As usual a very well run show by the Robinsons’ lovely cheese pressy too! I was most grateful to have the very pleasant company of Billy Nicholl who agreed to steward for the 1st time in the Brits and Burmese! He did a splendid job for a beginner and was attentive and good company. I hope we can repeat the exercise again soon Billy. My company Loraston Pet Products was very happy to donate to the Overall BIS 25th Anniversary won by the lovely Peter Colin’s Gr Ch Aureus Femme Fatale a lilac Tortie Burmese of such style, a 15 kilo bag of TechniCAL dried biccies

GR PR HILL’S PR CATELORO MUMBO JUMBO (16) 1YR 8MTHS Huge masculine cobby powerful chap in excellent condition.  Tree trunk thick legs support his heavy muscular body and believe me they are needed, he is a marvellous big teddy bear! Lovely apple head with excellent breadth across the top of head between neat ears. Full chubby cheeks, short thick neck. Large round copper orange eyes, good expression. Short straight broad nose, level bite. Lovely short crisp dense coat, even in length and a pleasing palish blue, sound to roots, a fraction silvered at the tips. Built four square this chap and is an excellent example!

RES GR PR BENGER’S IGR PR STONNALL ROCKEE (30d) 4yrs 3mths Well know lad of substance but not quite got the presence of the younger more powerful blue lad.  His head is rounded, good width between his medium sized ears set well apart. Lovely large orange eyes, well rounded. Short straight nose, level bite chin slopes back a little. Good fullness to cheeks. Solid lad of very good bone to his short legs. His coat is fairly dense, a good length and texture. His spots are a little elongated on his spine, fairly well broken all over and a good contrast to ground. Good rings to his balanced tail.

PR PR  CROOK’S PR MIBABYESE ZARA (40/4) 3YRS 6MTHS Super pretty balanced lady with lovely type. Good apple head shape, very good width between neatish ears set well apart, nice chubby cheeks. her eyes are clear light blue, look straight at you with a lovely expression too. Short straight nose and good bite. Chin just slopes back. Muscular weighty solid body supported by short thick legs. Her coat is short and dense, nice texture, creamy magnolia just with some feint tonal body shading.  Her points are a nice pale even toned lilac, lovely shape to her mask and all match for colour tone, the legs are just a little paler. A lovely cat!

1ST (CC& BOB N/A) WILLIAMS’ BUSYKITZ PEBBLESFLINTSTONE 11MTHS A way to go for this lass to reach the standard I am afraid, she is immature for her age and needs generally more type. Her head shape is more oval than round, she needs more width across the brow and her ears are rather large.  Her eyes are small although they are well rounded and of quite  a good gold colour. Her nose is too long, her muzzle is squared and she needs more fullness to her cheeks. her coat is a brownish black, unsound to roots, soft and long and she has white hairs on her chest which in itself is a withholding fault. Her tail tapers to a point. Lovely nature and handled well.

1ST CC & BOB EDWARDS’ HUMBUG JOLLYTOM 2YRS 4MTHS A big lad still filling out his frame, good bone to his slightly long legs, body firm and muscular but a trifle long. His head is fairly rounded, ears are rather large nd too broad at the base, set quite well apart.
Round eyes of pale gold, long nose, level bite, chin just slopes back a little. Jowls rather than full cheeks. His coat is fairly short, it is nice and crisp though and just a little unsound to roots. Colourwise I would much prefer to see the required pinky hue more evident. Brindling to shoulders. Tail is a little long.  I did consider for some time whether this lad achieved the standard and just about on balance felt he deserved the award.

1ST CC&BOB STEELE’S COLINSWOOD RAPHAEL 1YR 3MTHS A well grown solid chap of balanced head to body and excellent bone to his strong lags. Good width between neat ears. Good round head shape just a little square in the muzzle though. Nice fullness to cheeks. Good large fairly round orange eyes, short straight nose, level bite. Excellent crisp texture to his short dense mid blue coat. Sadly it is very silvered and this did make me consider withholding the CC today. His coat is however sound to roots so on balance I allowed and awarded.

