My thanks to Eleanor Stone for stepping in at the last minute when my booked steward was taken ill, she handles the cats very well in all sections we judged and  is just embarking on the stewarding scheme so I hope we can get together again soon!





1ST CC& BOB CAFFEL’S RONALDO SILVER PABLO 1 YR 2MTHS Quite a well grown lad of very good muscle tone and body development with reasonable bone to his short legs. Good breadth to chest and flanks. Tail is fairly thick at base tapering to a rounded tip but is short to balance.  Round head shape but his ears are flared and do not quite sit into the rounded contours, they are also a tad too wide at the base. Large eyes, a nice green spreading from the centre, hazel outer at present. Shortish nose, brick leather, level bite and chin just slopes back a little. Good fullness to cheeks. His coat is short and fairly dense for the season, but is slightly soft. The pattern today is a reasonable density of black and shows sufficient contrast against a bright silver ground, unfortunately there is typical seasonal brindling developing as with all silvers in the spring summer this can detract from clarity. The tramlines are fairly straight, the ground is brindled either side though. The butterfly is densely marked on the shoulder blades but is vague towards the shoulders where it is more brindled. The rings surrounding the oyster should be more complete in fairness and the shape of the oysters are fractionally elongated but dense in their colour tone so do stand out. Necklaces and thumbprints evident. I hope his ear set improves and the brindling 




1ST CC N/A CHADWICK’S COUNTRYSTYLE SILVER LEONA 1yr 5mths. Sorry to withold, she is out of balance, lost weight due to probably calling as she was twittering in her pen and the seasons had taken its toll on her pattern today.  Small body, cobby though just need more muscle tone, weight and substance. Lovely type, open face, super expression, rounded green eyes, nice size. Long nose with a bump in profile, level bite but her chin recedes unfortunately and as her cheeks had all but disappeared this accentuated her out of balance look. Her coat isn’t that dense at present so appears long and is actually very soft in texture. Vague and muddled butterfly and oysters. Nice contrast, nice light bright silver ground but is brindled. The tail is very short! Super spots to her paws.


2nd. WILLIAMS’ CROWVALLEY SILVER PANTHEA (11MTHS ) Another girl who is not at her best probably due to the seasons. Small boned  lightweight lass standing long and tall needing to fill out that frame and develop substance to her body. Fairly rounded head shape, large ears sitting high on her head at present so look too close together. Round eyes, short nose with bump in profile. Muzzle tapers to a point. Round eyes of pleasing green but slightly small. Very brindled ground at pattern, I see from my notes I judged her a few months ago and she has lost the clarity of pattern totally now. Good rings around the oysters but the whole pattern is brindled as is the ground. Coat has lost some of its earlier texture. Tail tapers to a point.









1ST CC&BOB HEMMINGS’ HINDERSLYNE HECATE (21) 9MTHS. Solid well grown lass of good body shape and bone. Roundish head shape, just bordering on oval. Good with across the brow and top of head between fairly neat ears.  Round orange eyes, good size and set. Short nose, level bite and good cheeks but her chin recedes. Cobby body. Short dense coat, fraction soft, lovely bright mingling of a good dense black and varying tones of reds. Cute split chin of black and red. Colours virtually sound to roots. 3 paws broken for colour. Mingled broad based tail.




1ST IC & BOB HAZEL’S WRYEWOOD CONQUEROR (79s 15) 1yr 9mths. Well I have had the honour of judging this stunning chap since he came on the show bench in all his glory as a kitten. He epitomizes a Selkirk for type, bone, powerful build and super coat! His is just a superb example, I just wish we saw his head shape which is a large apple head with excellent width between his ears, his bone and his  body development, in some of our British shorthairs!



1ST (PC & BOB N/A) WITHEY’S STONNALL  FLYBOY 11MTHS. Such a pity about this lovely lad! His owner approached me after judging, the breeder is quite correct about him being a super shade of cream, alas he is almost like a smoke, his colour is virtually white at the roots. He has a good round head shape, good width between fractionally large ears at present. Short straight nose, level bite and good chin and cheeks. Cobby body of very good weight, nice solid lad! Good tail. Short but soft coat a pale cream with some typical ghost spotting yet to clear. The coat is as I said almost like a smoke at the roots and has a band of cream running all through the coat before the tips of the hair shaft which are pale cream. His eyes are quite rounded and a nice shade of gold but also have a green rim.  So, he currently has 2 witholding faults, I would hope the rim clears but do worry about the very unsoundness of his coat at the roots, such a pity!


