Lovely to be here again at one of my local shows, my thanks to Eleanor Grey of the Stonemarr BSH prefix for her gentle handling of the cats and for her enthusiasm with the other breeds particularly the Burmese! Eleanor handles the cats with ease and she is embarking on the stewarding scheme so I can recommend her!



GR PR GREEN’S PR TANGLEKEYS BOMBAYSAFFIRE (40/9) 10.7.05 I have had the pleasure of judging this gorgeous lass before and am delighted to see how balanced she has now become. Super British type and conformation with short well-boned legs and fat rounded paws. Tail is broad at base tapering to a rounded tip showing chocolate and reds. Apple head type with excellent width between neat well set ears, rounded profile leading to a short broad straight nose with a level bite and good depth to chin finished off by chubby fat cheeks. Cobby body of very good weight and is solid to hold. Excellent broad chest and flanks. Short dense crisp coat of a mostly clear body colour with excellent contrast against a mix of lovely mid warm chocolate and various shades of red mingling to her points, all matching really well. Lovely mid blue eye colour, very good to see this! Her eyes on occasions have been known to be held closed but today they were open and round. Handled well.



1ST CC NEWMAN’S MOORMIST MAGICIAN 12.4.08 I must admit I deliberated for some time on this cat due to his coat! Overall he is a nice size and weight for his age with good bone to his short legs and has rounded paws. Tail is fractionally short but nice breadth at the base. He is a balanced cat, which won me over in the end today; his head is a good size to his body, nice width across the brow between medium ears. His nose is short and broad, eyes are a super orange but I would prefer them, although rounded, larger. Bite is level, chin ok but he is fractionally square in the muzzle, very nice cheeks. Nice expression. Cobby well boned body, nice breadth across the chest and flanks. His coat is, well, silky! It’s a good depth of black, is sound but lays flat and is too soft; it needs more density and life. I actually mused that he might have been bathed? Would be interested to know? All in all I decided he had other attributes that allowed me to award, if not I would have witheld most certainly.




1ST CC ZERILLI’S WILLOWOOD WEDNESDAY ADDAMS 27.3.08 loved the name! Balanced and cobby lass, pretty British head type and conformation with a thick tail, a tad short to balance. Apple head shape with an open expression, neat ears set well apart. Large round gold eyes. Short straight nose, level bite and chin, fact cheeks. Close coupled cobby body with short thick legs. Super short coat, slight scurf but not that detrimental, sound jet-black, crisp to touch. Nice lass!


BOB: DENNY’S GR CH CHESLO EASTON CASPER 25.6.07  Cracking chap! What a fantastic example!



1ST CC&BOB GRIBBEN’S CRAZIPUSS TUTTIFRUITY (30ES) 27.2.08 Big lass, well grown and supported by short well-boned legs. Good tail, ringed to balance. Large round head with good width between generous ears I hope she grows into! Short straight nose, chin slopes back a tad, good cheeks and level bite. Cobby large hefty body. Short but soft coat, quite dense. Well separated spine line, small linkage on shoulders, good necklace and leg bracelets, thumbprints to ears. Bright clean silver with a super tortie overlay. Spotty tummy and some to toes.



1ST PC & BOB GRIBBENS’ TRYANITE THOMASINA (21) 15.9.03 What a beautiful example of a black tortie, I recall her now from when she was on the show bench as an entire lass wowing judges! She still has it and congratulations on Best British Neuter! Excellent example, got the lot and built like a tank…just wish a lot of females looked like more like her nowadays!




1STCC & BOB HARRISON’S DIWALI KATALINA 12.3.06 Not seen since a kitten I see from my judging notes on my PC. Cobby and balanced lass of good weight and substance standing on short fairly thick legs. Round head with plenty of width between neat well set ears. Rounded brow, short nose, untidy but level bite, good chin and nice breadth to cheeks. Large round orange expressive eyes. Short dense coat, mid almost sound blue with warm almost sound cream, generally well mingled, 3 paws broken for colour. Nice temperament.





2ND BULL’S GR CH KOLINGA HARVEY (16) 9.4.04 Super powerful big blue lad of substance. Large chap with a large balanced head, very good width between medium ears, short straight nose, level bite, good chin and chubby cheeks. round but slightly small gold eyes, I would prefer larger for balance, for perfection. Solid huge cobby body of fabulous bone. Sound mid blue but shows some silvering, coat is short dense and crisp. Stud tail to his thick tail, broad at base.


