Fabulous weekend, lovely show with lots of cracking cats, lovely company spent with Keith and Gerda Stanley whose very kind hospitality was much appreciated! Gerda stewarded as usual with her very good handling and very good company! Looking forward to our next time as usual.




1ST CC WRIGHT’S BIRCHCARRS BERGORS BENSON 1YR 6MTHS. Stocky really well built lad of excellent bone supported by short very thick legs and fat rounded paws. Balanced tail broad at base tapering to a broad rounded tip. Super breadth to head, apple shaped with well filled chubby cheeks. Lovely type and sort of “grumpy” but innocent expression which I confess I loved! Excellent copper eyes that are large, well opened and expressive. Neat ears set well apart. Short straight broad nose, level bite and nice depth to chin that lines up. Balanced and solid of very good weight and muscle tone with a super deep chest and broad straight back, he is very well developed for his age. Sound crisp and very dense mid blue coat, minor silvering to the tips.


2nd WEBB’S CHARMODEN SIMPLY HANK 1YR 7MTHS. Large well built muscular lad, very heavy! Thick tail but showing rings. Very good bone to his legs, he stands a tad tall and long at the moment. Large rounded head with very nice width between medium ears, a tad broad at base but set well. His brow just above the eyes is slightly flattened. Short nose, level bite and good chin and super fat chubby cheeks. Good breadth to chest and rump.  His eyes are a pale gold, well rounded but not quite as large as the winners.  Thick short coat that is a nice pale blue but is a tad soft and unsound, some silvering to the tips too. Superb temperament.


3rd. OLIVER’S KATHOONA KING BEE 11MTHS. Cobby youngster of excellent weight and muscle tone for his age! Excellent thick tail, broad at base but a little short for balance. Very good bone to his short legs with large rounded paws. Round head but his profile is “dished” short nose that tilts up and has a large bump too sadly, he is also pinched at the muzzle, all of which spoils his look. Large innocent eyes of good depth of colour and shape. Level bite and chin lines up with very nice chubby cheeks. Short dense crisp coat but it is very unsound and silvered at the tips.




1ST CC PARRY’S PAMPURRED LYSETTE 10MTHS. Super typed, cobby youngster of excellent balance and is very promising. Pretty expression, good rounding to head and she has lovely fat cheeks. Large round, expressive orange eyes, well opened too. Short straight nose, level bite but the chin recedes marginally. Neat ears set well apart and into the contours. Very good weight and muscle tone for her age too with short straight thick legs and rounded paws. Fairly crisp, short mid blue coat that is dense but very silvered at present. Tail is nice and broad at the base tapering to a rounded tip that balances.


2nd. WESTERMAN’S ADSETSH CELESTIAL-DREAM 1yr 1mth. Good sized lass but rather light in weight for her frame, needing more muscle tone. Her head is not that rounded, rather oval shaped, the ears are set too high on the head and not into the contours and are too wide at the base. Her eyes are well rounded and of a good gold shade but the nose is a tad too long for balance and the chin slopes back. Level bite. Cheeks quite well filled. A tad long and tall she needs to fill her frame with substance.  The coat I am afraid is too long and soft, a very unsound dark blue too. Long tail that is too thin.  Not really show quality I am afraid, she lacks British type and the coat is too long. Sorry, I did deliberate on whether to award 2nd here too.


BOB: BROWN’S CH CHARMODEN SIMPLYGRACE 4YRS 5MTHS. Typy lass with that grumpy look I love, bite is only just acceptable today! Super sound coat too.




1ST IC & BOB W/H. JAY’S JANSTAN JUKEBOX HERO M 1YR 5MTHS Very very grumpy and hissed and lashed out at my steward and me and meant it! Small lad needing more substance and bone. Round head but tapers to a muzzle, level bite. Medium ears set quite well apart. Short nose but very deep set and rather sore pale gold eyes. His coat is a rich dark shade of chocolate but very unsound and lays flat as it lacks density and has tabby markings that I hope clears. Sorry this is brief but we didn’t get a really good look at him, he needs much more handling and attention if he is to survive the show bench.