2nd O’CONNOR’S HUMBUG TOPPLESLAD 2YRS 3WKS Smaller chap, not got the bone and substance of the winner. His head is rounded, ears are set well apart but rather pointed and he holds them upright. His head tapers to a slightly squared muzzle, his bite is level, cheeks could be a little more full for balance though. His coat is a dark blue, fairly sound but he really needed some more preparation. There are tufts of fur sitting above the rest of his coat which makes it look a trifle shaggy I am afraid.

1ST (CC N/A) LARCOMBE’S CWITCH DAKOTA 1YR 2MTHS. This lass needs more time to develop and mature as she still looks very much like an older kitten at present. Hear frame is slight and needs more muscle tone and weight, her legs are a little slender for the breed too. her head is rounded, ears set well, good size, her eyes are nice and large but not fully rounded, golden in colour. The bite is acceptable, it is a little untidy. Good cheeks developing. Her body is  a little long. The coat is nice and short but very unsound and silvered, texture is coming. Sorry to withold but today she had too many faults to justify the award, as discussed with her owner, we had a nice long chat!

1ST (CC N/A) STEELE’S COLINSWOOD ANASTASIA 1YR 10MTHS. Quite  a nice size and weight to this young lady but I would like to see more body development at this age. Her head is round, fairly neat ears set well apart, fair cheeks for fullness, large round but very sore eyes, which does detract. Her profile is slightly flat. The nose is short and straight, bite is level but she is rather squared in the muzzle. Her coat is fairly short, not as dense as it should be really and it shows a silver tipping on the ends of the fur which is undesirable, its pale cream but also shows brindling although it is sound. Typical ghost spots evident I hope will clear as she matures.

BOB AWARDED TO: CH LORASTON SANDIE SHORE. Big lass, excellent bone just lacking cheeks today and looks a little unbalanced since last seen .

What a lovely cat! Super broad head shape that is full cheeked and developing Selkirk type very well for his age. Good large round eyes, short straight downward slanting nose, level bite and chin of good depth. Medium broad based ears set well apart and rounded at the tips. His muzzle is of medium width with a well padded whisker pad thus presenting a rectangular appearance. Straight whiskers and wavy eyebrows.  Medium muscular body in size with excellent medium length thick boned legs and large fat paws, rectangular body shape. Super tail, lovely waves evident. Excellent rexed coat, wavy right down to the roots, uniform in length and stands away well from the body. A lad of promise.

1ST GRAY’S STONEMARR TUMBLER SNAPPER (28) 1YR 1MTH A lovely typed and promising blue-cream! Very nice apple head shape with plenty of width between her neat ears set well apart. Large round copper eyes, short broad straight nose, level bite and chin of good depth. Very nice fullness to cheeks. Cobby body of good developing muscle tone and weight. Excellent coat! Short dense and crisp. Pale to mid blue that is almost sound, light silvering but minor, excellent mingling with pale cream also almost sound. Just a small patch on throat area, one solid paw otherwise 3 show both colours well. Good tail and mingling. Good to handle.

2nd HEMMING’S CH HINDERSLYNE HECATE (21) 1YR 3MTHS Also worthy of a 1st place this lass is lovely! Good size and weight and muscular body with short strong legs. Round head shape just squares at the muzzle though. Round gold eyes, short nose, level bite and chin of medium depth with nice cheeks. Cobby body of good boning. Super coat, short dense and crisp, bright reds and dense blacks well mingled.

3rd. BROWN’S LYNBRO SHAKIRA (31f) Sadly far too dark and hot a cream, also unsound.

I loved Ch Wickedwitch Daisy May but sadly she has a Divergent Squint as confirmed by the DV. What a pity!

1ST STEELE’S GR CH POSITIVELY FANNY HILL (31d) 6YRS 2MTHS Lovely typed well know lass, good eye colour, cheeks and head shape. Very untidy bite. Cobby large weighty body with short thick legs and fat round paws. Crisp dense short coat, good bright red almost sound fairly clearly divided patches between the red and white, a few scattered hairs evident.  Fully coloured tail.

