My thanks to Karen Kemspall for her very capable stewarding and good company.


I had a hard choice for BOV British kitten due to a good entry of babies!  my winner was absolutely stunning Blue spotty girl called Bumpkin Miss-Muffet, owned by Julia Oughtibridge and bred by my old friend Jean Wolfe and since this show her litter sister has also won a BOV kitten! What a litter that must have been.


I must also congratulate Chris Bone’s Molynmeux Urban Myth bred by Ally Williams for the BOV Burmese I gave the BOB to a gorgeous chocolate boy of fabulous type and what a stunning warm tones I have not seen this warmth so early on in a baby of this age many times at all in the last 3 years of judging this lovely breed.



IMP GR PR HEMMING’S CH & GR PR HINDERSLYNE BLACK HEMLOCK (15) 2YRS 6MTHS. Seen and judged on many occasions as he has matured he is a lovely balanced cobby jet black cat! Excellent type and eye colour, lovely deep orange and so striking against the black, pale eyes just wont work in this colourway. Apple head with neat ears set well apart, short straight broad nose, level bite and chin of good depth finished off by super chubby cheeks. Close couple and deep chested with excellent short thick legs.  His coat is jet black and sound to the roots and shone with health! Tail is a tad short but is nice and broad at the base tapering to a rounded tip. Congratulations on the Overall BOV in this section.



IMPERIAL GR PR DIWALI KATALINA (28) 3YRS 11MTHS. Balanced and cobby she has lovely open type with round pale orange eyes,  medium sized ears set well apart, short broad nose, level bite and chin just could be a mite deeper. Excellent fat cheeks. Short dense fairly crisp coat, warm cream and mid blue mingling, both sound to roots. She didn’t quite have that sparkle I have seen in her before though.



GR PR GILLOT’S PR CURLU COCO (79L 21 ) 4YRS 7MTHS. Odd bedding in the pen which was rather grubby! That said this cat is lovely, a very nice example. She is a very good size and weight with excellent medium length well boned legs. I am seeing finer bone creeping into this breed which is sad! Good sized head and good ears for shape and set. Excellent broad cheeks.  Curly whiskers and eyebrows. Large round eyes, short downward slanting nose, untidy bite, chin just fades back a little. Medium sized muzzle which is padded when viewed from the side. Her coat stood well away from her skin, was wavy and curly all over including feet and legs in a loose unstructured manner. Fabulous tail plumes and ruff!

Just watch her tummy and weight as the rounder she gets she may appear less rectangular bodied….I have the same problem except I am not rectangular.



1ST CC & BOB GARDNER’S TOPMARX QUEENOF CAMELOT (28) 2YRS 9MTHS. Cobby, not overly large but nice and balanced nevertheless. Lovely type to her round head, short neck and broad chest, well muscled body with short good boned legs, Tail is short but well mingled. Fraction straight across the top of the eyes but when she looks up at you the eyes are rounded and are an excellent deep copper. Coat is short, dense but a mite soft, the mingling is evenly distributed, lilac and warm cream. Mostly sound to roots. I gather this made her up to a CH, well done.



1ST CC & BOB (N/A) STEELE’S GUSELLI BABYCAKES (22) 10MTHS This cat when you actually look at her underlying bone structure is wedge headed and not round, her profile is flat and she looks oval in shape when viewed from the side. Her eyes are large and nice and round but are incorrect being a lemon tone. Her nose is too long and almost like a ski slope, her bite is level but her chin is shallow. She has a nice cobby body and is muscular with fair bone to her short legs. The coat is nice and short but soft as yet. I liked her patching, a good dense black and rich red but has ghosting yet to clear. Both colours almost sound to roots. The actual symmetry of colour to white is pleasing but there was quite a few scattered white hairs invading the coloured areas thus spoiling the balance. She has some mingling to one side but otherwise she is well patched. She has the correct amount of white to colour ratio. I am sorry to withold but as I said to her owner, she lacks good British type when looked at properly.



1ST CC & BOB CHADWICK’S WINDYMEADOW OLIVIA 2YRS 8MTHS What a madam but worth the several attempts! She has correct round underlying bone structure, is balanced and cobby with an apple head shape and excellent width between neat ears. Large round orange eyes, short straight nose, good bite and chin with lovely chubby cheeks. Deep chest and flanks she is a nice sized muscular girl. Good short thick legs. Excellent short crisp coat, very dense too, a nice mix of pale blue and paleish cream, well mingled and almost sound to roots. Tail is a fraction darker and well mingled, as are all 4 paws. I gather this made her up to CH today.