1ST CC W/H HARDY’S STONNALL MAGICAL TOYBOY 1YR 2MTHS. Excellent bone and really well built with a super muscular body and excellent thick strong boned legs, large rounded paws. Broad tail. I see I have judged this lad since being a kitten and liked him! but what spoilt it today were his eyes, they are now small for his head and he insisted on holding them in an almond shape despite letting him relax, so as the eyes can maketh the cat in a British it detracted completely today I am afraid. Fairly short nose but it tapers in at the leather, level bite and he is slightly muzzly at present. Good short dense coat, pleasing cream almost sound and crisp to touch, just some ghost markings that I hope fade. Hot tail rings to a good shaped British tail.  I do hope he sorts those eyes out as this was my only reason for witholding.


2nd. PARRISH’S ZINGFRO CRESTAGOLD 1YR 3MTHS. Gorgeous type! if a tad effeminate chap, lovely expression! Big round head, good ears for set and spacing. Well built lad and cobby. Round coppery orange eyes, short straight nose and level bite, chin  just recedes marginally. Good size and muscle tone. Unfortunately, his coat is totally incorrect, it is very long, very hot cream and almost white at the roots, spotted too. His tail is hot and ringed but a good length.  


Considered for Bob: SUTTON’S BERGORS MONTE (OBVIOSLY A CH BUT NOT STATED IN MY BOOK)     Sadly he has a green rim.




1ST CC PARRY’S    COLINSWOOD CRESSIDA 11MTHS Well grown lass of good weight and is solid and muscular. Super innocent expression, lovely copper rounded eyes too. Short nose, chin fades rather though, nice chubby cheeks. Good round head shape and ear set. Cobby body. Short dense crisp coat, nice colour too a pleasing palish cream and is almost sound. Tail to balance just has some faint rings.                                                                                                   


BOB: KINGWELL’S CH LORASTON GRETA-GARBO 1YR 6MTHS. Looked superb today! Excellent type and balance and her coat is a lovely sound cream. I have not seen this lass since she won BOV BSH at the supreme last year!





1ST CC PARRISH’S CH PARDILLEO MISS ISABELLA (31A) 2YRS 4MTHS Good sized girl with a fairly round head but it tapers to a slight muzzle pinch. Super small ears set well apart and into the contours, well filled cheeks, short straight nose, level bite and ok chin. Rounded profile. Fabulous copper eyes, quite well rounded but a mite deep set. Her patching is fairly balanced with colour on her head, body and legs, mostly blue face too. Fairly bright white and she does have some scattered white hairs in sopme of her blue patches so demarcation could be better and she would benefit from more show preparation in this way. Easily 1/3rd white to colour ratio. Darker blue tail that’s ringed but is fully coloured which is correct.



BOB ONLY: CHANCE’S CH LYNBRO MISTER MAGNUM (31A) BLUE BI-COL. 1YR 6MTHS. Lovely strapping lad of fabulous bone, open face and good coat and patching.




1st PC & BOB W/H BURNELL’S NANNKAY CHOKKEE BUTTONS (20B) FN 4YRS 3MTHS. Good size and weight, supported by short strong legs and rounded paws. The tail is well ringed but very brindled. Her head is rounded with large rounded eyes but they are a very pale gold, bordering on hazel. Her nose is short, bite is level and chin is fairly deep. Large pointed ears though! She has a pale area to her chin and lips but this does extend to her throat. The coat is long, soft and sadly very brindled, the pattern is vague, oysters are not clearly defined and the butterfly is pretty non-existent I am afraid. The coat colour is quite a nice rich chocolate but the ground is lacking warmth as it too is very brindled, thus lacking contrast. She also has lots of suspiciously pale almost white hairs to her chest and on areas of the body.



