A lovely well-run show by peter and team, my very capable steward was Sarah Walker; I hope we can have another lovely day Sarah!  My journey back was far less fraught than my journey up on the Friday! The British cats were obviously moulting heavily and it wasn’t a surprise to see a lesser entry overall in this section today considering the heat we have enjoyed.



CNH KIDD’S GR CH PURRAVIDA HARRY POTTER (30s) Very sad to see a cat so unhappy and distressed and nervous, not nasty at all, just frightened. He kept flinching and would I guess need a lot of TLC.  He just about let us stroke him, which I tried to do to calm his nerves. I didn’t want to force him out, as that would just make him worse.



1ST CC & BOB KIDD’S CH PURRAVIDA JAMES HERRIOT  8.11.06  Stable mate to the above lad and also very nervous but more handleable. Moulting heavily which does detract particularly on this breed, but his pattern showed up well considering.  Heavy Slightly slender boned cobby lad with a large broad head. Short nose with bump in profile. Chin slopes back a little, level bite and good cheeks. Nice large light green rounded eyes. Good rings to balanced broad tail. Reasonable coat for season, fairly dense and short. Tad soft.  Mid silver ground, minor brindling, ok contrast to pattern, which is almost black, just watered down by brindling. Good shape to oysters.



1ST CC&BOB BROWN’S LYNBRO SHAKIRA 18.9.98 Cobby but slightly overweight lass, slightly therefore out of balance from head to body. Round head shape with quite good width between ears that are held slightly tall and upright at the moment. Good cheeks. Round but deep set orange eyes. Short nose and level bite. Fraction square in the muzzle. Good white areas, nice and clean, very little invasion into the coloured patching. Correct amount of ratio to colour too. Cream is a tad warm and spotted but that is to be expected at her age, sound to the roots though. Coat is short and dense and a tad soft. Cute patch of cream on her tummy.



1ST & BOB ROBINSON’S MOLYNMEUX GOLD DUST (M) 23.12.08 What a gorgeous colour and type to this lad.  He is a firm bodied muscular chap of very deceptive weight. His chest is nicely rounded; he is straight backed and stands on slender shapely legs with large oval paws. His well shaped tail just balances. His head forms a lovely short blunt wedge that has very good depth and width. The ears are slightly generous in size at present, they are set following the contours of the upper part of the face and are medium in size and gently tilt forward. His top of head is nicely rounded and in profile the nose is short, a very slight raise in the centre, excellent break and round off very marginally at the tip. Correct bite and chin. His eyes are stunning, when you look at him face on he is cheeky, has attitude but is also a big purr box and relaxes in your arms, all such a wonderful combination of attribute that he was immediately my take home cat of the whole show today. The shape to the eyes is correct, large, full and lustrous, excellent rounding to the lower line and the topline slants gently to the nose, yellow in colour. His coat is short, just coming out of the typical baby coat for texture, pale cream in the hall lighting which was rather orange, with powdering to his head and face and has distinct bloom. He has a faint broken necklace and a faint smudges to his front legs otherwise the coat is even. My steward and I enjoyed our cuddles and I was glad that the owner introduced herself to me and the breeders, which allowed me to enjoy one more cuddle! Thank you! A very promising lad indeed with X factor.



1ST CREATON & WALKERS’ CURLU NATE (79L15) 19.4.08 In fabulous condition considering the season! A super lad who just keeps getting better. Lovely Selkirk type, excellent head and width at the cheekbones, muzzle a good shape and whisker pads when viewed from the side. Super curly whiskers are eyebrows. Excellent coat, loose unstructured mass of tight waves and curls all over.  Ruff just coming back after an obvious moult. Fabulous tail plumes.  Excellent weight and rectangular body of very good bone. Lovely temperament.


2nd. BROWN’S LYNBRO SADIE (17) F 18.9.08 Super balanced pretty pale cream girl of promise. Lovely head type and expression, fabulous eye colour too! Gorgeous coat and very nice shade of pale sound cream. Short but a mite soft. Cobby and stocky. Good tail.


