These  are  some photo's of my female  breeding cats

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This page was last updated on: May 4, 2017
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BJ at 13 & 9 months

British Blue
Breed number: BSH a

Blood Group B

Sire: IMP GR CH Xzibit Denim
Dam: Champion Loraston Eleanor - Rigby
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C2015 onwards has new blood from some outcrosses, although one goes back to my old lines.

Blue Tortie & White
Breed number: BSH g 03

Blood Group A b

Carrier of Chocolate

Sire: Imperial Grand Champion Loraston Billy -Idol
Dam: Champion Loraston Grace Kelly

Runner Up as Best British Adult at the 2016 Supreme cat Show.

Overall Best British in Show feb 2017 Croydon Cat Club

5 mths old in these pics.

BSH g 01 ( hope to be 02 soon as in harlequin)

Blue Tortie.& high white

Sire: Ch Loraston Sydney Poitier

Dam: Champion Loraston Eleanor Rigby

Blood Group B

Will be mated to:

Imperial Grand Champion loraston Billy-Idol when older, around august/sept 2017
We also have Annie's litter sister and Blue & White, I will add pics shortly.  very pretty girl.
Loraston Billie-Jean
CImperial Grand Champion Loraston Bibalick here to add text.
Loraston Anika Poitier (Annie)
& Asians in various colours and patterns
Loraston Jinny Choo aged 7.5 mths in the photo below
Sire: Gr Ch Wellbrand Ghostbuster (ASH ns 11) Black silver shaded.

Dam: Grand Champion Aureus Dinah-Mite (BUR c) lilac Burmese.

Jinny is a  Full Expression Asian Ticked Tabby, her coat pattern is still settling she has some shaded hairs too.

Genetically she is a Full Expression (FEx) Chocolate  carrying dilute which makes her a  FEx "lilac"and carries Burmese Colour restriction.  However she is more commensurate with the Caramelisation effect on her colour by what is known as the Dilute Modifier gene.  She has darkened up over the last 2 months and so Ive registered her as a FEx Caramel at the moment. 
Very different experiences with Asians from British and  somewhat fascinating.  :-)

She will be mated to a Brown Silver Shaded Burmilla. later in the summer