Another well run show from the Robinson family1 My thanks to Teresa Conneally for stewarding for me, her 1st outing into handling Burmese whom she adored too!




IGR PR HARRIS’ GR PR ADVISH ESSYLT ALOYSIUS (30s) 2YRS 11MTHS Large well built masculine lad of mature type and body conformation. Excellent weight and muscle tone too, supported by short thick legs and large round paws. Good balanced tail with rings. Excellent width between medium ears, set well. Round head, full cheeks, short broad nose, good bite, chin could be deeper for perfection. Short thick neck. Large light green eyes, good outline. Cobby muscular body of substance. His coat is short dense and crisp! Hard in this weather! Good clear spots, a mix of arrow head and rosettes, sell spaced, slight linkage. Thumprints and necklace, spotty tummy. Good contrast against a mid silver ground, not much brindling. Nice looking lad.


RES IGR PR HEMMINGS’ CH& GR PR HINDERSLYNE BLACK HEMLOCK (15) 1YR 10MTHS         A solid young lad all in balance for his age and beautifully presented. Very good bone and substance, mature for his age. Round head, good fullness to cheeks, plenty of width across his top of head for his age, neat ears set well. Short nose, good bite, chin slopes back a tad though. Cobby for square body with short well boned legs and a nice fat tail. Round copper eyes, striking balance against his jet black coat that is short, sound to the roots and crisp. He is a little plump around the middle so I hope his head stays in balance as he matures.


Also in contention was a Lovely brown spotty but he is rather brindled at present and a Red spotty who is not showing the density of spots required for such a high award at the moment.




2ND RES IGR PR W/H WILDERSPIN’S CH&GR PR JANAMEL MISS SILVERSOX (40/4) 15YRS          Sadly showing her age now, not in bad condition really but not quite up to this high award today.  She is a cobby cat with quite nice bone, lacks substance but this could be her age. Round head shape, nice width across her top of head, neat ears set quite well though. Her eyes wobbled distinctly, displaying Nystagmus and was one of my reasons for withholding, they are a very pale grey now, nice size and shape though. Short nose, chin is fairly firm. Cheeks could be a tad fuller. Long soft coat, lacking density, probably seasonal but we just on the day. The tone  is distinctly blue rather than a pale dove grey with a hint of pink, again one of my reasons for withholding. Tonal shading to her magnolia body colour, rather bluish in tone too.  Good contrast against the body coat.  Nice mask shape, but the points don’t match.



1ST (BOB N/A) CREA’S BUSYKITZ BEYONCE 5MTHS 3WKS. Leggy tall and long bodied girl who may take some time to grow into her frame, at present out of balance. Her ears are rather large for her head shape and too wide at the base. Fair width across the top of head which tapers at the muzzle to a point rather than rounded. Her nose is a tad long really and her cheeks need to fill out as yet. Level bite, chin recedes. Slightly tubular in body shape, of quite nice weight but slender legged and her tail is too thin and tapers, nice rings to the end though. Her eyes are too gold in tone and should be hazel or green, there is a very slight hint of green around the pupil at present that’s all today. The coat is long and soft and should be shorter really and have more texture at this age.  It lays too flat due to its length I am afraid. The spots are elongated and too linked, the spine line is fairly well broken in places though. Dark grey rather than black pattern, this is due to heavy brindling thus diffusing the contrast required. A kitten who is all out of sorts on the day, sorry to withold, I hope she comes together as she matures and the eye colour becomes correct in time.




1ST & BOB BUDDING’S ALEJANDRO MALACHY MCCOURT (40/2) 3MTHS  Promising kitten with it all to come. Cobby, balanced, super apple head shape and breadth of cheeks. Round expressive blue eyes, short nose, watch the nose break, it dosnt want to be any deeper, nose is short with a wee bump in profile too.  Super well filled chubby cheeks, level bite and firm chin. Cobby body, close coupled, short thick legs and rounded paws. Both testacles descended. Coat is short, woolly at present but promising, nice density too, its clear of shading and is the correct glacial white. The points are a super palish blue tone that all match, lovely shape to the mask and overall there is excellent contrast from points to body colour. Tail is a tad short with some rings.




