Good journey for a change up to Stafford! I was pleased to see a big entry so many thanks to all those who exhibited under me, I was joined today by Karen Holloway of the Windymeadow BSH prefix. Karen is a keen learner, good art handling and loved her new venture into the Burmese section! Good luck on the Stewarding Scheme and I hope we can repeat the outing soon.



GRPR RODWELL’S PR JAPEETA FATSDOMINO (40/3) 7YRS 5MTHS  super mature and balanced chocolate lad I presume must have been entire for some time due to his head development? Well developed chap with short sturdy legs and a nice thick but short tail. Good roundness to head, nice and broad across the brow between medium ears but a tad wide at base. Lovely shaped mask!. Good blue to the round eyes, short nose, level bite and chin, with good fullness to cheeks. Close coupled cobby body of very good weight and muscle tone. Super coat! Short dense and crisp with little shading. Very good contrast to his body colour. Points match. Just minor brindling to legs. A lovely lad.


Res Gr Pr. PALMERS’ PR ZINGFRO LEO (17) 27RS 7MTHS. Nice looking cream chap, good British type and super well boned conformation. Short strong legs and fat paws, good tail but ringed. Small ears set wide apart a rounded brow, short nose, level bite and good chin with full cheeks. Excellent orange eyes. Soft coat that is short and dense, a warm cream, slightly pale at roots though and still has some ghost markings. Handled well.




Mature powerfully built lass of excellent bone. Large broad head with good width between neat well set ears. Rather small eyes of  a very pale yellow. Short nose, level bite good chin and nice breadth to cheeks. Excellent coat for length density and texture. Balanced patching, very good symmetry and demarcation between the pale but silvered blue and pale cream, both colours virtually sound. ¾ collar, white to shoulder area and legs, some colour to back legs, white to lower face and a strip of white under belly. Unfortunately the cream is hot and banded. The blue is very silvered with the blue being a tad dark and very silvered with tabby markings and scattered white hairs spoiling the divisions of colour to white. I suspect she is just under the required minimum of white too. Fully coloured tail with blue and cream, broad at base and tapers to a round tip. Sorry to withold today but there were just too many small faults.



1ST CC NEALE’S POSITIVELY ZAMBEZI 9MTHS. Young lad who is balanced and cobby for his age. Typy chap with a good rounding to head and marginally generous sized ears set well apart but bonneted.. I would prefer his eyes larger for balance though of an excellent copper colour! Good bone to his short legs and has large fat paws, tail is broad at base. Deep chest and flanks but he has just 1 or 2 white hairs which I overlooked today! Hope they don’t increase as this is a witholding fault! Excellent coat for length texture and density, super dense black and sound.



1ST CC&BOB  CHANCE’S CHESLO FRITTON SADIE  9MTHS. Super balanced cobby and typy lady that is a very good looking cat! Mature fore her age in head type and body development. Excellent width between neat ears. Lovely large round copper eyes. Short straight nose, level bite and good chin with very nice well filled cheeks. Excellent coat”! Sound jet black, crisp and dense. Excellent bone. To nit pick the tail should be a tad longer for balance and more rounded at the tip. Very promising lady indeed overall.




1ST CC ROSS’ ADATESH BURLINGTON BERTIE 11MTHS. Goodness what a powerful muscular lad of excellent maturity and size for 11 mths! Very well developed a proper british male, well done! Excellent overall size and balance and wonderful bone too. Large round head with plenty of width across the brow. Large expressive orange eyes, short straight nose, level bite but chin should be a tad more deep and juts recedes a little. Fabulous cheeks! Excellent breadth across the chest and rump. Thick tail to balance. Really lovely shade of blue to his short dense coat, little soft as yet but texture coming. Virtually sound too and very little silvering. Very promising lad.


2nd LEE’S SODACHICHATS STORMIN N ORMAN 1YR 10MTHS. Lovely temperament to this big softee! Another well grown lad of excellent bone and development also worthy of a cc now he has grown into himself and is balanced. Lovely round head shape with excellent width between small but wide based ears. Large round copper eyes, again a good expression, short nose level bite and good chin with very well filled cheeks. Good breadth across chest. Good tail. Sound, dark shade of blue coat, fraction soft, good length and density, very little silvering.


