Thank you to all those exhibitors who braved the roads, treacherous some of them too! I was lucky not to live too far away.  My close friend Gerda Stanley stewarded for me and was excellent company as usual. Thanks also to the show management who wisely chose to close the show as early as was possible due to the inclement weather.



GP PR HARRISON’S PR DIWALI KATALINA (28) 12.3.06. looked lovely today, all balanced and cobby.  Super head type, matured really well now, broad and well rounded and lovely true british type with excellent breadth to cheeks. Excellent round copper/orange expressive eyes. Short straight broad nose. Level bite, good chin. Mature cobby and muscular well-developed body supported by short thick legs and fat round paws. Good shaped tail showing blue and cream mingling. All 4 paws too.  Super dense short coat, just  a mite soft but in very nice condition. Pleasing mingling, well distributed mid blue and pale cream, both almost sound to roots. Very nice girl and a pleasure to see her mature the way she has. A credit to her owner and breeder.



1ST CC & BOB MCEWEN’S PENNYDOWN XCLUSIVE F 12.7.08 Cobby lass, showing good British type and expression. Lovely round head, good cheeks, bite and chin. Neat ears set well apart. Lovely roundness to the eyes but at the moment they are still developing their colour, light green to the centre as of now. Dense coat, good length and texture. Lovely light even frosty tipping, very Christmassy! Good bone to her short legs. Thick broad tail tapering to a rounded tip. Lovely temperament.




What a sweet natured person! A lovely start to my day in this section purred for England and made bread and almost fitted into my steward’s pocket! She is well developed, a good size and deceptive weight, her body being medium in size and firm to feel. Slim legs with minimal smudges to inner thighs presently. Neat paws, tail just balancing the body and is a good shape. Good rounding to the top of her head between well-set medium ears; in profile the brow rounds gently, the nose is short and straight with a good break but just rounds off at the very tip. Good bite, chin is of reasonable depth and lines up well. Promising depth the head and good width at the cheeks just a trifle fine at the muzzle at the moment. Her eyes are thus set well apart and are a good size and shape, lovely golden yellow, nice to see with a promising expression developing too. Her coat is super short, fine and lays close and of lovely texture.  Pale to medium fairly warm toned chocolate, even except for a faint necklace and smudges mentioned; darker contrast masking to her face and ears.




1ST BROWN’S CHARMODEN SIMPLYENYA F 28.1.09 Cobby balanced pretty young lass with nice type. Nice weight and muscle tone and bone. Well-shaped tail tapering to a rounded tip and broad at base. Round eyes but I would prefer better eye colour to be honest, blacks always to me need a good strong copper eye, Enya’s in this light are pale gold; good size and shape though. Good bite and chin. Nice fullness to cheeks. Dense thick coat, short but a mite soft to touch and is a little pale at the roots. Good jet black colour though.



1ST SMITH’S KRUZINKAL MALRIC MACDUFF (40/3) M 26.10.08 Big strapping chap of good development and substance for his age. Super bone to his legs, body wise he needs to fill out his large frame which should come in time. Large broad head, plenty of width between medium well set ears. Short nose, level bite, chin reasonably firm. Large round clear mid blue eyes. Excellent fullness to cheeks. Nice short dense coat, good contrast to mid choclate points, brindling to legs though presently; lovely shape to his mask. Good broad tail, but also a little brindled. The points seem different from ears to mask to legs due to the brindling but tonally they match. Nice chap!


2nd RYAN’S CURLU MACEY   (79s 21) F Big lass with good boning to her medium length legs. Broad full cheeked head with good width between medium broad based ears. In profile, for me, the nose is rather short for my personal preference.  Lovely cheeks, just about level bite. Nice medium rectangular shape to the muzzle and padding is evident when viewed from the side. Lovely rexed coat, uniform in length, really tight waves and curls, very promising. I must mention although it is irrelevant, the lovely bright tortie colours, most attractive! Good tail, well waved. In very good condition!


3rd. WILLIS’ FELASAMOR BIANCE-JADE (21c) F 20.05.08.



