A most enjoyable show ably assisted for the first time by Nikki Webb who had not stewarded before! I hope you enjoyed your day Nikki and good luck with future stewarding; you can steward for me any time!


IMP GR PR KNIGHT’S GR PR LORASTON LANA TURNER (31F) 10.9.02. Typy, balanced cobby well built lass with short thick legs and fat rounded paws. Fully coloured thick tail to balance. Apple head shape, super breadth and width between lovely small ears. Large orange eyes, short straight broad nose, level bite and chin, excellent cheeks. Of excellent weight and muscle tone for her age she is slightly portly around her middle but she can be forgiven for this. Short dense coat in good condition, slightly warm cream almost free of ghosting. Bright clean white.  Her patching is balanced, just within the minimum 1/3rd required.


2nd RES IMP GRPR  W/H GOLDSMITH’S GR PR SATINMIST ROSIEPOSY (20C) 2.7.06 As written many times now, this lass has sadly lost her eye colour, now being lemony with a hint of green which is incorrect. The pattern is too vague and muddled overall and the coat is too long and soft. The colour of lilac is too cold and dark, lacking in contrast in the ground colour too. I am afraid that she didn’t really want to be judged, hissing as usual.



1ST CC@BOB DENNNY’S CH CHESLO EASTON CASPER 25.6.07 Fulfilling all of his early promise when judged as a kitten and youngster he is maturing into a fine strapping typy balanced lad of great promise! Excellent weight and muscle tone, broad deep chest and flanks, short straight back and balanced large apple head with excellent width between neat ears. Level bite and firm chin with excellent chubby cheeks. Large orange expressive eyes. Short thick legs and fat round paws, thick tail in proportion. Superb short glossy black dense sound coat!


Also considered for BOB: PALMERS’ TISHKABAR MOTOWN MAGIC (PRESUMABLY A CH? AS NOT ENTERED IN OPEN) Cracking eye colour but not quite the type and bone and coat of winner.



1ST CC & BOB LEIGHTON’S GR CH OLANGAS TSAR PETER THE GREAT (IMP) written about very recently, he is maturing well, lovely open type, eye colour of pale gold in this light, super coat today, short very dense and crisp! Excellent bone, he is still to reach his full potential and frame.


ALSO CONSIDERED FOR BOB: COUSINS’ CH CARBIEBARA MAXIMUS MILLION 7.8.05. Smaller lad of good type and bone, coat just a tad unsound and eyes a little deep set otherwise a nice boy.



1ST CC FULLER&BLACK’S WESTWAYS LILACJASMIN 13.2.06 Fair sized lass of quite good bone and muscle tone supported by slightly slender boned legs and small paws. Tail is broad at base tapering to a slight point and of a sandy toned colour not quite lilac. Her head isn’t rounded, her ears are set too high on her head and eyes are small of a yellow gold colour and really should be much deeper in colour by now in this breed. Her nose is short; bite is level chin fairly firm. Fair cheeks. The coat is long, uneven in length and far too cold and dark a lilac, rather more blue toned than pinky/lilac tones I am afraid. It is also unsound and banded with sandy overtones over the whole coat.  I did speak at length with her owner too, sorry to withold but she wasn’t up to standard today as described.



1ST CC & BOB W/H HILLYARDS’ BESTOBRITZ ROMEO 16.4.05 I see from my judging notes on my PC that I judged this lad in March. His type has improved a little but he is immature still for his age. Fairly round head shape, lacks breadth really, with neat ears set slightly upright and too close together. Large gorgeous orange eyes, short broad nose and level bite and chin with chubby cheeks. Cobby body supported by short strong legs. His coat is long, dense but fraction soft. Sadly is it far too dark a cream and also too hot in tone, almost bordering on tangerine on his ears and neck and back. It is very unsound too. feint ghost tabby markings still evident.  His tail is very orangey in colour, has stud tail and ends in a point with heavy tabby rings.



1ST WOLFE’S EVAVALE ROLLER COASTER 17.7.08 Large very well built chap of fabulous bone, short thick legs and large rounded paws, tail is broad at base tapering to a broad rounded tip. Noted one testacle dropped today. Round head shape with very good width between slightly generously sized ears, tapering to a marginally squared muzzle. Large well-opened orange eyes set well apart, slightly deep set. Short broad nose, level bite, chin good and fat chubby cheeks. Well-developed solid muscular body of very good weight, broad deep chest and flanks. His coat is a pale cream, slight ghost spotting evident with a hint of a pinky tone though, is quite unsound at the moment so I hope this is transitory, fairly short in length with very good density.