3rd. HARRISON & GRIBBENS CH CRAZIPUSS CALLMECHARLEY (17) lovely cream chap, super type and bone and colour, just a tad unsound.


4TH WOLFE’S BUMPKIN BUFFALO BILL (16) Young but huge well built lad, just too immature to challenge the big powerful chaps but one to watch, just love his shade of blue too!



1ST CLERKIN’S CH SILVERCLOUD MORNING STAR (39) 13.8.06  Super balanced and cobby black tipped of style! Lovely look about her and shows good maturity now. Good rounding to her head with very good width between neat ears. Rounded brow with a short straight nose, level bite and chin of good depth. Fat cheeks. Excellent round bright vivid green eyes, super expression. Coat a little long but nice and dense and texture. Superb even light tipping. Tail to balance but has a few faint rings. Lovely cat!


2nd MCEWENS UK GR CH PENNYDOWN LYNDISFARNE (39) 26.4.02 Large well grown mature lady, well known of lovely type and excellent eye colour. Her coat though is long and soft although the tipping is mostly even, nice finished look about her.





1ST HOLLOWAY’S WINDYMEADOW IBRAHIMOVIC (40/14) M 6.5.08 Stunning chap indeed, well done! Lovely British type and conformation, good bone to his strong legs too. Large round head with excellent width between his ears for his age. Super expression to his large round pale to medium blue eyes with good clear spectacles. Short nose, level bite and chin of good depth with nice chubby cheeks. Very good breadth to chest and flanks, a tad long bodied but that is expected at this age. Superb coat! Very clear tabby markings, even tone to the points too, good contrast the ground colour and points match. Promising lad.


2nd GREETHAM’S LORRCLAWS TEDDY B (16) M 14.5.08 Loved this lad too, very nice british type, equally worthy of 1st place! I am a sucker for a “pretty boy” with a soft expression and he has this. Lovely type and cheeks, super round expressive eyes, level bite and good chin. Well-developed lad, plenty of time on his side but promising for his age. Super pale blue coat, short dense and crisp but slightly silvered. Also one to watch!


3rd. MCEWENS’ PENNY SNOWEXCUSE (39) F 1.9.07 Super name! Pretty but slightly lightweight lass, super even tipping.



1ST WHITTY’S JOCOCA WOLF WHISTLE (16) M 12.6.08 Superb typy look with fabulous bone! Excellent apple head shape with very good width between neat ears, Short straight broad nose, level bite and good chin with fat chubby cheeks. Excellent well boned straight legs. Copper coloured large expressive eyes. Thick tail to balance. Fraction soft but what a super colour blue coat, almost sound but just slightly silvered, dense too.


2nd WEBB’S KOLINGA DIABLO (16) M 21.7.08Solid well grown lad but out of balance as yet. His head is round but tapers to a slight point, good cheeks and plenty of width between his rather large ears. Slightly small gold eyes, faint green tinge. Short nose, level bite but his chin slopes back. Cobby well developed body. His coat is a slightly darker blue, currently uneven in tone, crisp to touch but uneven in length too at present. Tail thick but a tad short. I would suggest he be left off the bench for a few months to grow into himself and let his coat settle.






1ST EVANS’ EVAVLE MAMMAM MIA (17) 29.5.08 Judged recently my comments remain the same, she is growing well and I just love the type and coat length, density and texture, her cobbiness and the colour of cream, very promising lass!






1ST PESCI’ ALEJANDRO BACK TO BLACK MN 26.10.07 Big chap! Open typed face with large gold eyes set wide apart. Round head with plenty of width between slightly bonneted ears. Fat cheeks. Short straight nose, head just tapers to a square muzzle. Level bite. Large weighty body a tad long and tall but very good bone. Tail is broad at base tapers to a rounded tip but shows rings. Coat is a little pale to the roots on top he is quite a nice colour of black.


2nd DECOSEMO’S KIZUKE FORTUNE COOKIE (16) MN 16.7.07 long tall gangly lad that needs to fill out his frame and gain more muscle tone. Fairly round head, chin lacks depth though. Big ears not in balance with his head shape. Sweet expression to his round gold eyes. Level bite. Coat I is too soft and long.