2nd  NASH’S CH RONALDO SILVER PEPE (18) 1YR 7MTHS Nice lad with a super pattern! Large masculine head shape, good round green eyes, fairly short nose, level bite. Good fullness to cheeks. Large powerful body of substance with good bone. Short dense crisp coat, lovely clearly defined black pattern just some brindling though in the ground.

1ST LARMOUR’S CRINKLES SUNFIRE (79s 15d)  M Super and very promising Selkirk kitten that won Best British Kitten, well done. Excellent type, round broad full cheeked head, cobby body with medium legs of excellent bone, developing a rectangular shape. Good ears for shape and set. Large round eyes, short downward slanting nose. Level bite. Muzzle developing shape and already showing whisker pads when viewed from the side.  Excellent coat! Must comment on the bright red colouring despite it being irrelevant! Super! Short soft plush coat well waved all over including tail and feet, standing away from the body. Scrummy!

2nd KEELING’S GOODERICK JACKWILLS (39) M good type and eye colour developing to this promising kitten. He is a nice size and weight, muscle tone developing well. Round head shape, just a trifle pinched in the muzzle. Large deep green eyes correctly outlined in black. Balanced head to body. Good bone. Lovely short dense coat, texture coming. Super even, ligt tipping with clean silver white undercoat.

3rd.  LEIGHTON’S PORTEOUS SPLASH THE PAINT. Super type and ticking, the bite wants watching though.

1ST BUDDING’S ALEJANDRO MALACHY MCCOURT (40/2) M 6MTHS 3WKSVery promising chap indeed, got the type, the coat, the points match and he is edible!

2nd STUBBS’ JALAHANDRA THE SQUIRE (15) M 7MTHS Super typed lad with a cracking coat, such a pity he is undershot.

1ST MATTHEWS’  KATCHYN COKAHLUALICIOUS  (27b) F  3mths 3 wks. Just beautiful chocolate baby that oozes style and type. My Judges award of the day from my whole book, my pocket was just not quite big enough! A most promising baby that is lithe and muscular, of very good weight with elegant slender limbs and neat oval paws. Tail is a super shape to balance with paintbrush tip. Her head forms a lovely short wide and blunt wedge with nice rounding to the top of head between her ears of good size and gentle forward tilt.  Set very well apart and follow the line of the upper part of the face. In profile the head is gently rounded, shows excellent depth from top of head to lower jaw; the nose is short and straight with a distinctive break; bite is level as is the chin.  Large and lustrous yellow eyes of excellent shape and set wide apart, fully lower line and topline slants gently to the nose giving rise to a typical expression. Nice rounding to chest. Beautiful colour, warm mid chocolate, baby coat that is fairly short and promising texture that lays well. A little purrbox who is one to watch!

2nd JATOR’S SANTILLO BEAULOLAIS (27b)  F 5mths A very alert baby who was very happy to be cuddled. She is a good size and of deceptive weight, is well grown and muscular too with slender legs and neat oval paws. Her tail balances but is a trifle fine though ends in a nice rounded tip. She has a short blunt wedge but shows a teething pinch at the moment. Her ears are a little large for balance, they are set well apart and are broad at base with correct tilt, gentle rounding to top of head in between. She has very nice width at the cheeks and good overall depth. In profile the brow rounds gently, the nose is short and straight with a moderate break. Bite is correct and her chin is level. Her eyes are chartreuse in colour, set wide apart, of good shape and fullness with a pleasing expression developing. Super coat although a little long, lays well and is developing a lovely texture, cool toned chocolate.