2ND 1ST WITHELD. HOPE’S HYPNOS MCGEE (27f) M 30.11.08 This lad is a good size with a nice firm feel to his body, proportionate shapely legs with neat oval paws. His tail shows quite distinctive stud tail at the base, the fur was standing up when we got to him too which for me spoilt the appearance, short to balance. His head forms a fairly short blunt wedge; good width at the cheeks but in profile I would prefer much more depth. The brow is gently rounded but the top of his head flattens between large ears. He has a cyst on his cheek as confirmed by the DV, which I allowed for and did not penalise him. Bite was level chin a little shallow and very grubby sadly. His eyes were on the day sore and dirty and I am afraid it was difficult to see the shape. His coat caused me concern in that the colour is dark and dull with no “bloom” as far as I could see and the ears had a much darker sandy colour about them, as did his hocks, as discussed with a senior judge.  The length is fine, however the coat stood up, was very open and greasy and he does have dark necklaces too. I realise there were no actual withholding faults but for me, today, I am very sorry I witheld 1st even though this is a side class, it wasn’t taken lightly but when I took into account the various faults listed, particularly the coat colour and condition I felt on the day he didn’t reach the standard and it is also a beauty competition. Sorry!




1ST BANT’S ASPIRITOUS URIAH HEAP (79s 16) My open winner from the Supreme and my comments are just the same. Stunning.

2nd WOLFE’S BUMPKIN VIENNA (16) F  9.7.09 Well grown lass of very good bone and I loved her type, but would just like her eyes a little larger for nit pick if  I may!  Lovely cobby body with good legs and large round paws. Thick broad tail. Her coat is fairly short, very dense and a lovely pale blue but at the moment is rather silvered.

EXTRA 2ND LOCKETT’S MIKAZEL PEPPERMINT PATTI (15d) F 25.4.09 Promising baby! Like her type and body shape, nice and cobby with excellent bone to her short legs. Good rounding to her head too. Large eyes, orange but currently showing a faint green rim to centre. Level bit but her chin just slopes back a little.  Super rich red coat but rather spotted, as one expects in this colour to a degree so I hope it clears as she matures. The coat is nice and short and dense too.


3rd. WILLIS’ CRYSTALMIST SAND-STORM (17) M 17.7.09 Huge masculine cream lad who is teething quite badly at the moment so he is rather pinched in the muzzle, I do hope he finishes for his Christmas turkey! Big round broad head, good width between his medium ears but he tends to hold them upright. Full cheeks. Large round orange eyes. His body is substantial, weighty and solid. His coat is a fraction long but it is dense. It’s a warmish cream, some ghosting showing, a little pale to the roots too.




1ST CROWTHER’S TRUBRIT BLACK TULIP (15) F What a promising kitten! Balanced, cobby, super type and excellent orange eyes too.  Excellent jet-black short dense coat, sound to roots. Will watch her with interest as she matures!

2nd WOOLFENDEN’S PORTEOUS RING THE BELL (15 45a) Super blue ticked tabby maturing well! Huge girl too, fabulous bone and substantial cobby body. Type lass, large round copper eyes, very appealing expression. Obvious ticking, clear bands evident, bluey mushroom ground. Lovely coat length texture and density. Close call!

3rd. MOORHEAD’S PENNYDOWN GISELLE (39) F 7.5.09 very pretty tipped.



Another cracking class of babies.!

1ST WILLIS’ KABENBE CHAMPAGNE-ZOE (31a) F 30.4.09 Superb kitten! Loved her and her patching. Very promising type and eye colour; cobby solid body with short thick legs. Excellent patching symmetry and demarcation, well within the required ratio of 1/3rd to ½ white to colour. Good coat, just a fraction pale at the roots; she has a lovely colour toned blue too. I shall watch her with interest too.

2ndLARMOUR’S CRINKLES SUNFIRE (79s 15d) 11.4.09  A sucker for a red Selkirk and this one is just stunning for type and coat. I wrote “just lovely” in my book. Well done to owner and breeder, she is beautiful and very well presented.




1ST GRAY’S STONEMARR SHOCK “N” AWE (16) F 23.7.09 My take home baby of the day, a cracking British blue baby of very promising type, coat, body and colour. Lovely apple head shape, good ears set well apart. Very pretty type, level bite and good chubby cheeks developing. Superb pale blue coat totally sound to the roots, no silvering or banding either! Woolly but this is typical of age. All balanced and in proportion. Yummy!


