) 9mths Well grown chap who is out of sorts at the moment. He has proportionate legs and a well shaped marginally long tail but has a minimal fault at the tip. He is a good weight and feels firm and muscular. His top of head is very gently rounded and shows fair width between   generous ears which he tends to hold a trifle upright and are  set too high, so they don’t follow the outer line of the wedge. The wedge is slightly long, the forehead is a trifle long as is the muzzle and I would prefer to see more width at the cheeks and to have more overall depth; I would also like to see more of a blunt ended muzzle. In profile the nose is a fraction long and his break is fair. The bite is correct, but the chin is slightly shallow. His eyes, to achieve expression could be larger and have a more fully lower line and be set wider apart. His coat is marginally long, is fairly fine and lays close but needs to have a more satin like feel. The colour is an even toned but cool chocolate with heavy contrast to face and extremities. Lovely temperament.



1ST BRIDGES SANLIS JUST CRUZIN (27) 9mths. Nice size and of very deceptive weight to this masculine firm bodied lad. Slender proportionate shapely legs and oval paws. He has a well-shaped tail that balances with a paintbrush tip. Mature head type for his age with plenty of width between medium broad based ears that follow the line of the wedge which is short and blunt and wide at the cheeks. The top of head and brow both rounding gently; In profile the head shows very good depth with a distinctive break to his short straight nose with a medium depth chin. Promising eyes for shape set and expression! pale yellow in colour. His coat is fairly short, lays well and is an even warm seal brown.



What a lovely class-Thank you!

1ST TARBUCK’S CH MOLYROSSI STARBUCK (27c) 2yrs 5mths.  I loved this girl face on she just screams Burmese with those eyes!  Really elegant medium firm bodied lady, mature and balanced with slim elegant legs and neat spoon-shaped paws. Her  tail balances, is a lovely shape and tapers to a paintbrush tip. Her head forms a super short wide blunt wedge with excellent width between medium gently forward tilting broad based ears that follow correctly, the upper line of the face. The top of head rounds nicely both from side to side and in profile leading to a rounded brow; the nose is short and straight with a very good break. Good bite, level chin just about medium for depth. Excellent large, lustrous eyes with lovely set and shape and typical expression; pale yellow for colour. Super pale, really even lilac coat that was very close fitting and felt absolutely gorgeous! 


2ND STALKERS’ CH VINTARN WHISPER A WISH (27b) 3yrs 11 mths Very nice mature balanced queen who is a good weight, a trifle plump around the middle for which I forgave her, elegant shapely legs and neat oval paws. Her tail is excellent for shape and reaches the shoulder. Her head forms a lovely short, wide blunt wedge that shows good rounding to the top of head both ways. Her ears are well set, are just about medium in size and gently tilt forward. In profile the brow rounds gently, the nose is short and straight with an excellent break. Very good eye shape and set to her pale chartreuse eyes. Her coat is a warm even chocolate with just a few white hairs; is close fitting and has a lovely feel.


3rd  GILES’ CH RAWEKE BROWN HOLLY (27) 4YRS. Another lovely mature queen also a good size and weight with elegant slender limbs and a good tail for shape and balances the shoulder.  Good width across the marginally flattened top of head between medium broad based ears that tilt gently forward and sit well following the lines of the upper part of the face. The wedge is short and tapers to a blunt finish, in profile the brow round very gently, head shows good width and better depth, her nose is short with a short nose that has a very slight rise to centre; lovely look to her face on. Good bite and chin. Good shape and set to her eyes, I would just like them a smidgen larger for personal preference. Excellent satin-like close fitting glossy coat, just a few white hairs on her shoulders otherwise a rich even warm seal brown.


EXTRA 3RD. MOORE’S CH DULCAMARA PETRONELLA (27c) 1yr 7mths. Young lass that I liked face on. She feels nice and firm and a very good weight for her medium sized body. She is supported by elegant slender legs with neat spoon-shaped paws. Her tail is a good shape and just balances.  The head form a nice short wide wedge that tapers to a blunt finish, her ears are medium in size, set well apart and gently tilt forward. In profile the brow rounds very gently, the nose shows is fairly short with a good break, bite is level and so is the chin but I would prefer more depth. Pleasing expression developing to her large eyes, sit well apart and are of good shape but deep-set ever so slightly. Lovely short close fitting coat, warm lilac just slightly darker than the winning lilac’s coat.




1ST HARDY’S CH & PR MACHIKA GEMINA (27b) 4yrs 8mths. Mature lass of medium build, elegant look about her, nice firm feel to her body. Rounded chest and straight back.  Shapely slender limbs with neat oval paws. Nice looking type, good width across her gently rounded top of head, she did hold them “up” at times and then dropped them thus better continuing the lines of the upper part of the face. Her wedge is short and blunt. In profile the brow rounds gently, the nose is fairly short with a good break. Untidy but level bite, good chin. Her lovely expressive eyes are set well apart and are a good size and are pale yellow in colour. Warm chocolate short, close lying coat that is mostly even just shows some darker tones on her back.


2nd BESWICK’S GR PR MAINMAN LEONARDO (27) 2yrs 10 mths. Lovely masculine head type to this large well grown chap! Short but shapely tail with a thickening at the very tip, lithe large framed body of excellent weight with proportionate shapely limbs and large oval paws. His head forms a short blunt wedge with medium ears set very well apart a gently rounded top of head, the wedge is nice and wide at the cheeks and in profile shows good depth. Slightly undershot bite confirmed by a full judge. Lovely large eyes, set well apart and have correct shape with a fully rounded lower line and topline slants gently to the short straight nose, good expression;  strong green chartreuse in colour. Super close fitting coat that is glossy and a rich even seal brown, just slightly long and has a few white hairs but lays beautifully.



1ST RIDDLE’S CH & GR PR PEGAVI SERAFINA (27e)  8 years. Sweet natured matronly lady who loved her cuddles! A trifle plump around her middle as most of us are at her age! She is in fine fettle though and her coat gleamed with health. Her limbs are shapely and proportionate, tail is a good shape but short to balance. Her ears are broad at base, set nice and wide apart a very gently rounded top of head. The wedge is short, wide and tapers to a  slightly square blunt finish being of very good width across the cheeks and in overall depth in profile too. The brow is just slightly flattened; the nose is short with a distinctive break but rounds at the tip. Level bite as is the chin. Her eyes are a good shape; fully rounded lower line and topline slants very gently and they are set nice and wide apart , although for me I would just prefer them a trifle larger.



1ST WILSHAW’S GR CH ROSSIKHAN CENTREFOLD (27c) 2yrs 3mths. Very stylish lady who sits in her pen demanding you say how good she is!  She is a nice sized queen, is very firm bodied and of excellent weight. She has elegant slender limbs with neat oval paws. I love her type and balanced head; the wedge is beautifully short, wide and deep, tapering to a blunt finish. Her ears that are of an excellent set, are just over medium but not too large,  broad at base and tilt gently forward, the outer line of which correctly follow the line of the upper part of her face. She has amazing and very typical Burmese eyes, they are set wide apart, are full and lustrous, large in size and have a fully rounded lower line whilst the topline gently slants to the nose, chartreuse in colour. Excellent coat, fits like a second skin, beautifully short and fine and satin like, in lovely condition and is a  medium lilac that has loads of warmth.