1ST BUDDING’S ALEJANDRO FLORENCE (40/3) 4MTHS 2WKS. Well grown baby but not of the quality of type as the boy above.  Her head shape is slightly oval, fair width at the top of head which tapers at the muzzle. The nose is long and needs more break in profile. Her eyes are slightly small and rather a pale grey than blue. Her ears are large too. The bite is level and chin slopes back slightly.  Fair weight to her body, she is a tad rangy for her age so she may take time to balance. The coat is a tad long and soft, nicely free of shading, cool ivory tomes to the coat that contrasts well against the points. However, they are a little dark and bitter in tone for a choclate in my opinion. Tail is a good shape and balances. The mask is a good shape too. The legs and ears are slightly darker in tone.




1ST & BOB BEARD-SMITH’S MEWSOS JULIE (79l 40 3) 3MTHS 3 WKS. Sweet baby who purred all the time! Good breadth of skull and width at the cheeks. Ears bordering for me on looking too neat and thus too “british” I would prefer them to be more medium in size to fit the head shape as she develops her Selkirk type. The nose is not quite as downward slanting as I feel it should be and her break is fairly pronounced. Level bite, chin is fairly firm. Round eyes set nicely wide apart. Cobby body, actually has a rectangular look about it already in that the legs are also medium in length and not short like we often see at this age in this breed. Super curly whiskers and eyebrows. The coat is fabulous! Unstructured waves all over the body head and legs and paws, its right down to the roots which is very promising. I did consider withholding the BOB today, as discussed with the owner/breeder as we both agree the nose break is a tad too much. Today though as she is so much a baby I allowed but would wonder as to how she is going to develop in future as she may get too typy and British looking…time will tell.




1ST PC & BOBCREATON&WALKERS’ CRINKLES JACK FROST (TICA GCA) (79l 15d) 2yrs 2mths Mature weighty solid lump of a lad who stood on the table with his large paws and super rectangular body and said “I am a big Selkirk” !  Lovely breadth across the cheeks when you smooth the fur back, excellent underlying round bone structure and rounded top of head. Correct ears for shape and set. Short, broad and straight, downward slanting nose. Well padded “whisker pads” when viewed from the side and good rectangular shape from the front. Level bite and chin of good depth.  His eyes are large and round and expressive. Super curly whiskers and eyebrows. Full ruff and tail plumes. Fabulous coat! Lovely colour although irrelevant, beautifully prepared with loose curls and waves, very good waves on his legs and paws, I do love the feel of that! All over a quality cat who I see I have judged since a kitten. For bone he puts some brits to shame! Well done to his owners and breeder for such a cracking example.


2nd  BUCK’S CURLU OSCAR (79l 40/7) 1yr 1mth. Younger chap of almost equal fabulous size and weight and muscle tone, equally worthy of a PC, he also has very good bone but not quite as much as the winners. Super rectangular shape supported by medium length well boned legs. He has a large round head shape with very good width across the top between medium sell set ears.  He is full cheeked but again and its nit picking here, not quite as much as the winners. Short broad straight downward slanting nose, level bite and good chin. His eyes are large but not rounded, more oval shape, I did leave him to relax to see if it made any difference and also tried to get him to open them too, but the shape didn’t alter. Rectangular muzzle shape with well padded whisker pads. His whiskers and eyebrows are a tad straight. Excellent ruff and tail plumes. Lovely semi-longhair coat, not quite as well waved and curled down to the roots as I would like to see. Lovely nature as most selkirks are in my experience and again can give the Brits a run for bone and sheer size.


3rd. NOBLE’S WYREWOOD MR CHRISTIAN (79s 15) 1yr 11mths. I was surprised to see who this was as he isn’t really in show quality at the moment I am afraid. Smallish chap, needs more weight and substance to challenge the big lads of similar age. Quite good  rounding to his head shape, large ears though, set well. I would prefer to see a tad more full cheeked, his muzzle is pinched, the bite is level and chin fairly firm. His eyes are a little small and were slightly watery which made him close them more although they didn’t appear inflamed. Quite good body shape, being of rectangular appearance to medium length legs but could be better boned for me. His head is out of balance with his body at present so he is showing his immaturity. His coat was rather straight in places, particularly on his back. There are waves there, more on his underside and legs. The texture is quite harsh too which isn’t really correct for this breed. I just think, now seeing what I have written about him when he was younger, he needs to body up, mature and come out later in the year. I do hope that dosnt disappoint, but we have to judge on the day.



