I had a lovely day in the company of Karen Holloway (no relation to Sandie Holloway who stewards for me too LOL) The kittens and neuters were better than the adults in the British section which was a little disappointing as the adults are the entire breeding cats!  My overall choice for BOV British was Jococa Tallulah, bred by the Ash’s. A quality blue baby that I think between Mrs A, Miss W and myself we all wanted to put it in our pockets! There was also a promising blue-tortie&white baby and I know how hard it is to breed these! I also wanted to say how wonderful Gr Pr Cateloro Mumbo Jumbo looked; I have not sent him since last year I think? Certainly looked a picture today! The hall lighting didn’t do many favours to creams, lilacs and patterned cats, as it was that yellowy orange.



1ST CC & BOB PRIDYKATS PIXIE LOTT 19.5.09 She has quite a nice look about her but she needs to have more muzzle rounding, and more merging into the contours. Her head at present is broad across the top of head but tapers to a fine muzzle with cheeks still developing thus accentuating the somewhat wedge look to her head at present.  Her ears are large and she needs to grow into them. Nice large rounded eyes, with a pleasing soft innocent expression, pale hazel with nice green spreading from the centre. Her nose is fairly short; it’s straight but just has a little fawning evident. Bite is level but chin slopes back. Her body is reasonably muscular and of good weight. The bone is ok. Fairly short coat lays a little flat and is a little soft. Her spine line is spotted, just slightly elongated. The spots down her sides are arrowhead and large and well separated, the shoulder and rump have a fair bit of linkage to those spots. Excellent rings to her somewhat very short tail ending with a black tip. She shows 2 unbroken necklaces and a clear M to forehead. Vague thumprints, some spots to paws. The density of black spotting is quite good for the time of year but there is brindling to the ground and contrast will diminish as she moults.  Her silver is slightly darker than my personal preference and contrast was adequate today. She needs time to mature and grow into those ears and for her moult to occur so the coat comes back into the density that it should be, (allowances made for time of year) and she has less brindling.



1ST CC & BOB OUGHTIBRIDGE-HEARLEY’S BUMPKIN MISS –MUFFET (30a) Blue. 9.7.09. Beautiful type! Super apple head shape with very good cheeks filling nicely. Excellent width across the top of head between neat ears, set correctly. Good rounding to muzzle. Lovely large orange eyes, set well apart and have a gorgeous innocent expression. Nice short straight nose, level bite and firm chin. Cobby with short thick legs, stands 4 square, as she should. Good tail for balance in length, faint rings to end, blue tip. Short dense coat, a little soft. Very pretty shade of blue to the spots with a lovely warm beige ground, nice and even. The spots are there, just a little vague until you step further away, for perfection I would like more definition and Blue Spotties are notorious for their spots fading so I hope these don’t. Correct tabby markings to head and tail, good M to forehead and thumbprints. Spotty tummy. Sits there and looks at you with those innocent eyes, very appealing!



BOB ONLY: HEMMING’S CH & GR PR HINDERSLYINE BLACK HEMLOCK. 17.8.07 looking cracking today, super jet-black colour to his coat and so dense. Lovely type and balance.



BOB ONLY: LARCOMBE’S PR ADSETCH LALA LI-ION 13.3.07 The first time I think I have seen this stunning lady! Beautiful type and coat colour and coat texture! One to watch for me!




1ST PC N/A WINN’S BUSYKITZ BARNEY RUBBLE 19.10.08. I am so sorry but in fairness this lad is really not for the show bench. He has a triangular head shape with large ears, incorrect eye colour, it should be gold copper or orange and his is pale lemon I am afraid. His nose is long, eyes fairly rounded, ears sit incorrectly in that they are bonneted and his muzzle is pointed. He didn’t really like being judged, he was snappy and almost got a biting certificate. His coat is too long and too silvered. His tail has distinct rings, which it shouldn’t. I really wish I could write something positive but I am so sorry he just needs to be left at home and loved and cared for as a pet.


BOB: HILL’S GR PR CATELORO MUMBO JUMBO 18.1.08. What a difference, this cat is one of the best examples around for a British Blue. He is round, cobby, excellent type and excellent coat. Congratulations on the Imperial today.



BOB ONLY: BURFORD’S GR CH & GR PR MIBABYESE BOWJANGALS. 2.1.06. A lovely lad but today his eyes were sore and his coat looked darker than I would like, maybe the hall lighting on the coat colour?



Disappointing class!

1st. YOUNG’S CH HARLEME BERTRAND (15)  29.10.07 Typy but flat top of head. His coat isn’t really in show condition and he isn’t looking his best at all.


