My very grateful thanks to Lee Orton from the Burmese section for stepping in at the last minute when my booked steward was unable to attend, thanks Lee and good luck on the stewarding scheme!



IMPERIAL GRAND CH DENNY’S GR CH CHESLO EASTON CASPER (15) 25.6.07 Looked SO much better than when last judged! Back to his full impressive stature and presence! Congratulations on Overall BOV British, much deserved. Not a lot one can say any more about this cat but when he looks good he LOOKS GOOD!


RESERVE IMPERIAL GRAND CH NOT AWARDED POTTER’S GR CH PAMPURRED PABLO HONEY (31f) 20.4.06 Sorry to withold but this lad looks incredibly immature for his age. He is also out of balance form his head to body being long and tall and his head type isn’t really going to develop much more in my opinion at this age. he has a lot less head maturity than Casper and is a year older. He is long and lean and is rather slender boned for my liking. His colour of patching is a nice shade of cream but pales to the roots a little. Sorry.



IMPERIAL GRAND CH LE MONNIER’S GR CH KOLINGA MERSADIES (28) Huge powerfully built sold muscular cobby lady of style and presence! Lovely British head type, super large round orange eyes and excellent chubby cheeks. Superb density to her crisp coat, a smidgen longer than my preference but has that lovely padded feel one can lose their fingers in! Lovely mingling of mid blue and pale cream, just a little patch to throat. Excellent bone, puts a lot of males to shame!



BOB ONLY: sorry to withold today, the season is upon us where   I judged this lovely lad only weeks ago and was surprised to see how different the pattern looked today, considerably more brindled sadly.



1ST CC & BOB MILES’ CH TUFTON ADORAMOUSE (30e) 5.6.08 Pretty expression, nice round apple head shape with good width between rather generously sized ears though for my preference. Good short straight nose with brick leather, bite is good and chin is firm. Nicely filled cheeks. Large round open eyes set well apart and of a good golden tone. She is compact lass, felt firm and muscular and of quite good weight with short strong legs. Thick tail at base, excellent rings too. Her coat is short and dense, warm rich spots overlaid with bright reds, just a tad grey at roots though and some brindling to her otherwise warm pale copper toned ground. Excellent spotty spine line and some spots to her neat rounded paws.



1ST (CC NOT AWARDED) MARSLAND-ROUNDS’ CATBALU CRÈME-ROYALE (79s17) 17.10.05 For me this lad is very immature in type for his age and he is also clearly undershot. He is a small chap and I would prefer much more bone to his rather slender legs. his head is round but the muzzle is more square than medium width and pinched rather than well padded. I would also prefer much more fullness across the cheek bones to be correct. His eyes are fairly round and set fairly well apart. His ears are just over medium in size, are correctly broad based but could be set further apart. He has a good coat, nice waves on his neck and sides and some on his legs, it also stands away well from his body, would prefer slightly more soft feel to it. His tail is nicely waved and he has a mix of straight and curly whiskers. His nose is short and straight and has a slight downward turn. The bite is undershot, chin is firm.


BOB: MARSLAND-ROUNDS’ CH CATBALU INDIANA (79s31d) 26.6.04 Huge lad of fabulous bone, again would just prefer more of a medium width muzzle but otherwise has a lovely coat and tight waves.



1ST (CC NOT AWARDED) LARMOUR’S CRINKLES SUNFIRE (79s 15d) 11.4.09  I was so surprised to see who this was, she, for me, hasn’t yet fulfilled her early promise as a baby. She is rather small and lightboned and could be more muscular and weighty for her my preference;  she looks rangy rather than rectangular in appearance, maybe she had been calling? Her head shape is still developing, however, her profile is quite straight indeed almost a ski slope, her brow dosnt really round leading to a short straight downward slanting nose. She needs more breadth across her cheeks and her muzzle is merging, there is a slight padded look when viewed from the side. The bite is level and chin fairly firm. Her ears are set fairly well apart and medium in size. The coat is fairly well waved in places, mostly around her neck and belly and straighter on her back, which is anticipated at this age so I didn’t penalise her for this.  I am sorry that  I had to withold, this was mainly due the type and lack of bone, however, the SOP also clearly states females may be less massive than males but not be dainty in appearance which , in my opinion, is exactly what this girl is today.