Huge class! Thanks!


1st  BINNS’ PETTICOTE THEGODFATHER (16) 1YR 3WKS  What a lovely promising chap! Excellent deep copper eyes hit you as he looks at you with that lovely rounded head and very good British type. Excellent bone and muscle tone too. Superb coat!, short, dense and crisp and sound. Sweet innocent expression too. One to watch.


2nd  LARCOMBE’S CWITCH DAKOTA (16) 11MTHS Pretty type lass, nice and cobby in appearance and of good weight. Good short dense coat, a tad silvered and unsound though. Has all the time in the world.


3rd. LE MONNIER’S MARDENKA MILITARY TWOSTEP (16) M 1YR 1MTHPromising well boned type lad of fabulous eye colour, would have been higher if it wasn’t for the seasonal coat changing. I loved his type and conformation, his coat is a little woolly and out of sorts today, hence his placing.



Another huge class!


1ST  HAZEL’S WYREWOOD CONQUEROR (79s 15) M 1YR 2MTHS This chap has risen from being a stunning kitten to a really quality example of a Selkirk Rex and has given the British a really good run for their money. He too has style and excellent type for his breed. His head is amazing!, incredible full cheeked fitting into a very round head. Excellent ears et and width between. Correct nose, bite and chin. Correct rectangular muzzle with well padded whisker pads when viewed from the side. Curly whiskers and eyebrows. Large round expressive eyes. He has incredible substance and muscle tone and bone for such a new breed. His coat is outstanding, really curly and wavy and plush, of uniform length and the waves go right down to the root. Fabulous tail and curly fur on his large paws.  Super nature, very floppy! one feels one could almost throw him up into the air and catch him!  I gather he won best British Adult, well done and also to him being made up to the 1st Selkirk Champion, what a fabulous ambassador for this breed. Many congratulations to his owner Breeder.


2nd.NASH’ RONALDO SILVER PEPE (18) M 1YR 3MTHS What a lovely silver tabby male! I loved his type and pattern and body, worthy of a 1st place too but look who he lost out to. Very nice head shape and type, super light green eyes, good size and shape.  Correct ears. Good body shape and cobby finish, supported by short thick legs. Super jet black tabby pattern, good clear butterfly and oysters, tramlines too. Clean ground, not much brindling. Good coat length and texture. Correct rings to tail. Promising lad.


EXTRA 2ND EDNEY’S GR CH ROCODANNE MR BEAN (30d) M 1yr 8mths Super big powerful lad of style. Congratulations on his Imperial award today, well deserved. Lovely eye colour to this lad too. Good British type, bone and cobby body shape. Lovely red coat, good spots, just wish they were slightly better defined. Good tail.


3rd. HEMMING’S HINDERSLYNE HECATE (21) F 11MTHS. Promising black tortie, lovely mingling and depth of colours.




1ST BEARD-SMITH’S TOPMARX ARTHUR PENDRAGON (15b) M 2yrs 2mths. How nice to see a good chocolate on the show bench, lovely type and excellent eye colour! Pleasing rich choclate that is actually almost sound!, very feint tabby markings yet to clear but to be expected at this age. Super short dense coat of promising texture. Lovely build, cobby shape and conformation. I liked him very much, many congratulations to his owner and breeder.


2nd. WEST’S WESTWAYS EDWARD (16) M 2YRS 3MTHS Huge chap but rather sore eyes? Spoilt his look. Sadly his coat is unsound and is very silvered. Nice shade of blue though. Fairly round underlying bone to his skull, with plenty of width between marginally large ears. Open face. I would prefer him to be more balanced and his coat to have more density to be correct.


3rd. WILLIAM’S CROWVALLY SILVER RIBBONS (30s) F 2ys 9mths. Out of seasonal condition, all brindled and coat is out of sorts. Sweet face.



What a lovely class, a such a huge entry. Thank you!


