Kittens 2007

On this page are litters due and planned matings. Scroll down for later litters in the year.
Gr Ch Loraston Inspector Gadget x Champion Loraston Modesty Blaize
Born 4 Babies on 5th March.

Boys: Blue,  Cream,

Girls:  2x Blue-Cream, All Booked.
Gr Ch Loraston Bugsy Malone x Champion Loraston Dinah Mite.
5 Kittens born

Boy: Cream & White.
Girls: 2 xCream, 2 x Blue-Tortie&White.
All Booked.

Ch Loraston Led Zeppelin x Loraston Lucia

Kittens: BlueTortie&white and Blue-Cream.
All booked.

Gr Ch Loraston Jayne Marple to Gr Ch Loraston Bugsy Malone
5 Kittens born, Mid April.

Blue&whites, 1 x Creams, and 2 x Blue-Tortie&white. All Booked.

Latest News:

Ch Lansbury Emma Peel has 6 kittens to Gr Ch Loraston Bugsy Malone., born Mid June. All Booked.

3 stunning Blue&white babies to Ch Kolinga Just Judy and Ch Loraston Led Zeppellin.  All Booked.