EXTRA 2ND  HAZEL’S CH WYREWOOD CONQUEROR (79S15) Well known lad who today just showing some seasonal “shortages” his coat is not quite as good as it usually is and his tail at the base was showing stud tail, hence his lower placing (for the 1st time I think from me) today…its on the day though!  His head type is fabulous though, not many to beat him on that and when he returns to his normal high quality self I suspect he will be one to beat all the time!





1ST. KIDD’S CH MAKEWAYFOR KRESTAAMELIA (30s) F 3.10.05 Fabulous condition for the season and spots are well defined too. Lovely large lady, excellent muscle tone and development. Very good head type and conformation and bone. Light green large rounded well-opened eyes. Short dense crisp coat. Pale silver, good contrast against well separated spots. My only nit pic is she held her ears a tad low.


2nd. CROPPER’S LIMATZ ALFRED THEGREAT (30S) M 3.10.08 Fabulous condition for an entire male, good head shape with plenty of width between medium ears. Good cheeks. His nose is short but fawned. The eyes for perfection should be a tad more rounded as they prick up at the outer corners, nice colour though. Good bone to his short legs. Excellent overall size and muscularity. Moulting so the definition isn’t quite as good as the winners today, 2 necklaces. Generally nice separation but some links to shoulder areas. Mid silver ground.  Minor brindling.


3rd. ROBINSON’S CH PENNYDOWN MOONTIGER (39) M 29.6.07 Nice looking tippy but his pupils were constantly enlarged and he seemed out of sorts.





1ST BROWN’S KOLINGA ELLA BLU (16) F 31.3.09 Large well developed kitten of fabulous bone and stocky cobby body. Gorgeous apple head, lovely open type, my only comment is I would like larger eyes, they are however well rounded and of promising colour. Excellent cheeks, level bite. Super sound coat, a tad long but very dense and nice and sound, just a tiny bit silvered.


2nd MANN’S SULALCO LADY-SYBIL VIMES (28) F 28.3.09 Superb typed lass, very pretty indeed, nice cobby body shape and good tail. Promising eye colour. Short coat a tad soft and rather silvered. Pretty mingling, the odd patchy area.


3rd. MANN’S SULALCO SARGENT-VIMES  (17) M 28.3.09 Well, that’s a 1st…two very nice kittens, lovely colour too and lovely type. Just smaller in overall size for me for a boy. Coat a tad longer down his back but sound.



1ST BROOKES’ KOLINGA ULTRAMARINE (16) M 31.3.09 Typical chap from this stable, large powerful boned male kitty, large round head, fabulous bone too. Coat also a tad longer than I personally like but its sound and not silvered and nice and springy which comes from its density. Again would prefer larger eyes of better colour. Fabulous cheeks and overall look. For me though, his sister is better overall.


2nd. BIENIAS ALEJANDRO BOTTICELLI (40/4) F 18.2.09 Well grown girl who has a fabulous personality, very relaxed and purred.  Rounded brow, just tapering slightly at the muzzle, good cheeks developing nicely. Width between ears is good.  The eyes are large and rounded and have a lovely depth of blue spreading from the centre. The points match well, nice mask shape too. Short nose, level bite. Excellent clearness of the magnolia coat, no shading at all.  The length is fine overall but just lengthens down the back a tad. It lasy a mite flat too as it could be more dense for perfection.


3rd. CHANCE’S CHESLO GRESHAM ASPIN (16) F 2.3.09 Sweet typed face, pity about the banding and silvering and texture of the coat, unsound too sadly I hope all these faults are transitional.



2ND 1ST W/H CREATON &WALKERS CRINKLES REED (79L15D)  Small nicely type Selkirk lad, what a pity he is clearly and definitely very undershot as seen and discussed with his owners who agreed.







1ST BOARDMAN’S GR CH ARTRO LILAC MOONSTONE (27c) F 21.8.04 Beautiful stylish lady with a superb “typical” Burmese expression. She is a super size and of excellent weight, good rounding to her chest and her medium length firm body is straight backed. The tail is a trifle blunt ended but is correct for length and overall shape. Her limbs are elegant and shapely with neat oval paws. Short blunt wedge with gentle rounding to her top of head between well-set marginally generous ears. In profile the nose is short and straight with an excellent break. The bite is untidy but level, the chin is medium in depth and level. The coat is an even pale dove grey, marginally seasonal tonal changes to her back and face currently. It is short in length, lays well and is a good texture. Very good sized pale yellow eyes, set wide apart and show good fullness and shape, like I said, super typical expression. Just a mite tense today but that only seemed to enhance her expression, she handled fine though and I liked her very much.