1st MATTHEWS’ KATCHYN KONTIKI (27) 1YR  M 4MTHS What a super chap, I see from my notes that I have judged and liked him some few months ago, he has matured really well and congratulations on his Grand CC today. Mature and masculine he is a firm, medium bodied muscular well-built lad with, shapely slender legs and oval paws. His tail is a super shape ending in a paintbrush tip, balancing his body correctly. Lovely short blunt deep wedge, super rounding to top of head between correct ears for shape and gentle forward and width at base. Short straight nose with a distinctive break in profile, just rounds off slightly at the tip, good bite; the chin is level and is medium in depth. Gorgeous “typical” expressive eyes set well apart, large and lustrous and a yellow chartreuse in colour. Lovely rich chestnut brown sleek coat, short fine and close lying, super glossy healthy sheen to it too, just one or two odd white hairs. I liked him very much! The feint necklace I see I wrote about last time seems to have faded but there were still a couple of very feint smudges to his thighs.


2nd.  BONE’S CH SYKRIS EYE CANDY (27c) F 1yr 10mths A lovely well known lady I have judged before some time ago, she is maturing nicely. She is well grown and firm bodied of very deceptive weight with elegant limbs and neat oval paws. Correct shaped tail that balances and ends in a rounded tip. Very good width to gently rounded top of head between just marginally large ears; set well apart and of gentle forward tilt. Lovely deep and wide wedge that ends bluntly, good bite and chin is level but could be a little deeper for balance. Short straight nose with a good break in profile, just rounding off right at the very tip. Loved the expression to her large pale yellow eyes, set nice and wide apart and of good shape. Her coat lays really nicely, really super texture too and mostly even with the colour being warm dove grey, just a fraction blue on her face and there is a faint smudge on her thighs.


EXTRA 2ND BONE’S CH SYKRIS DEJA VEUX (27c) F 2yrs 11mths. Gorgeous girl judged very recently I see from my notes, however I saw a more bluish tinge to her face today than last time? Hall lighting possibly? I do recall the light being considerably better at the last venue I saw this cat. A lady of good size and weight, firm and lovely to hold. Elegant legs and neat oval paws, correct shape to her tail but it’s a tad short for balance. The head forms a lovely short, wide and deep wedge that is balanced. Medium ears of gentle forward tilt are set well apart a very gently rounded brow. In profile the nose is short and straight, just a fraction rounded at the tip, good break and good bite and chin. Beautiful short, fine sleek coat, lovely feel to it and it lays well.  The colour I noted today seemed a little bluish on her back and face, otherwise it is a nice dove grey but I didn’t see any pink today I am afraid. I love her expression, very typical of the breed, large lustrous eyes of lovely shape and set, oozes Burmese. I would like to see these 2 in broad daylight, sure it would be fascinating..but its on the day!


3rd. KASAMUN’S  CH BIENZOLI  SUGAR PLUM (27b) F 3yrs 3mths.  Nice firm medium sized lady of excellent weight; Elegant shapely legs with neat oval paws, well shaped tail that balances with rounded tip. Head forms a short wedge that tapers to a slightly pinched muzzle. Her ears are marginally large, set very well apart; the top of head is gently rounded, slight flattening above the eyes, excellent depth and width to the overall wedge. In profile the nose is short with a very good break. Good bite and chin. Super coat, fraction longer down her back, nice even warm seal brown, contrast masking to face and some scurf at the base of her tail. Large strong chartreuse eyes of super shape and expression..




Again a lovely class of exhibits! I needed more extras in this class than I have been permitted to do!


1ST VIRTUE’S CH HOBBERDY HIGGLEDY PIOGLEDY (27e) F 3yrs 5mths.  A very mature queen I see I have judged before and with that attitude and look I adore she just says I am a true Burmese! Super type and conformation. Firm muscular very weighty body with shapely slender legs and neat oval paws. Good tail to balance. Pip at the very end but invisible. Her head forms a super deep and wide short blunt wedge, to nitpick she is marginally flat on the top of her head but its minor. Correct ears, set wide apart and continue the line of the wedge, in profile the nose is short and straight with a distinctive break, good bite and good level chin. Superb coat, glossy and healthy, super texture and is short and fine and lays beautifully. Lovely mingled super warm browns and varying shades of pale reds, a striking picture! Her eyes just really say it all, they are large, very good shape, pale yellow chartreuse in colour and the expression is just gorgeous!