2nd. OUGHTIBRIDGE- HEARLEY’S ALEJANDRO PAINT IT BLACK. Better type but sadly undershot.


4th No 3rd. ROBERTS’ GIGARO L’AMOUR (15b) 1.7.09 I know this is a hard colour but type really should be paramount.  His head shape is almost foreign in type unfortunately. He really needs to be much more rounded and cobby instead of oval headed and long bodied. His ears are far too large and broad at base and should be smaller and neater. In profile the nose is too long really, the bite is good but his chin slopes back. He lacks the fullness of cheeks. His body is long and tall with ok bone. He is a very dark bitter choclate, in fact almost black which is incorrect I am afraid. It is far too long, flat lying and needs considerable more density and it lays flat and is very unsound, meaning the colour doesn’t go down to the roots. We all accept that Chocolates can be a little pale at the roots but not this much. So sorry but he really doesn’t reach the standard minimum.



1ST STUBBS’ WILLOWOOD AUGUSTAS GLOOP (16) 25.5.09 Lovely open and innocent expression to this young chap, super width to the top of head between fairly neat ears. I loved his expression! Gorgeous large round eyes, short straight nose, chin firm. Excellent cheeks. Bite is very untidy and appears undershot but when you look closely the top teeth are sloping inwards. Super muscle tone and condition. Excellent mid blue crisp coat, nice and short and sound. Good tail.




11 cats entered. 10 Present.

This was a lovely class,  to separate the top two particularly!

1st VIRTUE’S GR CH HOBBERDY HIGGLEDY PIGGLEDY (27e) 4.2.06 I see I have judged this lovely lady on a number of occasions, she is mature, regal and sits there at the front of her pen just quietly saying how good she is, no fuss or palaver! She is a medium sized queen of excellent weight and very good muscle tone, in excellent condition. Elegant limbs with neat oval paws and a well shaped tail to balance. Rounded chest and straight back. Super short wide wedge that correctly tapers to a broad blunt finish. Very good width across the gently rounded top of head between marginally generous sized ears, set well. In profile she shows a good depth from top of head to lower jaw, the brow is just a trifle flattened to nit pick, her nose is short and straight and she has a distinctive nose break. Good bite and level chin of medium depth. Gorgeous large expressive eyes, yellow chartreuse in this light, super shape and set well apart. I loved her mingling; it is very striking that mix of rich browns and pale reds and very evenly mingled all over. Her coat is lovely and short and is very close fitting and satin like to touch. All over a quality cat, congratulations on the Imperial today.


2nd   MOORE’S CH DULCAMARA PETRONELLA (27c) 4.7.08. This girl has matured really well indeed for her age, she is a good medium sized firm bodied lady who is lithe and muscular with elegant slender legs and neat oval paws; Rounded chest and straight back. Lovely tail shape that balances. She has a short wedge that has very good width at the jaw hinge with medium broad based ears set very well apart a gently rounded top of head. In profile she has good depth of head, the brow rounds, the nose is fairly short, it’s straight and has a distinctive break. The bite is level as is her chin, I would just prefer a trifle more depth for perfection. Her eyes are beautifully expressive, set very well apart and are large and lustrous. Yellow chartreuse in this light. She has a lovely short close-lying coat, medium dove grey, hard to see much pinkiness in the yellow lighting although there certainly were warm tones and the colour was even. Congratulations on now being a Grand Champion! Also many congratulations on the BOV Adult award.


EXTRA 2ND BONE’S CH SYKRIS EYE CANDY (27c) 18.8.07 Also judged on numerous occasions this lass too is a good weight for her size, just slightly smaller than my winner, she too is firm bodied and well muscled with good rounding to chest and the back is straight. Elegant shapely limbs with neat oval paws. Tail a trifle fine that balanced. Good balance to head wedge, nice and wide at the jaw hinge and of good overall depth. Her broad based ears sit well apart, the top of head rounds very gently and the wedge tapers to a short blunt muzzle. Good bite, chin medium depth. In profile the brow rounds very slightly, the nose break is distinctive, just showing a wee bump though to the centre of the nose; Super large lustrous yellow chartreuse eyes set well apart, good rounding to lower line and the upper line slants very gently to the nose. Good expression. Short fine coat that lay well, pale dove grey not quite showing quite as much warmth as Petronella.


3rd BONE’S CH SYKRIS DEJA VEUX (27c) 31.7.06. Loved this lass face on! I see I usually place these two the other way around and almost did today but felt Eye Candy just had better balance today! She too is just about medium in size, good lithe muscular elegant body of deceptive weight, well shaped tail and elegant shapely legs with neat spoon-shaped paws. Head forms a short blunt wedge with very good width at the jaw hinge. Gently rounding to top of head between marginally generous broad based ears; set well apart and in line with the upper part of the face.  In profile the head has quite good depth, I would just prefer a little more depth to her chin and it just recedes a trifle; short straight nose with distinctive break. Lovely expression to her eyes, set well apart and of good shape, pale chartreuse in colour. Fairly short fine coat, not quite as close fitting as Eye Candy today, even toned lilac, some degree of warmth to the head more than her body today in this light. I do love those eyes!


