Thank you to Sally and team for the kind invitation to judge, I was very glad to have my close friend Gerda Stanley to steward for me and see me through the day with pain killers for my back and neck!



1ST. GRCC NOT AWARDED. FARMERíS CH PENNYDOWN XFACTOR (39) 1YR 8MTHS. I have judged this chap on a few occasions and have not seen him looking out of show condition like this before I am afraid. He has lost weight too. Today he looked muzzly and long muzzled, having lost some of his cheeks and roundness, he wasnít happy today really and didnít show himself well at all. His coat wasnít as crisp as on some occasions when previously judged too. The heavy tipping seemed more uneven perhaps because the coat wasnít as lively as it has been, it lay a little flat and the unevenness was accentuated. In this light he looked a creamy white too instead of silvery white. Heavy tail rings too. So sorry, I hope he comes back together soon!



1ST GR CC SHEPHERDíS CH TRUBRIT MARMIGHT (21) 1YR 11 MTHS. Lovely balanced typy black Tortie of quality. Excellent apple head shape; excellent ears for set and spacing with super well filled cheeks. Good bite and chin. Large orange rounded eyes, lovely expression. Short straight backed and cobby with short strong legs of good bone. Paws show colours.Tail nice and broad at base with rounded tip and both colours well mingled. Super short dense coat, fairly crisp to touch and is almost sound to roots of both colours. Lovely bright black and red mingling, very attractive look!


RESERVE GR CC NICHOLSONíS CH METALLICATSILVER SPYDA 3YRS 4 DAYS. Unlucky to meet the winner, she looked very good today! Excellent pattern! Lovely balanced apple head too with excellent light green rounded eyes. Good bite after checking with DV, it moves around but IS level! clear mid silver ground against her black pattern, lovely oysters and butterfly just a little vague at the outer wings. Sooty paws. I liked her type very much.



1ST CC & BOB TILLEYíS SKELLUM HONEYBUN 10MTHS. I pondered on whether to award the certificate as she is a dark cream which isnít really what we want in this colour, however it is sound to roots and her coat is short dense and crisp. She has excellent eye colour too. her head shape is round but her ears are large and broad at base so I hope as she matures, these balance the head better in time. Good cheeks. Level bite. Her body is fairly solid and of reasonable weight and she is fairly cobby with slender boned legs. I would preferher muzzle to be more rounded and merging into the head better as it is a tad snippy at the moment.


If anyone requires side classes please email me at slorton-hobbs@aol.coom