2nd. HILLMAN’S CH TOSCANA EUGENIE ROUGE (27d) F 2yrs 11mths. Another lovely lady indeed, striking coat colour! Lovely weighty firm bodied mature lass with slender shapely legs and neat oval paws. Tail of good shape but it is just a fraction short to balance. Short blunt wedge of very good depth and width at the cheeks.  Excellent width between medium ears aside a very gently rounded top of head, correct set. Shortish nose with good break. Good bite, slightly shallow chin. Super coat texture, lays beautifully, is close and fairly short and what a striking colour! Rich tangerine and is nice and even too. Lovely expressive pale yellow eyes of very good shape and width apart.


3rd. MATTHEWS’ CH KATCHYN BLUE HAZE (27g) F 2yrs My goodness what a loud purr! Well grown lady firm bodied if a tad rounded around her middle. Elegant limbs and neat paws with a tail of good shape that balances, just a slight pip at the very tip. Nice short wedge that is both wide at the cheeks and of good depth. Gently rounded top of head between well spaced ears of slight forward tilt and set well apart. Good chin, untidy but level bite. Short straight nose with very good break in profile. Excellent coat length and texture, lays well and is a pleasing mix of varying shades of blue and cream. Lovely Burmese expression to her pale yellow eyes, very good set and size and shape. My best purr of the day!


EXTRA 3RD. CHAPMAN’S GR CH TRIBUNE OATCAKE (27f) F 9yrs 4mths. What fabulous condition for this matron of a Burmese! Still reasonably firm bodied medium sized lady with elegant limbs and neat oval laws. Tail if good shape fractionally short. Short blunt wedge of very good depth and width, just a little squared at the muzzle. Gently rounded brow now flattened with age I guess, excellent width across the top of head between medium forward tilting ears. Short straight nose with good break in profile, untidy and just marginally undershot bite. Good chin. Warm cream coat, a tad uneven but probably seasonal and her age too I guess, lays well and is fairly short and fine. Super eyes of pale chartreuse set wide apart and of good shape, it took me a while to get her to open them as she was mostly asleep! Bless!


4th. VIRTUE’S GR CH HOBBERDY HYACINTH BUCKET (27g) F 7yrs Loved the show, love the name…is her character like Mrs Bucket I ask? She is an excellent size and weight, medium to long bodied a large well grown lady with shapely proportionate legs and oval paws. Good tail balances. Generous ears of good set and width across a very gently rounded top of head. Her head forms a fairly short wedge that is both of excellent depth and width, just a little  squared at the muzzle.  Fairly short nose that is straight with a good break in profile. Good bite and chin. Super coat! Even and no smudges, lovely mingling of pale blues and creams, lays beautifully! Is short and fine. Typical Burmese pale yellow eyes, set wide apart and have a super expression.


EXTRA 4TH BOWEN’S JANZANCO GO-MAN-GO (27d) M 11mths. Bless him he was just outclassed today by some mature ladies! His time will come I am sure. He is a well grown chap, firm bodied with elegant proportionate limbs and neat oval paws, just a little out of balance at the moment. Well shaped tail balances. His ears are a bit generous at the moment and he tends to hold them slightly lower than the line of the wedge. The top of head is gently rounded and the width between his ears is reasonable for his age. His wedge is fairly short but the tapers off a little fine at the muzzle. I would prefer to see a tad more depth and width to the wedge. Fair break to the fairly short straight nose. Untidy but level bite with fair depth to the chin. Lovely coat texture, just a little longer down his back but lays well. Quite a nice depth of colour to the coat, faint smudge to thighs otherwise even. Yellow eyes, nice size and quite good shape and expression.




1ST WILLIAMS’ UK & IGRPR ZAMPETTO LIMITED EDITION (27) FN 6YRS 3MTHS. Super well known lady I see I have judged on numerous occasions! Gorgeous wicked expression!


2nd MILLER’S ADATEBU BOBTHEBLOB (27) MN 1YR. Superb temperament I could have cuddled him all day! Promising lad!


EXTRA 2ND  BROOK’S CH JANAGAR JANAMEL JESSICA (27c) FN 5yrs 4mths. A lovely lady!




3rd.  CHAPMAN’S GR PR BRAEISIDE TRIBUNE BEAUSOIR (27a) MN 5yrs 4mths. Another gentle giant, very close.


EXTRA 3RD. BEWLEY’S JANAMEL RAHMITI (27) MN 1YR Young lad needs time to mature.