EXTRA 2ND. BRIDGES’ SANLIS P’ZAZZ (27) 5MTHS F. A good sized kitten also showing nice muscle tone and body development with elegant limbs and neat oval paws. Well shaped tail to balance. Her head forms a short wedge that tapers to a blunt muzzle. Her top of head is very gently rounded in between large ears, they are correctly set and are broad at base but are a trifle out of balance with the head at present. In profile the head shows good depth and a short nose, a little rise to the centre is evident then its straight to the tip. The break is acceptable. Bite is level, chin medium depth and is level. The eyes are a good size, full and lustrous, correct shape and set, yellow in colour with a green rim to centre at the moment. The coat is even mid seal brown but shows a feint necklace and has some minor brindling; it is fairly short and lays well with a nice glossy shine.


EXTRA 2ND ASHFORD’S STONEMARR BUSTERBLUE (16) A large solid chap of good type and eye colour. very nice coat of mid blue, crisp and dense. Excellent eye colour too. Promising.


1ST GRICE’S KIMARLIM TOUCH OF GOLD (27j) 6mths  F  A kitten of good size and weight she has a firm body with slender legs and neat spoon-shaped paws. Her tail is well balanced, a good shape and tapers to a paintbrush tip. Her wedge is short and blunt of good depth and width with gentle rounding to her top of head between large ears, set correctly; well apart; and broad at base. In profile the nose is a fraction long, its straight till the very tip where it rolls off gently, good break. The bite is level, chin firm and lines up, just a fraction pinched in the muzzle. Her coat is a trifle long but has a beautiful satin feel to it and shines with health. I loved her blotchy tortie markings particularly her “eye patch” very becoming and aids her character!

2nd DEW’S DEWBRIDGE CLEOPATRA STAR (27b) F 7mths. Again a good sized kitten showing good muscle tone and has  a nice firm feel to her. Her legs are slender and proportionate with neat oval paws, the tail is a good shape, tapering to a round tip that balances.  Of very good size and weight. Good width between her slightly generous   ears, they are set well and the top of head is gently rounded in-between. The head forms a fairly short wedge that shows good width but would prefer a trifle more depth. The nose is long and just rolls off at the very tip, good break in profile, level bite but shallow chin. Her eyes are a good size and shape, set wide apart and yellow in colour, just showing  a green inner rim at present.  Her coat is a little long, warm toned fractionally uneven choclate with darker contrast masking.

1ST WILLIAMS’ UK IMP GR PR ZAMPETTO LIMITED EDITION (27) 6YRS 6MTHS. Stylish. I see I have judged this lovely lass now on numerous occasions. She is an ambassador for her breed! She is excellent condition for her age, retains a good firm body of very deceptive weight, slender elegant legs and neat oval paws. Her tail is a good shape and tapers to a rounded tip, to shoulder. Her top of head is a trifle flattened, she has good width between the medium broad based ears of good set. In profile the brow rounds gently, the nose is short and straight with a good break and she has good depth to her head.  The wedge is short and blunt and has very nice width at the cheeks bones. Bite is correct, chin is level but just recedes very marginally. Her eyes are are full and lustrous, a good size and shape and set wide apart, clear yellow in colour. Her coat is a rich seal brown, is short and fairly fine and lays well, shining with a lovely gloss to it too.

2nd. LANG’S LAMOND SAMIR SUNDAR (27c) 1yr 2mths A young but very well built lad, large head and medium to long body of very good weight and muscle tone. Nice rounding to chest and straight back. His legs are shapely and proportionate, large oval paws and his tail is medium thick and balances with a rounded tip. Hi head forms a moderate wedge, the ears are just over medium in size, are broad at base and set well apart, following the upper lines of the face, it does however taper to a prominent muzzle, almost like he was pushing out his whisker pads, we let him relax as much as we could but he was slightly tense and I don’t think this helped his “look” In profile the brow is very gently rounded, the nose is a trifle long, breal is distinctive; Level bite and chin. Nice large eyes, good shape and set wide apart, pale golden yellow in colour. His coat is short and reasonably fine, lays close and has a good healthy sheen. It was rather a bluish dove grey in this light and seemed to lack the pinky tones I would like to see. A fair bit of shading was evident on his back contrast masking to his face.

3rd. SAUNDERS’ PR FOOTMAN MORSE (27b) 7yrs 6mt