3rd. MELIA & COLBOURNE’S KISWAHILI THEDULEOFOAKHAM 17MTHS. Massive chap of very powerful development and excellent bone. His head is broad across the top but tapers to a slightly narrow muzzle, level bite and good well filled cheeks. Would prefer more break to the nose in profile. Round gold eyes. Excellent coat for length, texture and density, but very silvered, mid blue in tone. Tail is broad at the base but has rings.



1ST CC BROWN’S LYNBRO LAYLA 11MTHS. Young lass of quite good size and weight, nice muscle tone developing. Cobby build. Round head shape with sweet expression to her round gold eyes. Short nose, chin just slopes back a tad, cheeks coming nicely. Medium ears at times she pricks up but when relaxed they settle better into the contours of the head. Sound mid blue coat, very little silvering, good density and texture is developing. Tail a tad long and tabbied.


2nd. MARTIN’S CHARMODEN SIMPLYWILLOW 2YRS 8MTHS Very friendly lass but all out of balance, she is rather portly I must say, obviously loves her food but her head is too small for her body. Fairly round head with neatish ears set wide apart. Round gold eyes, short nose, level bite but squared muzzle. Tail is rather short and too thin. Her coat is a nice shade but is very silvered and unsound too, its soft to touch but nice and dense. Short slender boned legs.


Considered for BOB were: CH CHARMODEN SIMPLY GRACE     Gorgeous but almost unable to be handled, just about saw the bite but she lashed out quite a bit.

BOB : CH ADETSH BLUE SAFFIRE. Much deserving of this award, a lovely cat!



1ST  CC&BOB HARDY’S STONNALL MAGICAL TOY BOY 16MTHS. I deliberated for some time on this lad because of his eye shape and I see I withheld for exactly that aspect last year. Today, at times he opened them rounder, so his eyes did look slightly better today from a shape aspect and it was for this reason I eventually awarded the CC. Other than that he is a powerfully built lad of very nice boning, large round head, excellent width between his medium sized ears. His eyes are a pale gold in this light. Short nose, level bite and chin with lovely well filled cheeks. His coat is a nice shade of cream, almost clear of ghosting, a tad pale at the roots but not “unsound” as there is still cream at the base of the hair shaft. Crisp and dense too. Good breadth across the chest and rump. Tail is broad at the base but tapers to a point a little, and is still quite ringed. I will be interested to see what eye shape he throws!


2nd. WEST-MULLEN’S WESTMUSTKATZ CUSTARD CREAM 1YR 9MTHS. Generally of good size, weight and muscle tone with good bone to his short legs. Nice breadth across the chest and rump, tail is short though. Round broad head shape with nice width across his brow but not showing the maturity of head development as the winner, who is younger. Round gold eyes, short nose, level bite and chin with super cheeks. Fairly short coat of crisp texture but a dark and also hot cream for me, fairly free of ghosting but very unsound. Not a happy bunny today either.


3rd MATHIAS’ CRYSES DESERT STORM 1YR 9MTHS. Nice weight to this lad but he is rather a small lad overall and I would prefer him more powerfully built and to have thicker boned legs. His head is fairly round but his ears are large for his head, quite good width between. In profile the nose tilts up oddly at the tip and is rather short with what could be considered to be a borderline nose stop. Huge cheeks. Small round deep set eyes. Untidy but ultimately level bite, fairly firm chin but is pinched in the muzzle. His coat was for me the best colour! But sadly it is very tabbied and soft although almost sound to the roots and a tad long. Tail is a tad short.



1ST CC WILD’S APATCHICAT COUNTRY GIRL 1YR 10MTHS A small lightly built lass of reasonable maturity for her age. She has a sweet expression and round pale just about gold in this light eyes to her rounded head. Fairly neat ears set well apart. Short nose, level; bite but rather squared at the muzzle. Quite a pleasing shade of cream when one looks at her coat without the ghosting, but she shows brindling too which does detract slightly. Tail has rings, of fair length and thickness.



1ST CC & BOB HUMPHRIES CAKIES COTTON CANDY (21c) 10mths. Quite a good sized lass supported by fairly short  well boned legs, tail is broad at base and balanced but shows heavy rings. Rounded head shape, nice expression, good width across the brow between slight large ears. Good cheeks, short nose level bite and fairly firm chin. Solid, quite good weight, could be more muscular though even for a girl, rather plump! Pale gold eyes, should be deeper colour really even for this breed. The coat made me deliberate for some time on this award, it is a bit too long and soft, quite good density though. Cool toned lilac that should be a lighter shade, its quite dark, and the cream is getting to that stage of being too hot in tone. So I hope with a moult the new coat comes through paler, which can happen, but as we judge on the day I decided her body type and head warranted the CC today.