2nd. ROBINSON’S CH ROSSIKHAN VELVET MISS (27a) F 5.4.07 I really liked this girl, she too has "that expression” I wanted 2 1sts  in this class! Overall she is an elegant cat of just about medium size, really nice and firm bodied with a good rounded chest and straight back, of good weight with slender legs and neat oval paws. Her tail is well shaped and just about balances.  She has generous ears but they are set well apart and follow the correct line of the wedge which is nice and short and tapers to a blunt finish. Face on the width at the cheeks is very good and in profile I liked the depth from the top of her head to her lower jaw. Bite is correct; the chin is level but would prefer slightly more depth. The coat is a super soft toned blue, super silvering; it has a lovely satiny texture, is short and fine and lays well. Gorgeous large typical Burmese wicked eyes, good shape and set wide apart, pale yellow chartreuse in colour, a wonderful “look” Handled well too.



3rd CLARKE’S CH DOREVALLEY SESHA (27f) F 12.4.05   Dainty girl, fairly firm bodied but not as weighty as I would have like, maybe calling?  She has very elegant proportionate limbs with neat oval paws. Her tail is slightly fine and just balances. Her head forms a moderate wedge that tapers to a marginally fine muzzle, her ears are set fairly wide apart and follow the line of the wedge. I would however prefer more overall depth and width at the jaw hinge. The nose is slightly long; the chin just recedes a little and is a fraction shallow. Good nose break. Warm tones to the cream coat, faint powder to her head, nice length and texture, lay well. Her eyes are marginally deep set, they are a fairly good size overall but for perfection I would just prefer them a little larger and to have a more rounded lower line. Chartreuse in colour.



1ST ANDREWS’ ISAJEN ICE-CAPADE (27c) 17.02.09 Superb temperament to this alert and very pretty kitten. She is well grown, firm bodied with slender legs and neat oval paws. Her tail is a good shape but just a short to balance, rounded at the tip. Promising head shape, a short wedge that is both wide at the jaw hinge and deep from top of head to lower jaw; Good rounding between her slightly generous forward tilting ears and in profile too. Distinctive break to her short straight nose; level bite and chin. Beautiful even pale dove grey coat that is developing a super texture, its short and fairly fine and lay well. In the orange hall lighting it was a little difficult to assess much of a pinky tone,  but she is a baby and benefit given here. Very nice large and lustrous eyes, set well apart with a fully rounded lower line and gentle slant of the upper line giving rise to a promising expression. Pale yellow in colour.  Lovely look face on.


2nd CLARKE’S DOREVALLEY BROWN BEAR (27)  M 26.3.09    Good size and weight to this lad, very good firm feel although overall I feel he is just a little out of balance and going through that teenage kitten stage. Slender legs and large oval paws. Tail a trifle fine and slightly short to balance. Medium wedge which has reasonable depth and width, tapering to a slightly fine muzzle a tad pinched, possibly teething? Level bite and chin.  His ears are large and set fairly well apart and very gently tilt forward.   His coat is a trifle thick and rather a cool toned on the body, in fact the colour was lighter on his body with a nice warm seal brown to his head and tail, so I hope the coat sorts itself out and warms up to match the head tones. A few white hairs too. His eyes for me are slightly small, I would prefer them larger and to have more rounding to the lower line. Lovely temperament and purred his head off!



1ST  GILES’ RAWEKE INHIGH DEFINITION (27c) F 9.4.09 Very promising baby! Small but perfectly formed as they say, she is a lovely weight for her size and has a super feel about her. She has proportionate elegant legs and dainty neat paws. The tail is a good shape to balance. Her head form a super short blunt wedge that has excellent rounding both ways to the top of head and therefore very good width between her marginally generous, gently forward tilting ears; In profile the nose is short and straight with a good break. The bite is correct, as is the chin. Super even toned pale warm dove grey, fraction long down her back but lays really well. Gorgeous eyes! Large, set wide apart, pale yellow in colour and already showing a “look” that says I am growing up to be a Burmese! Wonderful temperament too, just laid in our arms whilst we decided who would hold her.