2nd LE MONNIER’S MARDENKA MASERATI MIKE 4.9.08 Super typy lad a tad small for his age though, very chocolate box kitten! Apple head shape, neat ears set well apart, short nose, a tad narrow for his head, level bite and chin with well filled cheeks for his age. Cobby little body supported by short thick legs and fat rounded paws. Of very good weight too, he has a broad chest and straight back. Short thick tail. Warm cream coat, slightly darker than I would anticipate seeing at this age, fairly free of tabby markings and sound; of very good density but is long. His eyes are small for me for the size of his head and very pale coloured at the moment; I do hope this improves with maturity.



1ST & BOB EVAN’S EVAVALE MAMMA MIA 29.5.08 Well I had the pleasure of simply writing “just stunning” in my book! Gorgeous apple head of very good British open type and expression with incredible round copper coloured eyes that melt you. Superb development, bone and balance. Level bite and deep chin. Cobby well developed body of excellent balance and weight. Huge lass too of very good bone. Fabulous short dense crisp and sound pale cream coat, so promising! My take home cat of the day.



1ST GREENSLADE’S AYSHAZEN PRINCE CASPIAN MN 22.6.08 Very well grown chap of excellent weight for his size with shapely legs and large oval paws. Solid and muscular. Super tail of good shape and balances to a paintbrush tip. Short blunt wedge of good overall depth and wide at the cheeks. Gentle rounding to dome between slightly generously sized ears set well apart and of forward tilt. Fairly short straight nose with good break in profile. Nice expression to his eyes of pale yellow but they are marginally small in proportion to head; set well apart and have a full lower line with topline gently slanting to nose. Level bite and chin. His coat is slightly long but lays well, is fairly fine and even in warm dove grey tones.


2nd. MACOY’S MACOYS PESCADORABLE HENRI 27.6.08 smaller lad for his age in comparison to winner with not so well developed type and balance for his age. Good shape to his balanced tail with rounded tip. Slender legs and rather dainty oval paws. Moderate wedge that I would prefer to have more width at the cheeks and depth from top of head to lower jaw; tapers to a fine muzzle that is pinched. Large ears set fairly well apart with gentle forward tilt sit aside a very gently rounded brow. His chartreuse eyes are slightly deep set and also rather appear almond in shape unfortunately, they need more rounding to the lower line and fullness to the upper line gently slanting to the nose, the outer edge is slanted up to the right as is the bottom lid, thus appearing almond as noted and confirmed by a full judge. Level bite and chin but marginally shallow. Kitten coat that is even toned dove grey but has a bluish overtone both in and out of the pen.



1ST & BOB BONE’S SYKRIS POETRY IN MOTION 27.7.08 Super balanced baby of excellent type! Of good size and weight with slender legs and dainty oval paws, rounded chest, very good shape to tail that balances with a rounded tip. Lovely short blunt wedge that is both wide at the cheeks and shows very good depth with a gently rounded brow between slightly generous broad based ears of slight tilt forward. Excellent shape and set to large pale yellow eyes. Short straight nose with very good break in profile. Level bite and good depth to level chin.  Even dove grey, slight pinky hue to body and actually looked better, tonally, out of the pen than in it, in that there was slight bluish tone on face evident in the pen but not so obvious when out. Baby coat, lays close. Very promising baby who purred all the time.


2nd STACEY’S RUMBA LILAC SPIRIT 14.5.08 Large well grown kitten slightly out of balance though today, with a very nice expression developing. Very solid and muscular, rounded chest, slender legs and large oval paws. Tail of good shape that balances with a paintbrush tip. Short wide wedge that tapers to a slightly pinched muzzle, level bite and chin. Very good width between her ears, broad at base and slightly large at present with forward tilt. Short straight nose with good break; Large eyes, very expressive of yellow in tone and set wide apart with full lower line and gentle slant of topline to nose. Her coat is a warm pale dove grey, again looked better out of the pen than in. It would be interesting to see these two in natural daylight!



1ST.POWER’S IMP GR PR MAINMAN RAJAH 11.8.03 Written about on many occasions now he is a lovely ambassador for his breed, wonderful temperament too. Large solid lad of excellent weight and muscle tone with shapely legs and paws, rounded chest and an excellent balanced tail of good shape and rounded tip, just slightly short to balance. Large masculine head of excellent depth overall and width at the cheeks, tapering to a blunt finish. Excellent break to his short straight nose. Very good width across the gently rounded brow between good ears for shape and set. Level bite and chin of good depth. Short fairly fine coat that lays really well and has a lovely feel to it, a tad uneven on his rump at present and a few scattered white hairs today. Super pale yellow eyes of typical Burmese expression, set wide apart and of correct shape and fullness.