1ST CC & BOB BUJALSKA-AXON’S SARGENTA YOELLA  18MTHS. On 1st impression one sees a slightly sooty looking silver cat but on close inspection she has a lot of offer.  She is a solid well developed girl of good muscle tone and bone, cobby in type and has a well ringed tail that balances. Quite pleasing head type, open, with good width between fairly neat well set ears but tapers to a slight point, would prefer more rounding at the muzzle. Short nose, level bite, chin of good depth. Pale pink nose leather. Almost round light green eyes. Short dense but reasonably crisp coat, good clarity of black to the pattern itself with a medium silver but a tad sooty in places. Necklaces and spotty toes. Fairly straight tramlines, oysters a tad brindled to the centre, one more elongated than the other. Butterfly has good shape and colour. She had far less brindling to her pattern and ground than any of the other exhibits in this class.


I deliberated on these two places for some time for a variety of reasons, one has a better head and bone the other a much better pattern…could have gone either way.

2nd. WILLIAMS’ CROWVALLEY SILVER PANTHEA  9MTHS. A smaller build to this young lady, she needs more weight and muscle tone ideally. Large ears set well apart, fairly rounded head, fair cheeks, short nose, brick leather, level bite and chin. Green round eyes but a tad small in size. Good short coat, crisp and dense. Next best in the clarity of pattern stakes but shows a fair bit of brindling either side of the tramlines, bright silver so quite good contrast still. Tail is ringed, tapers to a slight point.


3rd. POTTS’ VINMAR SILVA-ANNA 1YR 10MTHS. Good sized lass with quite good bone to her short legs and a cobby body. Tail is thick ending in a black tip. Round head, nice open head type. Neat ears set well apart. Large round but almost grey eyes, incorrect colour. Level bite but chin slopes back with good fullness to cheeks. The coat is too long, too soft and lacks density. The pattern is almost a grey shade, it is very brindled and the overall effect is wishy washy I am afraid. 2 broken necklaces, spotty paws. Needs more contrast to the greyish silver ground, it is a bright clean silver and the pattern needs much more clarity of black. I hope with a moult she comes together better.



1ST CC&BOB LUCAS’ SURREPTITIOUS HENRY 15MTHS. Solid well developed chap! Fairly rounded head shape with plenty of width between slightly large broad based ears. Large rounded light hazelly green eyes, nose is marginally long for balance, level bite, chin fairly firm, excellent fullness to cheeks. Super coat! Short dense and crisp. Very nice spotting and well separated spine line. Darkish silver pattern shows some brindling but still has good contrast against the mid silver ground. Some tarnishing evident too. Tail is short to balance, quite good rings. Spotty paws and tummy.



1ST CC & BOB SMITH’S CH TERSHEE CRYSTAL TIPS 3YRS 6MTHS I wondered if she had been calling? She is a tad lightweight. Round head shape, but tapers to a pointed muzzle. Neat ears set well apart, short nose but has a bump in profile. Level bite, chin okay, nice fullness to the cheeks. Fraction long and tall, average bone. Tail is a tad ringed. The coat is crisp, fairly short and dense with light tipping, mostly even except down the centre of the spine line.



1ST  MARTIN’S WELLMAR TITAN (16) 7 MTHS. Aptly named, he is a big strapping chap! Gorgeous type and example of a proper British Blue male kitten! Fantastic bone too. Excellent eye colour. Cracking coat, just a little bit silvered. Well Done, just shows what good breeding practices can produce in our flagship breed.


2nd  CHANCE’S  CHARMODEN SIMPLYOB (16) 8MTHS. Also a cracking lad unlucky to meet the winner. Gig boned boy with a super head and cobby body too. I would prefer his eyes a better deeper colour as they in this light seemed a pale gold and his coat is tad silvered, other than that I loved him. 


3rd. PARRISH’S PARDILLEO BEAU JANGLES (31A) 5MTHS. Nice type, super coat but not enough white at all to make up at least 1/3rd. in my opinion. Super head type and eye colour. Well balanced patching, good symmetry. Fully coloured tail. Coat is very silvered though, almost sound to roots.