BOB: AWARDED TO BURFORDS’ GR CH & PR MIBABYESE BOWJANGLES. A super cat, correct colour, super type and coat and bone and sound to the roots. I see he won the Imperial today, well done!




1ST PC & BOB LEONARD’S CH GRAYGEES SILVER TABBY FN 3YRS 6MTHS.  Excellent type, coat and pattern! Super bone and body shape too, short strong legs and rounded paws. Excellent size, weight and build, stands 4 square. Super head and ears. Eyes large round and correct light green. Pattern is a good black against a mid bright clear silver ground. Trams are slightly uneven, good oysters and butterfly. Loved her!












2ND (1ST & BOB N/A) BEALE’S ADNIOBU GUCCI GIRL 5MTHS. I was grateful of the opportunity to speak to the owners of this kitten, sadly she has a fixed deviation at the end of the tail which was confirmed by the Duty vet who signed my book. Such a pity as there is no other reason at all to withold on this kitten. She is a very good size for her age and of very deceptive weight, a nice solid lithe kitten with elegant slender legs and oval paws. Her tail for shape is good and length is  balanced. The head forms a pleasing short blunt wedge that is marginally pinched at the moment and shows good width at the cheeks and from her gently rounded top of head to lower jaw the depth is good too. The ears are medium in size; tilt gently forward and ser set well apart. The bite is level and chin is a good depth. Reasonable break to her, which is short but rolls off at the tip. Her eyes are a pleasing yellow bordering on golden, correct shape, set wide apart, but fractionally small, I would prefer to see them larger.  Her coat is short and fine and lays well. The colour is a pleasing pale warm chocolate, slight contrast masking to the face and she has 1 necklace evident, very feint smudges to her thighs but they are minimal.



1ST&BOB NORTON’S JANZANCO AYANEFFE (27g) 8mth. Promising very well grown girl that oozed style, excellent weight to her lithe body supported by elegant limbs and oval paws. Her tail is balanced and of good shape and thickness. Her head forms a short wide deep blunt wedge, with a slightly rounded top of head between correctly set medium-large forward tilting ears, the outer line of which continues the shape of the upper part of the face. In profile her short straight nose has a good break. The bite is good as is the chin which lines up although she has a slight muzzle pinch at present. The eyes are large and lustrous, set well apart, have good rounding to the lower line and the upper line gently slant to the nose, expressive too and of pale yellow in tone.  Her coat lays really well, is reasonably short and fine and has a promising texture. The mingling of the soft blue and pale creams is very pretty, pale areas to her throat and lower belly but not white. Lovely nature and quite inquisitive!


2nd  HACKETT’S KIMARLIM KHAZAROX STARR (27h) 8mths. Another well-grown lass of deceptive weight and good muscle tone for her age with slender legs and large oval paws. Good shape to the tail but it is fractionally short to balance.   The head forms a moderate wedge with good depth and width at the cheeks, tapering to a slightly fine muzzle. Her ears are a good shape and are broad at base, gently tilting forward but she did tend to hold them high on her head at times. In profile the nose is fractionally long, is straight but I would prefer a more distinctive break. Good bite and chin of medium level depth. Her eyes are a good shape and are set wide apart but for perfection I would like them to be slightly larger. Colour is a pale yellow with a green rim. Super coat, lays beautifully, satin like in texture and is a pleasing mix of pale warm chocolate and varying shades of reds, very attractive and suited her personality!


3rd.POWER’S MATAG MOONMARCASITE (27j) 3mths. Baby of the class and what a super little personality, handled well and was very relaxed in what must be her 1st outing? When I met with her owner later she was just flopped in her arms looking very contented thankyou! Although she is marginally small for her age she is a good weight and is balanced with elegant legs and dainty oval paws with a well-shaped tail but is rather short to balance. The wedge is short with quite good width at the cheeks and overall depth tapering to a pinched muzzle but then she is teething. Her nose is short and straight with quite a good break in profile, bite is good, chin is level and has good depth. Typical baby coat which although is fractionally long, lays well and is a nice even warm pale dove grey and yes there are pinky tones, just slightly uneven today. We had lots of natural daylight and the hues are easy to see. The eyes tended to round, which I suspect may well have been due to her 1st outing as I would prefer to see more of a slant to the nose so would be interested to see how she looks after a few outings.