3RDSMITH’S MALRIC MISSLOVE JOY (22a) Pretty typed kitten, slightly unbalanced patching and marginally long and unsound in the coat but I do quite like her, although she was very nervous bless her.



1ST ORTON’S ALUAP SHERIDAN’S DELIGHT (27h) FN 1.7.08 Balanced and firm bodied and well developed lady for her age, she is an excellent weight and build with elegant limbs and neat oval paws. Her tail is well-shaped, just short to balance. Her head forms a lovely short blunt wedge of very good width at the cheeks. Rounded top of head both ways between medium forward gently tilting ears, broad at base and set very well apart. In profile the nose is short and straight with quite a good break. Bite is correct and chin is firm. Her chartreuse eyes are lovely! Good expression too; they are nice and large, set wide apart and of good shape with the lower line being fully rounded and the topline slants gently to the nose.  Super coat, short, fine and lays close. Lovely warm chocolates and various pale reds, attractively mingled all over her body, very pretty!.


2ND RIDDLE’S PR OAKFORD SWEET WILLIAM (27f) MN 20.6.08 Masculine chap of very nice weight and firm feel to his well developed mid to long body, just standing a trifle high on his legs but he is at that what I call “spotty teenager stage” so he is where I would expect him to be at his age. Tail is quite a nice shape, tapers at the tip and maybe is a little long, marginally, for balance to shoulder. Lovely blunt wide and deep short wedge showing good type. Gently rounded top of head between just over medium sized ears that are set nice and wide apart. In profile the wedge shows very good depth with gentle rounding to brow; nose is fairly short and straight with a good break. Bite is correct chin could just be a little deeper. Lovely large pale yellow eyes set well apart, good shape and fullness and shows the correct expression. Reasonably short coat, lays well, nice feel about it with a lovely bloom on his head and ears, fairly pale in colour and is nice and even too.


3rd HOPE’S GR PR HYPNOS DIAMONIQUE (27h) FN 7.3.97 Compact “old lady” type wise I loved her! Super rounded chest and straight back, tail a good shape and tapers to a rounded tip to balance but was greasy at the base. Flattened top of head with age now I guess, very good width though between her well-set ears but I felt they were a fraction small. Nose is short and straight, very good break. Good depth and width to her short blunt wedge. Super eyes, large, pale chartreuse in colour, lovely Burmese expression showing and just told you what she was all about at aged 12! Her coat today, was open, a bit greasy and had a bit of scurf, sadly, I know how hard it is with these golden oldies too, and so I made allowances for this.


4th JARVIS’ CH KYMIAN INGRYD FN 8.1.06 Compact and firm bodied lady maturing well. She is a very good weight too for her just about medium sized body; just a trifle rounded around her middle; Elegant slender limbs and neat oval paws. Her tail is well shaped but marginally short to balance. Her ears are set well apart a gently rounded top of head which forms a fairly short wedge tapering to a blunt finish In profile I liked the depth of her wedge; the brow rounds, the nose is fairly short with a good break but I would prefer slightly more width across the cheekbones. Level bite, just a few missing ! medium depth chin but it recedes marginally. Slightly long nose with good break which just rolls off at the very tip. Nice sized eyes, set well apart and of correct shape and expression, chartreuse in colour. Beautiful satin like coat, nice powder to head and ears, mid cream in this light, evenly toned; just a very faint necklace evident but it is broken. Very relaxed lady who had a smashing nature too.


EXTRA 4TH KEMPE’S OAKENSHIELD FORTISSIMO (27d) MN 14.12.08 Very relaxed chap; he is a superb size and weight with a masculine firm muscular body, proportionate legs and paws, tail is a good shape to balance. Well set medium gently forward tilting ears sit aside a very gently rounded top of head that was just a little flat between the ears; in profile the brow rounds gently and shows good depth to the short blunt wedge showing very good width too. His nose has a good break but for me is a trifle long and a little broad and just rounds at the very tip. The bite is level and chin just recedes. His yellow eyes are large and set well apart, gentle slant of the topline to the nose whilst the lower line is more fully rounded; thus giving rise to a good expression. His coat is short and fairly fine and lays well but today, maybe in this light? It appeared quite a pale tangerine. He is a character though and a real time waster!