1st PC& BOB W/H BREWER’S ADSETSH STARDUST (39) BLACK TIPPED 1YR 2MTHS. Nice size and weight but with rather long slender legs, out of balance from his head to body, in his teenage stage probably. His head is not really rounded, rather oval shaped, long nosed and hic chin slopes back so this unbalanced what should be a round head. His eyes are rounded but rather a pale green which will not improve at this age. His coat is long and not that dense, the tipping is uneven and patchy  sadly. Long tail that has distinct rings unfortunately. I was happy to discuss with the owner why I withheld, he isn’t in my opinion a good example of a show cat, so sorry, even if he grows into himself and the head balances up, the tipping is not up to standard.




1ST PC &BOB GRIBBEN’S PR BEEPUPALULU 5YRS 10MTHS. Typy, cobby lass of super British conformation, bone and substance. Super expression, excellent apple head shape, neat ears well spaced, large round eyes. Level bite and chubby cheeks. I would prefer the coat shorter but it has good even tipping and a lovely rich warm ground. Thick tail to balance.




1ST IC & BOB CREATON &WALKER’S CRINKLES JACK FROST  (79L 15d) Big strapping lad recently judged and written about, my comments remain the same, superb coat!




1ST WALKLINGS SARGENTA SILVER YANISHA (18) F 1YR 6MTHS Good British type with expressive hazel green eyes. Good pattern but the rings surrounding the oysters are broken. Excellent contrast against a bright silver ground. Good clarity to the butterfly. Lovely coat length density and texture too, crisp! Thumbprints and necklace evident with good rings to well shaped tail.


2nd LUCUS’ SURREPTITIOUS HENRY (30S) M 11MTHS Huge lump of  a lad! Broad head with plenty of width between medium ears, but it just tapers a tad at the muzzle. Good breadth of cheeks, level; bite but chin slightly fades. Large round pale green eyes. Good spots in general some fawning to pattern, good density and crispness to coat! Just wish he didn’t have that bump on his nose! Tail well ringed.








2ND GRIBBEN’S GR CH RUSHLIGHT PROMISE (30ES) 5YRS 2WKS. Lovely type and excellent eye colour! Mature lass but rather brindled today, which is a pity, I hope its sorts itself out, maybe the winter will help?






1ST BLACKLEDGE’S KOLINGA I SCREAM (17) 4MTHS. I had to check my book on this kitten as he was so big! Massive kitten for his age with incredible bone and muscle tone.  Big fat round head with neat ears, set well apart and into the contours. Rounded copper coloured eyes of good expression if a mite deep set. Straight broad nose that is short, level bite and good depth to chin. Deep chest and flanks for a kitten, standing on short very thick legs and large fat rounded paws. Beautiful coat, superb pale cream that is virtually sound, even in tone and incredibly thick! Tail is thick and tapers to a broad rounded tip just showing faint rings. Once I eventually narrowed down my top 3 kittens he was my eventual winner. A tough choice but congratulations on Best BSH Kitten.


2nd BINN’S PETTICOTE THE GODFATHER (16) M 4MTHS Good size and weight, and what a lovely temperament! Round head shape with neat ears set well apart, rounded profile, short straight nose, level bite and chin. Fat cheeks. Eyes marginally small for balance but a good orange colour and expression. Cobby body, strong legs and paws. Lovely coat, good density texture and length, fraction pale to roots and marginally silvered but a nice colour. Well proportioned thick tail that tapers to a rounded tip. Promising chap!


3rd. KIRK@ JUHASZ’ ADATESH CHINA DOLL (15C) 5mths. Good lilac colour with nice type but long coat.




1ST JAY’S JANSTAN JUSTLUVST0 BOOGIE (40/9) F 6MTHS Lovely kitten! Good size and weight for her age, well developed too and easy to handle. Very nice British type and balance, open pretty face, good round expressive eyes of pale blue. Chubby cheeks too. Cobby and balanced. Points match really well, nice mingling of chocolate and pale reds, almost clear body colour with a lovely short thick coat so excellent contrast, very attractive indeed. Very good bone to this pretty lass, well done she is lovely!