4th. DUNN’S HOBBERDY VERITAS (27g) 4mths. A little character of a kitten very alert and enjoyed her cuddles! She is a good weight for her size, nice rounded chest, elegant limbs and dainty oval paws with a balanced tail of good shape. Her head forms a short wedge of quite good depth and good width at the cheekbones. Fraction flat just above her pale yellow eyes with gentle rounding to her top of head between large but well shaped ears of slight forward tilt and set fairly wide apart. Reasonable break to her short straight nose but then she is teething and one side shows more break than the other side when viewing in profile. Level bite and chin but it is slightly less than medium in depth. Good rounding to lower line of the chartreuse eyes with the upper line being full and slanting gently to the nose, would just prefer them slightly larger. Super coat! Short fine and lays close, very regrettably there is a small but noticeable white locket on her throat and some white hairs to her lower belly, as confirmed by a senior judge.




2ND ROSS’ ADATESH BURLINGTON BERTIE (16) M 1YR 1MTH Cracking chap of super type with a large apple head shape, plenty of width between neat ears set well too. Huge lad, fabulous bone! A tad long bodied and tall but this is his age.  Super expression to his gold eyes, open type. Super palish blue coat that is sound, not much silvering but a tad soft. Very nice thick british tail, very promising chap indeed.


3rd. YOUNGS’ CH HARLEME HENRY COOPURR (16) Nice head shape and ear set, good size and weight, well muscled. Unfortunately he was very tense and attempted to bite so well didn’t see the teeth properly but almost felt them! Super coat texture and length but very silvered.


Extra 3rd. O’CONNORS’ HUMBUG TOPPLESLAD (16) M 1YR 8MTHS. Very well grown lad of good muscle tone and bone. Apple head shape with medium ears set well apart. Short nose, level bite and chin. Good cheeks. Cobby big body, shortish legs. Tail thick and balanced. Large round pale gold eyes, nice expression. Excellent coat for length and texture, rather dark though, little silvering and is sound to roots.






1ST GRAY’S PAMPURRED LADY BAZBRITZ (16) F 3YRS 3MTHS. Lovely lady of quality. Big chunky lass of very good bone and type. Lovely open face with good expression to gold rounded eyes. Crisp short dense coat, sound but rather silvered.



1ST GRAY’S STONEMARR KING-OF-LEON (16) M 5MTHS. Cobby chap of fabulous bone too! Solid and chunky with a good apple head shape and fairly neat ears set well apart. Nice type, but a fraction squared at the muzzle. Pale gold eyes, rounded. Lovely coat colour, pleasing mid sound blue, quite a good ;length, nice and thick but a fraction soft. Very good bone and substance. Good tail.


2nd WILLIAMS’ BUSYKITZ PEBBLESFLINTSTONE (15)  F 5MTHS. Rather a plain looking lass with an oval head shape and pinched at the muzzle. Fair size and weight, needs more bone and substance really. Good tail. Soft flat coat, needs more density and texture as its very soft and silky, almost sound to roots.



1ST HOLLOWAY’S WINDYMEADOW BABYSHAMBLES (40/10) F 8MTHS. Well first of all congratulations on being my choice for Best Kitten! Another high quality kitten from this stable, she really keeps the standard up with colourpointeds! All I need to write really is that she is probably one of the best kittens in this breed I have ever judged.


2nd. GRIBBEN’S CRAZIPUSS CALAMITY JANE (30s) F 6MTHS. Judged recently and my comments remain the same except I am happy to see in this light her eyes are more hazel!


3rd. GOULD’S MIBABYESE SAFFRON WALDON (17) M 7MTHS. Gorgeous type, coat and colour, pity about the bite as its just going marginally undershot but would have been acceptable for me today.







What a lovely class of kittens!

1ST LAMONDOR SAMIR SUNDAR (27c) MN 6 MTHS. Super sized chap who is very well developed and of very deceptive weight carried by slender legs and large oval paws. Tail of good shape tapering to a rounded tip to balance. His ears are a tad large at the moment but they are set nicely wide apart a gently rounded top of head and the outer line follows the line of the wedge. Fairly short straight nose which has in profile has a distinctive break. The bite is correct and the chin of medium depth lines up well and is level. The head forms a short blunt wedge that is wide at the cheekbones and of excellent overall depth. Super typical expression to his large lustrous pale chartreuse eyes that are set wide apart and of correct shape. Lovely coat! Pale dove grey that lays well, is short and fine and even in tone. Very slight hue evident mainly on this upper back and head. Promising chap indeed and a lovely person!




