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Champion Loraston Bessie Bunter and Champion Thornchase Mugello's Nursery
Champion Loraston Bessie Bunter
I don't have a picture of Mugello yet but if I can get one it will be put on this page.  Mugello, a very mature blue self ,  is a huge boned cat, with a very strong masculine, British head, he has good, strong,short  thick legs, a deep body and chest and he has a nice pale to medium blue, thick, dense coat of a good texture.

Bessie & Mugello have 4 kittens, born on 29th september 2000
Bessie & Mugello have:

2 x Boys:
Cream & White

2 x Girls:


Here are some photo's of mum and babies at 7 days old...The kittens have more than doubled in size and are very active, crawling around quite fast in the kittening box when mum is out resting
The blue-creams have very little cream showing at present, which is a good thing otherwise they would end up with too much as the "cream" can come through for up to 2 years...the bi-colours have in the "right" amount of white in proportion to colour.
Here are some photo's at just 2 and a half weeks.
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