2nd RALPHANN CALLI CO (22A) F 3MTHS 3WKS. Round head with ears set well apart if  a little tall for balance and just tapers marginally at the muzzle. Rounded in profile. Round gold eyes, faint green rim yet to clear. Level bite and chin. Cobby body on short strong legs. Superb pale cream and pale blue tones to the patching that is well distributed and has good demarcation with very few scattered white hairs. Short and dense but marginally soft although at this age I wouldn’t expect it to be crisp. Some very tiny area of mingling on one side. Fully coloured tail.







2ND DAVIES’ ANNATHE HENRY TUDOR (16) 5MTHS. Excellent size and bone on this lad too, good round head but just a mite squared at the muzzle. Neat ears set wide apart. Cheeky expression and fabulous temperament, had my steward and me laughing for a while with his antics! Good eyes for shape set and colour. Sound fabulous coat! Just a light bit of silvering but oh so dense and plush. I see I judged him a couple of months ago and I believe he has improved quite a lot!


EXTRA 2ND LEE’S SEWSEW COTTONTAIL (79S 15) M 6MTHS  Promising Selkirk Rex lad, very nice full cheeks head with good type developing. Good bite and chin. Solid muscular lad of excellent weight and bone to his medium length legs. Fabulous coat! Stands away from the body waved to the roots. Large round expressive eyes. Good tail.


3rd. BROWN’S LYNBRO LAYLA (16) F 7MTHS Lovely blue lass that is very promising!

EXTRA 3RD. KIRK @ JUHASZ’ MOVESTARS LEGEND MAKER (17) Nice big chap, good type and coat for colour and density  but it is unsound.




1ST PALLISTER’S CH PENWYNKATZ CRÈME DELIGHT (27F) M 2YRS 1WK. Very well grown and solid lad of excellent weight with proportionate shapely legs and large oval paws. His tail though is slightly fine and not in balance with his body, just a little short of shoulder and has a small pip at the very tip; as discussed and confirmed by a full judge. Well rounded brow between ears of good shape and set, short wide wedge with nose that is marginally long and needs more break in profile. Good width at the cheeks and overall depth from top of head to lower jaw. Level bite and chin showing rather bad acne at present so I do hope this clears up. Rather a dark cream colour with faint powdering to head and ears , showing 1 unbroken necklace and although the coat is short and lays well it isn’t what I would describe as  gradual fade down the sides, it is more like an unsound coat. Pale chartreuse eyes of quite good fullness and gentle slant to nose, lower line rounded.




1ST BESWICK’S PR MAINMAN LEONARDO (27) MN 1YR 6MTHS A promising and solid well developed and muscular lad of very good weight, proportionate slender legs and oval paws. Tail of good shape that balances to shoulder with paintbrush tip. Short wide blunt wedge of very good depth overall, medium ears of gentle forward tilt and rounded brow in between; short straight nose with distinctive break, level but untidy bite and good depth to level chin. Super satin-like coat that is fine and close lying and a lovely rich glossy brown that shone with health, just a few paler hairs showing. Chartreuse eyes of good shape and set wide apart with a super Burmese expression!




2nd. WILSON’S PR ADSETBU BUIENTER (27A) MN 1Y 11MTHS. Well grown lad too for his age, has a nice solid feel and is muscular with shapely legs and large oval paws. His tail is of good shape but is short to balance with a minor fault at the tip. Moderate wedge that tapers to a slightly squared muzzle, quite good width at the cheeks but I would prefer more depth from the top of head to lower jaw. Long nose with fair break. Gently rounded brow between large broad based, well set ears of gentle tilt. Level bite but hi chin recedes, slightly shallow in depth too. Short fine coat that lays well, is a soft toned blue with a slight brown cast with obvious silvering is evident on his head and neck. His chartreuse eyes are slightly small for balance, I would prefer to see them larger and more full, they are also rather straight on the top line with a sharp slant to the nose rather than gentle.