This is a list of cats I have bred who have gained their titles in GCCF shows.  Scroll down for Best in Show winners and Supreme cat Show 2005
Best British Adults, Kitten or Neuter in Show wins

The following cats have all won these titles

Supreme  International  Grand Champion Loraston Nellie Melba
has won BIS BSH as a kitten 2003 and as an adult in 2004..

Champion & Grand  Premier Loraston Flash Gordon
has won Best British in Show as an young adult, twice and now THREE  Best British Neuter wins as at Nov 2000, he was only 2 years old in July 2000

Grand Premier Loraston Shylock
won overall Best British in Show in March 2000

Grand Champion Loraston Penelope Pitstop
won a Best British in Show as a kitten and also as an adult before she was 2 years old.

Grand Champion Loraston Bugsy Malone
has won Best in show British kitten in his last kitten show and a Best in Show British adult at his 1st adult show! all before he was 15 months old.

Loraston Liberty Belle
A cream & White kitten at her first outing who gained 1st & Best of Breed against competition, 1st in all side classes and Best BSH Kitten in Show at RCT Cat Show 30th Oct 2004.  Well done to Mary Le Monnier, her human slave for loving her and looking after her so well!

Champion Lansbury Jenny Wren
Congratulations to Shan Lines who in her 1st litter from Grand Champion Loraston Jessica Fletcher and Ch Bumpkin Barollo gained, 1st & BOB against competition and 1st in all sides classes, Best BSH Kitten and Best Overall BSH at Cambria Cat Show  OCT 2004.
...All these cats are owned by me unless stated otherwise..

Grand Champion Loraston Billy - Idol

Champion Loraston Sweeney Todd
owned by Romula Lewin

Champion Loraston Fleetwood Mac
owned by Helen Cox

Grand Champion & Premier Loraston Penelope Pitstop
Cream & White

Grand Champion Loraston Bugsy Malone
cream& white

Grand Champion & UK Grand Premier  Loraston Lillie Langtry
Cream & White
owned by Mary Le Monnier

Grand Premier Loraston Shylock
Cream & White
owned by caroline.

Grand Premier Loraston Billy Wiz
owned by Robin Grimshaw

Grand Champion Loraston Inspector Gadget
Now asleep.

Grand Champion Loraston Lamborghini.
Owned by Andrew and Colleen Brown (Kolinga)

Grand Champion Loraston Led Zeppellin

Champion Loraston Louis Vuitton

Owened by Lyn Bull.

Champion Loraston Kizzi Suzuki

Champion Loraston Dinah Mite

Champion Loraston Mollie Mayhem
Owned by Sandie Holloway

Grand Champion Loraston Jessica Fletcher
Owned by Shan Lines

Champion Loraston Amarige
Cream Colourpointed
Owned by Gerda Stanley

Grand Champion Loraston Liberty Belle
Cream& white
Owned by Mary LeMonnier

Champion & Imperial Grand Premier Loraston Bessie Bunter
Cream & White
Now asleep.
Grand Champion Loraston Desperate Dan
Cream & white
Owned by Kerry Stickler
(now neutered)

Grand Champion Loraston Jayne Marple
Supreme International  Grand Champion Loraston Nellie Melba
Cream & White
owned by Sheila Paul
Otterbrook BSH CapeTown

Champion Loraston Ruby Tuesday

Champion Loraston Jean Jeanie
Blue (now spayed)

Champion Loraston Layla
Blue Tortie& White (now spayed)
owned by Rosemary Robson

Grand Champion Loraston Lelani (now spayed)
Cream& White
owned by
Mary Le Monnier

Champion Loraston Lara Croft
owned by Colin Evans

Grand Champion & Grand Premier Loraston Dik Tracy
owned by Christy Williams

Champion Loraston Eternity
Lilac-Tortie Colourpointed
owned by Jo Mayhew

Champion & Grand Premier Loraston Flash Gordon
Cream & White
owned by Gemma Fincham

Champion & Premier Loraston Bertrum Stanley
Cream Colourpointed
owned by Keith & Gerda Stanley

Champion Loraston Chanelle
Lilac-Cream colourpointed
Owned by winifred Robertson

Champion Loraston Annastazia (late of)
Blue-Cream Colourpointed

Champion Loraston Sir Galahad
owned by Christine Dunning
(stud cat)

Champion Loraston Jack Thelad
Cream Colourpointed
owned by Mike & Dot Lovelock
(stud cat)

Premier Loraston Roger Ramjet
owned by Marita Fincham

Premier Loraston Misha
Blue colourpointed
owned by Angela Hunt

Premier Loraston Indigo Jones
owned  by Gerri Price

Premier Loraston Oliver Ovalteen
owned by Gerri Price

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Grand Champion & Premier Loraston Dik Tracy
has won Best British Adult and Best Overall British Cat at National Cat show 2004 and Best British Adult at croydon Club feb 20e day he made up to Grand Champion. He is very proudly owned by my good friend Christy williams.
not bad for a PET!
Dik has since won his 4th Grand CC & BOB and BSH Adult and Overall Best in Show at the Southern British Breed Show 2005.
Grand Champion Loraston Inspector Gadget
was awarded 1st in all classes, Best of Breed and Best British Adult April 2005.
Loraston Ms Moneypenny (blue)

1st and 2nd time out on the show bench she won 10 1sts, 2 Best of Breeds and 2 Best British Kitten awards....well done to my good friend Sandie Holloway who loves her to pieces!  Penny now has 1 Champion certificate under her belt.

Supreme Show 2005

Grand Champion & Premier Loraston Dik Tracy


Grand Champion Loraston Jessica Fletcher

gained her 2nd Grand Champion certificate. She is Dik's litter sister!

Well done to both cats and their owners and human slaves, Christy williams and Shan Lines.
Champion Loraston Lelani was awarded best British Adult and Overall Best in Show in March 2006.  Many congrats to her owner and good friend Mary le Monnier

Loraston Jack-Reagan had a red card day and Best BSH Kitten at the London cat show 2006, 1st time in a show!

His brother also had a red card day ,Loraston Sweeney Todd.   Much adored by Jenny Stewart and Hubby ken.
Loraston Sweeney Todd had a red card day at the East Sussex cat show in July, and was awarded Best British Kitten in Show.

His brother Loraston Jack-Reagan also had a red card day!

Magnificent day for Jenny and Ken, 1st two shows and 2 best in show awards..magic!

Loraston Modesty Blaize won Best BSH Adult Oct 2006 at Caesaria in Jersey. She also was awarded her 2nd Champion certificate and Best of Breed.

her mummy, also did very well winning her 3rd Grand Ch certificate making her a new title of Grand Champion Loraston jayne Marple.

Gr Ch & Pr Loraston Dik Tracy was awarded his 2nd Grand Premier cert and gained Best BSH Neuter in show in sept 2006.