2nd WARNES’ REVODNA LOVEIN AMIST 2YRS 9MTHS Cobby lass with fabulous eye colour but was out of sorts today. Nice rounded head shape with plenty of width between fairly neat ears. Large round copper eyes, bite is untidy and marginally offset, chin is good. Her coat was slightly thinner in paces underneath almost like she had licked patches of it away, otherwise its short and dense but a darker blue and some silvering and both the blue and cream were paleing at the roots. Short slightly thin tail.



1ST DAY’S   WILLOWOOD CHAMX BALOO 4MTHS 2 WEEKS. Quite a well grown lad for his age but out of sorts today. His head is round but tapers to a pinched muzzle; his ears sit tall and slightly too close together, his nose is fairly short, cheeks filling, bite is level but chin should be deeper really.  He is fairly well grown and of reasonable weight and bone. His coat is for me, slightly long, its currently banded and quite silvered and lays a little flat. His eyes are fairly round and of reasonable gold in colour but shows a distinct green rim at the moment.  Like I say, all out of sorts at the moment so I do hope it all comes together.



1ST & BOB WESTALL’S CATRIOTIC CORRINA 8MTHS Super 4 square and cobby girl with excellent bone. Good round head shape with very nice width between neat ears set well into the contours. Short nose, good bite and chin of quite good depth but just slopes back a little; nicely filled cheeks. her eyes are large and open and of a nice copper colour. her tail is a good length but heavily ringed. The body is solid and muscular. Her coat is fairly short, a little silvered and shaded at the roots but not unsound. A nice kitten overall.



1ST & BOB WAIT’S KHANCOBAN RAINSROPS 8MTHS. Just slightly unbalanced head to body at present, neverthe less the head is round but she tapers to a slight pinch at the muzzle. Her ears are medium in size, would prefer smaller, set fairly wide apart. Round light copper eyes. Short nose. Good cheeks filling but seem to be more jowls than cheeks. Bite is level and chin ok. Her coat is fairly short, its dense and just pales at the roots a little in both the mid toned blue and warm cream. Overall the mingling is better on her lower back so I hope the cream comes through on her shoulders more to be better balanced.  4 paws show both colours and does her tail.



1ST (BOB N/A) PANTING’S CATYKES GAYLE FORCE 8MTHS. Rather a small light boned girl for 8onths of reasonable weight and muscle tone though. Her head is broad across the top but tapers to a fine pinched muzzle, needs to merge more into the roundness of her head. Her ears are a mite large but sell well apart. Her nose is fairly short, bit is fine but chin slopes back. Cheeks still filling. Her eyes are a little almond in shape but are more of a pale gold than hazel or green, not much green visible at all in this light I am afraid and the main reason for my not awarding the BOB. Short dense crisp coat! Lovely fairly dense black spots with an excellent contrast to a bright is a tad dark silver. Broken spine line, spotty paws. I was happy to have a brief chat with her owner who agreed with my reason.



1ST & BOB OUGHTIBRIDGE-HEARLEY’S BUMPKIN MISS-MUFFET 7MTHS Huge beautiful girl who was my choice for BOV BSH kitten and very well deserved and one to watch! Gorgeous apple head shape, excellent width across her head, good ear set and shape. Short straight nose, level broad bite, very good fullness to cheeks and large round expressive orange eyes, superb british type! Cobby, large and muscular with excellent short thick legs. Short dense coat a mite soft but a superb warm blue well distributed spotty pattern against a stunning even warm toned pale “rich tea” biscuit  toned beige, lovely contrast!



1ST & BOB BONE’S MOLYNMEUX URBAN MYTH 4MTHS What a stunning chap, my congratulations on being selected for BOV Burmese, well deserved indeed. He is a very cheeky and alert young chap who flaunts himself and deserves all the attention he gets. He is a good size and weight, nice and firm and muscular bodied with a well -shaped tail that balances his shoulder. He is an elegant kitten with neat oval paws. His head forms an excellent short wedge that is wide at the jaw hinge and tapers to a good blunt muzzle; Very nice rounding between his medium broad based ears, the outer line of which correctly follows the upper part of the face. In profile he has excellent depth to his head with a gently rounded brow; the nose is short with an excellent break, just spoilt a trifle by rolling off at the tip. Good bite and chin. His large expressive pale yellow eyes, colour still settling, are set very well apart with super rounding to the lower line whilst the topline slants gently; he has already developed a “look” which says I am growing up to be a Burmese. Superb warmth to his medium chocolate coat, one of the warmest tones I have seen in a kitten of this age in the last 3 years. Baby coat for texture and just a little darker down the spine line but is beautifully even everywhere else, fading gently at his underparts.



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