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  Loraston Minnie Theminx
Champion Cooelcroft Shamrock's  nursery
Their babies were born on the 6th September 2000

The kittens are:

1 Boy:
Cream & White

2 Girls:
1x Blue and 1x Blue-Tortie &White

Minnie's babies at 4 weeks old, in the safety run , which is in the kitchen/breakfast room whilst we are decorating the kittening room.
Better photo's, kittens are 5 weeks old here...and eating solid foods
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These 2 photo's are of the babies at 7 weeks old
Minnie at 5 mths
Following  difficult time with her birthing her kittens I decided to neuter Minnie, and is now living with a lovely young couple who she "picked" herself as her new slaves!