2nd  BUIST’S GR PR OAKENSHEILD SULTONOFSWING (27f) 21.1.01 Hefty solid lad and Happy Birthday today! Large well-built boy of excellent weight supported by shapely legs and large oval paws, good tail to balance with rounded tip. Super depth to the short wedge, tapers to a blunt finish with a fairly short nose with good break, level bite (just) and chin of medium depth but recedes. Very good width across the rounded brow, now flattened a little with age, between medium sized forward tilting ears.  Super wicked expression to his full and lustrous eyes of pale chartreuse, just slightly deep set. Even dark toned cream, one necklace showing, lays well and is fairly short and fine, good texture.


3rd. ELLIS’ PR MAINMAN SMARTYPANTS (27c) 8.7.07 Maturing nicely!




1ST LEE’A PR KALUKIKATZ ARABESQUE (76 20)  1.3.05 Gorgeous example! Very good head and profile, level bite, good ears for set and spacing. Superb eye colour! Fabulous silky coat, lays beautifully with a correct random tabby pattern. Excellent weight for a girl too and very solid to feel, good muscle tone! Correct tail, my book just says she has the lot! Well done!


2nd CROSSLEY’S DIABOLAS MYLEAH 974) 11.6.03. Promising lass with lovely blue-green eyes! Good wedge and break to nose, level bite and chin. Lithe and muscular of very good weight, slender legs and paws. Tail a little short to balance. Soft coat that shone with health and lays close, just some slight contrast masking to face.


3rd DELVINO & MACRO’S GR CH & PR JONSCOTT CHIANNA 33a 40/13. 21.11.00


EXTRA 3RD. BISHOP’S GR CH & GR PR EPISCOPUSS QUIITA 974p) 23.9.99.Nice looking lass but sadly couldn’t see any blue tone to the eyes. Hopefully hall lighting today.



1ST POWER’S MAINMAN KISS OF INDIA 26.5.08 A little small for her age but nice type developing and of pleasing weight for her size. She has slender legs and dainty oval paws, the tail is a good shape to balance but has a very minor invisible defect at the tip. Super short blunt wedge, good width at the cheeks and overall depth for her age. Gently rounded dome between correct ears for shape and set and gently tilt. Large expressive golden yellow eyes, set well apart and of good size and shape with gentle slant to nose and full lower line, but just has a faint green rim around the pupil though at present. Short nose with excellent break in profile, level bite and good depth to level chin. Even toned, rich brown short fine baby coat, lovely glossy sheen.



1ST POWER’S UK & IMP GR PR MAINMAN BURMA STAR (27) FN 19.5.01 VERY CLOSE FOR ME BETWEEN THE 1ST TWO CATS. I deliberated for a while and could have done with 2 1sts.  I have had the pleasure of judging this lovely lass on numerous occasions now I see form my notes! She is well built, solid and of very good weight with dainty, shapely legs and oval paws. Marginally short tail of good shape with rounded tip. Short blunt wedge that has very nice depth from top of head to lower jaw and across the cheeks. Brow is very gently rounded between slightly large ears set well apart and of forward tilt. Good break to her short straight nose. Level bite and chin of good depth. Super expression to her large chartreuse eyes, set wide apart and of correct shape. Super short fine close lying coat in wonderful condition, satin like to touch and shone with health.



2nd BUIST’S GR PR ADMEWBU BILBO BAGGINS 27 MN (10.5.02) Gorgeous chap, loved his cuddles, he could have laid in our arms all day if we let him! Excellent masculine lad, very heavy and in fabulous condition and muscle tone. Shapely legs and large oval paws that he just made bread with most of the time! Tail is a little thick at base, paintbrush tip, and short to balance. Super short wide wedge tapering to a fractionally squared, blunt muzzle. Gently rounded top of head between large ears well set with correct forward tilt. But slightly flattened above the eyes. Expressive and typical eyes set well apart, good shape and size, chartreuse in colour.  Excellent break to short straight nose, level chin of good depth but untidy bite. Coat is short and close lying, excellent sheen. Dark warm even rich toned brown.


3rd. ROBERTSHAWS’ PR KYMIAN SATCHMO (27) 10.5.02 Maturing well, judged also on a few occasions now. Good looking chap developing “that look”.