EXTRA 2ND FINLAY& FINLAY-PHILLIPS’ SILKIWITCH SPELLBOUND (27e) F 7mths. Pretty girl who was very alert! Very good weight to here lithe body that was of very good weight and substance for her age. Her legs are elegant and shapely with neat oval paws and the tail is a good shape and balances to shoulder; ends in a paintbrush tip. The ears are of correct set and gentle forward tilt and are set wide apart; nice rounding to the top of head in-between. The nose is short and straight with a good break in profile. Bite is correct, good depth to the level chin. Expressive large chartreuse eyes of good fullness to lower line and upper gently slants to the nose, set nice and wide apart thus creating typical expression. Super short fine coat that lays beautifully, lovely bright tortie colours.


3rd. SAUNDERS’ PAPAGENA YESLOW WOLSEY (27c) MN 7MTHS.Judged very recently I see from my notes his colour is slightly different as I can see him in proper daylight today! He is a handsome looking lad, although slightly smaller that the others of same age he is well muscled and weighty. Good rounding to chest and stands on elegant proportionate shapely legs with neat oval paws. Tail is of good shape and ends in a paintbrush tip, just fractionally short to balance. His top of head is very gently rounded with good width between good ears for shape tilt and set wide apart. In profile there is a reasonable break to his nose, which is straight but just rounds off at the very tip. Good bite and good depth to level chin. Good shape to his eyes, large and expressive and set wide apart of pale yellow but today I noticed a slight green tinge to the centre. Beautiful short close lying coat of pale even dove grey, not quite so blue toned to his face and body today.





1ST WILLIAMS UK IGR PR ZAMPETTO LIMITED EDITION (27) FN 6YRS. Statuesque lady of excellent size and weight and muscle tone for her age. Elegant limbs with neat oval paws. Tail of super shape to balance with a paintbrush tip. Short deep wedge of very good width. She has a nicely rounded brow between medium ears of correct tilt and size. Good break to her short straight nose, level bite and medium depth level chin, just recedes marginally.  Super coat, short, glossy, even warm chestnut brown. Her eyes are a good shape, set wide apart, pale chartreuse in colour and have typical Burmese expression, today, having slight tension in her temperament she tended not to show herself until we left her to relax in the pen. Then she became alert and opened her eyes which makes all the difference.!


2nd RIDDLE’S UK GR OAKFORD SENOR DINAMICO (27a) MN 8YRS 6MTHS. Gorgeous laid-back temperament, he just melts in your arms! Large masculine and substantial chap of excellent weight supported by shapely proportionate legs and large oval paws. Tail is marginally short to balance, is a good shape and ends in a nicely rounded tip. Slightly rounded top of head between medium gently forward tilting ears of correct set and sit wide apart. The nose is short and straight with a reasonable break in profile and just rolls off at the tip. Good bite and chin. His head forms a super deep and wide wedge that tapers to a blunt finish. His coat is a tad long but is a super texture and lays well. His colour is a pale even blue, nearer slate in colour with good silvering at the tips. Large full and lustrous pale yellow eyes with gentle slant to the nose of the topline with the lower line being more fully rounded, set wide apart and thus giving good expression. A big softee!


3rd. STEPHENS GR PR MILLGILL PANDEMONIUM (27) MN 4YRS 9MTHS. A well-grown chap of good size and of deceptive weight. Elegant shapely legs and oval paws. His tail is a good shape ends in a rounded tip and balances. The wedge is short and blunt of good depth and width. His ears are on the generous side and he kept holding them upright which spoilt the balance of the wedge. He has a slight flattening to the top of heads in-between. In profile the nose is straight, a trifle long with quite a good break. Bite is level and his chin lines up. His eyes are pale chartreuse with quite a nice expression but he was a little tense and didn’t show himself well today. The shape is correct and they are of a good size. His coat is a lovely rich chestnut brown that shone with health but is a trifle long and he has a few white hairs.


4th DE ROSA’S 7 JOHNSON’S ILLUMI GEMINI (27) 2YRS 8MTHS.A smaller lad but of good muscle tone and of very deceptive weight for his size. His legs are elegant and shapely with neat oval paws. The tail is slightly fine, balances with rounded tip. His head forms a short blunt wedge that has good width at the cheekbones and good overall depth but is slightly square at the muzzle. His ears are a little large, broad at base and have a gentle tilt and set wide apart. The nose is a little long; it’s straight with a good break in profile. The bite is untidy; chin is level and lines up. The coat is fairly short, is glossy and in good condition, lays well and is short. The colours is a warm even seal brown but he has a sprinkling of white hairs around his chest, on his shoulders and back. Good expression to his large eyes that have correct shape and are set wide apart, pale chartreuse in colour. Lovely nature.