1ST MARTIN’S WELLMAR SUZY BLISS (31a) 7mths. Gorgeous! Super head type, quirky and cute offset blue and white patching on her face. Super rounded gold eyes. Short nose, level bite and chin, lovely fullness to cheeks. Cobby and short legged, good bone. Short dense coat, virtually sound. The patching is quite well balanced overall and she DOES have enough white.  Correct fully coloured tail.


2nd CHANCE’S CHARMODEN DYNOMITE (30a) 6mths. Lovely type again, very pretty, good body and bone conformation. Good orange eyes. Super short dense coat, nice shade to the blue spots, warm ground colour developing well. Just a tad linked on one side otherwise well spotted and spine line.


The remainder of the kittens in this breeders class were unplaced, sorry but I did not feel they were up to standard at all.



Super class, all 3 worthy of a 1st.

1ST MINSHALL’S TRUEBLU ROCKABILLY (79s 15d) 2yrs 7 months. Strapping chap with fabulous head and width at the cheeks. Excellent coat too, well prepared. Loved the slightly bent ear!


2nd OLDBURY’S ADSETSH CRYSTAL MISS GAVITE (28) 1yr 9mths Big girl, lovely bone and head type. Super coat, well mingled just a tad darker phase of blue and cream.


EXTRA 2ND GILLOT’S AMAZOLOU EDNA MODE (79S 36E) Lovely to see this promising lass again, have not judge her since a kitten. Super example too of a good Selkirk Rex for type.Excellent coat too.






















3 Gorgeous girls!


1ST COLLIN’S CH ARTRO BROWN ANWEN (27) F 5YRS 6MTHS Stunning girl! Well developed, solid mature queen of excellent with shapely elegant legs, oval paws and a super well-shaped tail to balance with paintbrush tip. Short wide wedge of excellent depth, gentle rounding to brow between correct ears for set and tilt. Super large and lustrous eyes set wide apart with very typical Burmese expression, yellow chartreuse in colour. Short straight nose with distinctive break in profile, level bite and chin lines up well. Superb short, fine close lying coat of a glossy rich chestnut brown which has a lovely satin feel to it. Just a few white hairs on her shoulders otherwise an even colour all over. I just loved her!


2nd GILES’ CH RAWEKE MIRROR IMAGE (27) FN 1YR 7MTHS Excellent weight to this mature lady with slender legs and dainty oval paws, tail of excellent shape but just very slightly short to balance, ends in a paintbrush tip. Super, short blunt wedge of very good width across the cheeks and plenty of width between medium well set ears of forward tilt. Excellent overall depth from top of head to lower jaw. Very good break to her short almost straight nose, just rounds off at the very tip. Level bite and chin of medium depth. Typical Burmese eyes, good fullness, large and lustrous with gentle slant to nose and full lower line, set wide apart. Gorgeous short fine and close lying coat of even rich chestnut brown coat, really glossy, shone with health, just 1or 2 few white hairs on her neck. Good looking lass.


EXTRA 2ND WILSHAW’S CH ROSSIKHAN CUPCAKE (27b) F 1yr 7mths Another lovely typed  lass also worthy of 2nd place, difficult to separate these two. Of a smaller build overall but of deceptive weight for her size. Elegant limbs with dainty spoon-shaped paws. Tail of very good shape to balance, ending in a paintbrush tip. Excellent short wide blunt wedge of very good overall depth.  Generous sized but well shaped ears of correct forward tilt that have very gently rounded brow in-between. Short straight nose with distinctive break in profile. Level bite and chin of medium depth. Lovely short fine close lying coat of  warm even pale chocolate, contrast masking to face. Large lustrous eyes of pale yellow, good shape to lower line and upper line gently slants to the nose, set wide apart thus giving typical Burmese expression. A super girl!






2ND WILSHAW’S CH ROSSIKHAN CENTREFOLD (27C) 15MTHS. Lovely typed elegant lass, deceptively weighty for her size with shapely slender legs and spoon-shaped paws. Tail is of good shape and thickness to balance with paintbrush tip. Excellent short wide wedge tapering to a blunt finish. Gently rounded brow between large ears but of correct set and forward tilt and are broad at the base. Very good break to her short straight nose, level bite and good depth to the chin. Excellent pale even dove grey coat, super texture and lays well. Gorgeous expressive eyes of pale yellow, set wide apart and of very typical Burmese look.