1ST (BOB NOT AWARDED) HILLYARDS’ MABLEDON ORGANNA SOLO 11.8.09 Pretty lass, nice body and excellent bone so it was such a pity to have to withold the Bob today.  Her head is nicely rounded, just a trifle pinched at the muzzle, probably teething. Neat ears set well apart, in profile the brow rounds to a short straight nose, level bite and good chin with chubby cheeks. Lovely expression to her large round orange eyes. Lovely coat, short, dense and crisp texture developing but my word it is very unsound! This being my only reason for withholding the BOB. Nice shade of blue but slightly silvered.  I sincerely hope that unsoundness goes away when she grows her adult coat.



1ST PC NAUDO’S CURLU QUINCY (79s15) 24.9.08 Excellent bone to this powerfully built chap! Lovely broad cheeked round head with very nice width between broad based ears set well apart, for perfection I would prefer them a mite larger to be described as “medium” in size. Lovely large round eyes, round brow in profile leading to a short straight downward slanting nose. Bite level and chin firm with curly whiskers and eye brows. The muzzle is just about medium width and does clearly show padding when viewed from the side. Excellent plush feel to his coat which stands away and is nice and waved all over except down the centre of his back where is less waved.  He is a lovely muscular solid bodied lad, medium length well boned legs and his back is straight and when he stands he forms a rectangle. Super broad tail that is waved. I did hear that this made him up? If so congratulations!


2nd NICHOLS’ CURLU SIDNEY (79s15) 28.5.09 Fractionally out of balance this younger lad needs more time for his type to develop for me. He is a good size, nice and muscular but slightly longer in the body with fractionally tall legs rather than the rectangular shape. His head is round but I feel his muzzle is more pinched than a medium width “padded” appearance. His profile is rounded , the nose is slightly long although is slopes downwards correctly. Bite is level, chin shallow. His eyes are round.  The coat has a harsh feel to it, stands away fairly well but was considerably straighter than the winners. All out of sorts I feel at the moment.


CNH pen 214. Sadly very very unhappy.


BOB: NICHOLS’ PR CURLU NEO (79s15d) Gorgeous!!!



1ST& BOB JENNER-PESCADOR’S MACOYS BARBARELLA 11.10.09 A well grown baby girl of very good weight and has a nice firm feel to her body with slender limbs and large oval paws. The tail is a good shape and just balances tapering to a rounded tip. Large broad based ears sit well apart a very gently rounded top of head which forms a short wedge of reasonable width at the jaw hinge tapering to a slightly long muzzle with teething pinch I suspect. Level bite, chin is a little shallow and recedes just a trifle. Her yellow chartreuse eyes are quite a good shape and are set fairly well apart, good fullness and shape to lower line when she relaxed otherwise she tended to “round” them and I would personally prefer them a little larger. In profile the depth of the head is acceptable, the brow is fairly rounded and the nose is short and straight till it rounds at the very tip, break is acceptable and teething taken into account. Her coat is fairly short, lovely texture and is close fitting, very glossy rich brown that but has a few white hairs around her shoulders, masking to face; is a trifle brindled at the moment and just lacking some warmth at present.



1ST & BOB WEALE’S HERBATIOUS SWEETPEA 13.10.09 Another well grown baby of good size and excellent weight having a good firm feel to her body; slim legs and neat spoon-shaped paws. Good tail shape to balance with a paintbrush tip. Super type, very nice rounding to her top of head between broad based but fractionally large ears set very well apart, the outer line following the upper part of the face. Her head forms a good short blunt wedge that is nice and wide at the jaw hinge and in profile shows very good depth, a nicely rounded brow leading to a fairly short straight nose with a good break. Just a fraction of a teething pinch. Excellent  pale yellow eyes for shape and set, good size and has a promising expression developing. Even lilac baby coat still, lays well, some nice warm tones; just shows a slight masking to face.


End of Report.


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