2nd  FRYER’S ELMYRA MELLOW MOCHA (27b) F 3.2.09 A very well grown attractive kitten of very good weight and a good firm body. Tail just about balances of good shape with a rounded tip. Slender proportionate limbs and neat oval paws. Good balance to the short blunt wedge; slight pinch at the muzzle; level bite and chin of good depth. Nicely rounded top of head both between the ears and in profile. The ears are set well apart and follow the line of the wedge. The coat is a trifle long, good texture developing and lays well; It’s colour is a milk chocolate developing its warmth, even except for some faint smudges to thighs and contrast masking which is to be expected at this age. Lovely expression to her large eyes, good shape and set and pale yellow in colour. A very confident kitten who enjoys herself, shown very well!



1ST WILLIAMS’ UK & IMP GR PR ZAMPETTO LIMITED EDITION (27) FN 12.3.03 In fine fettle today she sat there in her pen and said “don’t I look good today” She is a mature lady who still has a good firm body, medium in size and of excellent weight with a well shaped tail that tapers to a rounded tip. Super short blunt wedge of excellent width at the cheeks and overall depth. Gently rounded brow but slight flattening on the top of her head between medium forward tilting ears set very well indeed. In profile the nose is short with a distinctive break, it’s straight and lines up with the chin, which is a good depth, but just steps back a trifle. Beautiful satin like warm seal brown coat, shining with health and is even, is short and fine and lays really well, so well prepared indeed.. Super typical Burmese yellow eyes, excellent shape, set well apart. A lovely lady.


2nd HARDY’S UK GR CH & GR PR MACHIKA CRÈME ANGLAISE (27f)  FN 3.10.98. Fabulous condition bless her! very good weight, a trifle plump around her middle, she must enjoy her food! ! Shapely proportionate legs and neat oval paws. The tail is just balancing tapering to a rounded tip. Her head form a short blunt wedge, flattened top of head but has plenty of width between good ears for set and space apart. Good profile, very good break to short straight nose, untidy bite and chin is level. Super pale cream with powdering and a lovely bloom. Excellent eye shape, large and lustrous, fully rounded lower line and topline slants gently to the nose, set wide apart. Pale chartreuse. Super temperament.


 3rd. GILES’ CH & PR RAWEKE MIRROR IMAGE (27) FN 20.8.07 Super lady equally worthy of the top 2 placings. Elegant cat that is firm bodied and of a very good size and weight with shapely limbs and neat oval paws. Her tail is well shaped and tapers to a rounded tip but just marginally short. Gently rounded top of head with just marginal flattening above the eyes,  very good width between medium gently forward tilting ears. Excellent overall depth from top of head to lower jaw with very good width at the jaw hinge. distinctive break to her short almost straight nose, just rounds off at the very tip. Level bite and chin of medium depth. Typical “wicked” chartreuse Burmese eyes, good fullness, large and lustrous with gentle slant to nose and full lower line, set wide apart. Gorgeous short fine and close lying coat of even warm seal brown coat, really glossy, shone with health, just 1or 2 few white hairs on her neck.


4th. ARMSTRONG’S GR PR ADVIBU SERENSIR BRADLEY (27b) MN 29.3.06 Large masculine friendly chap of very good weight and muscle tone to his firm body. His legs are shapely and he has large oval paws. The tail is a trifle thick and ends bluntly rather than tapering, fraction short to balance. His head form a medium blunt wedge with a nice rounding to his head both between his generous ears and forehead in profile. Good depth and width at the jaw hinge. Bite is correct as is the chin. The nose is a trifle long but it’s nice and straight with a distinctive break.  His pale yellow eyes are set well apart and have the desired shape but I would just prefer them a little larger. Warm pale chocolate fairly short coat, shows brindling on his back at the moment, lays well though and had a nice glossy sheen to it.