4th. BONE’S SYKRIS TODIEFOR (27b) 3.7.08 Young lass showing early promise. I liked her type! She is a good-sized queen; nice muscle tone and good firm feel to her body, elegant shapely limbs with neat oval paws. Rounded chest and straight back. Her tail is just a trifle fine and just short to balance. Lovely head! Short wedge tapering to a blunt finish, good width at the jaw hinge and shows good overall depth too.  Marginally generous ears are set widely apart a slightly rounded top of head, correctly following the lines of the wedge. In profile the brow rounds gently, the nose is short and straight with a good break, the chin is level and of good depth. Expressive chartreuse eyes of correct shape and set. Lovely coat that is short and fine and lays well but is a trifle brindled at present, medium chocolate showing some warmth and is reasonably even, just a little contrast masking to face.


EXTRA 4TH VIRTUE’S CH HOBBERDY HOCUS POCUS (21b) 28.1.07 Interesting to see who this was today I like her head type very much but down pointed her for the darker slightly uneven chocolate today. She is a well-built fairly firm bodied mature queen with slender legs and neat oval paws; she is just looking a trifle matronly around her middle at the moment. Her tail just about balances. Lovely short wedge that is just marginally flat between her medium ears, set very well apart and the wedge tapers to a good blunt finish. Excellent width at the jaw hinge. In profile the brow rounds slightly, the nose is short and straight with a very good break, chin medium depth but just recedes a little.  Super eyes! Large and lustrous, set well apart and of correct shape with typical expression. Her coat is reasonably short, a little open, lengthens down her back and was not as even as I have seen recently. Her colour in this light was darker particularly down her back and is reasonably even; a little cool in tone but showed some warmth down her sides.




1ST ASH’S JOCOCA TAHLULAH TU (16) 22.10.09 Stunning kitten! My choice for Best British Kitten today. Beautiful apple head shape with neat ears set well apart. Lovely chubby cheeks, level bite and chin. Nice round expressive orange eyes. Cobby 4 square body supported by short strong legs and fat round paws. Good broad tail tapers to a rounded tip. Excellent short coat nice and plush of med blue and almost sound. Even in length. Got lots of cuddles!

2nd WAIT’S HINDERSLYNE POLLY TOODLES (22a) 31.8.09 Very promising patched kitten of excellent size and weight, well developed and ran my winner close. She is just slightly out of balance for head type as she needs to grow into those ears! That said she is a good looking kitten with very nice clearly defined patching of med sound blue and slightly warm cream. I liked her eyes and size but watch that green tinge around the pupil, hope it clears by the is an adult. For white ratio she is well within the required variation and its nice and bright white too.


3rd. PILLINGER’S WINDYMEADOW STARSPLASH (40/4) promising lilac Colourpointed lad.



1ST MOORE’S DULCAMARA ROSSIE MAY (27b) 13.1.20. A very well grown baby girl of a nice firm feel and of excellent weight with slender elegant limbs and neat oval paws. Tail of good shape just a little short  to balance.  Her head forms a short blunt wedge that shows good width at the jaw hinge; just a teething pinch I suspect at present; Her top of head rounds nicely and her ears, although a trifle large at present are set well apart, the outer line of which follows the line of the wedge. In profile she dhows quite good depth of head, she has a gently rounded brow, the nose is short, very slight rise to centre and just rolls of at the tip, reasonable break, better on one side than the other which again I suspect is due to teething. Her eyes are a nice shape, good lower line and topline gently slant to the nose, nice expression developing although for my preference I would just prefer them a trifle larger. Baby coat of fairly warm chocolate, slight masking, lays well, just lengthens down her back. Very relaxed for what I thought was her 1st show?



1ST WILDERSPIN’S WILDERPUSS PYEWACKET 11.8.1998. very unhappy chappie, probably preferred to stay at home in bed!



1ST. MAXTED’S PR SARGENTA SILVER ZENO (30s) 5.6.08 Big solid lad, good type and spotting a tad brindled and much better from a distance!

2nd DANESHMEAD’S GOODERICK JACKWILLS (39) 20.6.09. very nice black tipped lad, super tipping and lovely coat.

3rd. MURPHY’S AMOZOLOU SANTAS LIL-HELPER Nice lad but has a rather deep nose break.