Welcome to Kittens 2006.
These are the matings I will be doing or have done already to produce kittens in 2006. Litters in order of birth so scroll down for latest kittens born. All kittens ae now booked for 2006.

Loraston Modesty Blaize to Grand Champion Loraston Inspector Gadget.

5 babies born 30th Jan 2006

Boys: 1 x  Cream,  1  x Cream & white
Girls:  2 x  Blue-Tortie&white. & 1 x Blue-cream

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Gr Ch Loraston Bugsy Malone  and  Ch Loraston Jayne Marple
6 kittens born 25th March

Colours can be a mix of:

Boys: 1x Blue.
Girls: 1x Blue-Cream, 1x Cream, 1x Cream & White, 2x Blue-Tortie&White

All babies now in their new homes.
Champion Kolinga Just Judy
Grand Champion Loraston Inspector Gadget. 
Born 13th June
Girls: 4 All blues.
Pets only. All booked.

Loraston Arwen Evenstar  and Gr Ch Loraston Inspector Gadget

Kittens born 5th July.

Girls. 1x  Blue  3 x Blue-cream. All booked.

Lansbury Emma Peel and Gr Ch Loraston Busgy Malone

4 Kittens born 19th May

Boys: 1 x Blue & White, 1x Cream

Girls: 1 x Cream, 1x  Blue- Tortie & White.
All booked.

Champion Loraston Dinah Mite and Grand Champion Loraston Bugsy Malone

5 Babies born 22nd April

Boys: 3 Blue &White
Girls: 2 Blue-Tortie & Whites.
All booked.
Now in their new homes
Grand Champion Loraston Inspector Gadget
and Loraston Lucia

5 kittens born 12th July

Boys: 2 Cream&Whites very nice markings.
1 cream.

Girls' 1 Blue and 1 Blue-Tortie&White very good patching.
All booked.
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All booked..