3rd. MOORE’S GR CH ANOKHI BOY GEORGE (27c) 1yr 11mths. Written about on numerous occasions since he was a youngster he has developed into a well-proportioned, muscular, masculine chap with shapely legs and large oval paws. His balanced well - shaped tail is suffering a little with hormones at the very base today, not an easy thing to get rid of with entire males I know! His wedge is short and wide with  good overall depth. The ears are large in proportion though they do tilt gently forward and are set well apart although his top of head is marginally flattened. Fairly short straight nose with good break in profile , level bite but his chin recedes and I would just prefer it marginally deeper for balance. Super even coat, warm pale toned dove grey tones; it lays well and is fairly short and fine. Gentle expression to his pale yellow eyes, set wide apart, of good size with gentle rounding to lower line and slant to nose. Super temperament for a large entire chap!



1ST MOORE’S DULCEMARA ANNABELINDA (27) 7MTHS Dainty lass but of deceptive weight! Super relaxed kitten that handled well, her body is lithe and solid with slender legs and spoon-shaped paws. Well - spaced ears of correct gentle tilt forward and are set nicely wide apart a gently rounded brow. Good shape to her tail, just marginally short to balance ending in a paintbrush tip. Super short wedge that is both wide at the jaw hinge and has very good overall depth. Distinctive break to her short straight nose, level bite and chin. Warm rich chestnut toned coat developing a super texture and is short and fine, lays well. There are one or two faint smudges to her thighs presently and a little uneven on shoulders with a feint necklace too otherwise her coat looked lovely. Excellent yellow eyes that are set wide apart, good shape and fullness and have the desired Burmese expression.




1ST MOORE’S DULCEMARA PETRONELLA (27c) 7mths 3 wks.  Good looking baby I see from my notes I judged her a few months ago and she has grown well since then. She is a very good size, deceptively weighty for her age, elegant slender legs and a well-shaped, balanced tail ending in a paintbrush tip. Nicely rounded brow between marginally generous ears that are broad at base and of correct forward tilt and set.  Lovely deep short blunt wedge, excellent width at the cheek bones  Super yellow chartreuse  eyes with typical Burmese expression, set wide apart, of good fullness and shape. Short straight nose with very good break in profile. Level bite and chin of good depth., lines up well. Super pale warm dove grey coat that is short, fine and lays really well. Very promising baby.


2nd JOHNSON’S LOHR MALINALDA (27b) 8mths 3wks. Well grown baby of excellent weight, solid lithe body with elegant slender legs and oval paws. Tail is a good shape but slightly short to balance ending in a super paintbrush tip. Excellent short wedge that is wide and deep, ending in a blunt finish; Plenty of width between correct ears that gently tilt forward. Good rounding to brow. Excellent break to her short straight nose. Level bite and chin of medium depth. Super pale yellow eyes that are set well apart, good fullness and shape and show a typical Burmese expression. Short kitten coat, just lays a little open, maybe the hot hall by the afternoon?, feint necklace to throat area and marginally darker contrast to face otherwise a nice and even pale warm chocolate,. Purred al the time and loved her cuddles! Very promising baby.



1ST RIDDLE’S OAKFORD SWEET WILLIAM 8MTHS Excellent development and size to this chap of deceptive weight too. Elegant legs and large oval paws; Tail balances and is a good shape, tapering to a rounded tip. Short blunt wide wedge tapering to a slightly pinched muzzle; Gentle rounding to brow between well spaced and set ears but of generous size at present. In profile the break to his fairly short nose could be marginally more distinctive. Level bite and chin of medium depth. Even toned cream except for a faint necklace, a little powering to his head is evident. The coat itself lays well and is fairly short and fairly fine, super satin like feel already! Large yellow eyes set wide apart and of nice shape, good fullness to lower line. Lovely nature too.



1ST BESWICK’S PR MAINMAN LEONARDO (27) 1YR 10MTHS. Nice to see him developing well since last judged. Deceptively weighty he is a solid muscular chap with elegant shapely legs and large oval paws. Tail of good shape that balances to shoulder with paintbrush tip. Super short  blunt wedge of very good depth overall and width at the cheek bones. Medium ears of gentle forward tilt and rounded brow in between; short straight nose with distinctive break, level but untidy bite and good depth to level chin. Super satin-like coat that is fine and close lying and a lovely rich glossy brown that shone with health, just a few paler hairs showing. Excellent expression to his chartreuse eyes of good shape and fullness,  set wide apart  with gentle slant to the nose. Lovely lad!