A lovely class of cats that were a privilege to judge!


1ST ORTON’S CHAMSTRAW PEBBLES DELITE (27e) F. 5.6.07 Super brown tortie with style! Excellent weight, lovely solid feel about her and good muscle tone too. Slender shapely legs and oval paws with a tail of good shape with paintbrush tip but short to balance. Lovely short blunt wedge of very good width across the cheeks and overall depth from top of head to lower jaw. Very gentle rounding to brow between very well spaced, broad based ears of generous size with gentle forward tilt. In profile the nose is short and straight with a fairly good break. The bite is level as is the chin of medium depth. Super large lustrous yellow eyes with a typical Burmese expression, set wide apart with a gentle slant to nose and full lower line, very expressive! Super short coat, Lovely satin-like texture and lays close. I was also struck by the super mingling of rich browns and varying shades of bright red, a very attractive look! Lovely temperament.


2nd FORTESQUE’S BLOOMERS BELCHAMP’S BARON (27d) M. 9.4.08 I see I judged this promising lad as a kitten a few months ago. He is developing really well! Big chap of excellent weight and shapely proportionate legs with large oval paws; good  solid feel and has excellent muscle tone. Tail of super shape with rounded tip but marginally short to balance. Masculine look with a short wedge that tapers to a blunt finish. Excellent depth and width to his head. Gently rounded brow between medium ears with forward tilt and are broad at base. Level bite with a medium depth to the chin but it recedes a little. Lovely golden yellow eyes of super Burmese expression size and shape that are set wide apart. Distinctive break to his short straight nose. 1 noticeable necklace otherwise a super even toned rich very striking tangerine, super colour!  Short fairly fine coat that lays well. Lovely lad with personality!


EXTRA 2ND BRINIGER’S CH PREFERE VERISIMO (27) M 23.3.08 Large well grown chap of excellent weight and muscle tone. Slender shapely legs with large oval paws with a well shaped tail to balance with rounded tip. Short wedge of very good depth and width, forehead just marginally long. Very good width between medium sized ears of good tilt and broad at base. Fairly short straight nose with good break in profile. Level bite and medium depth chin that just recedes slightly. Absolutely superb coat that shone with health, fine and close lying and short, a rich even  chestnut brown and of lovely texture. Large and lustrous eyes of typical Burmese expression; good fullness with gentle slant to nose and full lower line. Easy to handle.


3rd. DELL’S KUPRO RED SASSAFRAS (27d) F 10.5.08 Pretty young lass of good size and weight with good muscle tone, slender legs and dainty oval paws. Excellent shape to her tail, marginally short to balance. Large ears set wide apart with gentle rounding in-between, of good forward tilt and wide at the base. In profile the nose is short and straight but just rounds off at the very tip, with a good break. The bite is level with a chin that is level but marginally shallow. The wedge is short and has very good width at the cheeks and quite good overall depth too. The coat is reasonably short, fine and close lying, lovely healthy sheen and an even but pale tangerine. Feint smudge to the rear legs and a faint necklace. Super shape and expression to the eyes. I see I judged her as a kitten and feel she is coming on nicely. Lovely temperament, very relaxed.


EXTRA 3RD. BRINIGER’S KARRIEWHITCHIT OLIVERIA (27c) F 3.4.08 Very well grown lass of super weight and proportionate shapely legs and spoon-shaped paws. Well-shaped tail to balance with paintbrush tip. Very good depth and width to her short blunt wedge; gentle rounding to the brow between fractionally generous ears but of correct forward tilt and set wide apart. Level bite and good chin. Super golden yellow eyes of typical expression, set wide apart with gentle slant to nose and full lower line. Even warm dove grey coat that lays well and is short, super texture too. Very relaxed lass.


4th. MARRIOTT-POWER AND MARRIOTT’S RUMBA LAVENDER BLUE F 14.5.08  Very attractive young lady, marginally small in build but is a good weight for her size and also shows a well developed muscular body with slender legs and oval paws. Tail is a good shape to balance with a paintbrush tip. Slightly generous ears set nicely wide apart across a gently rounded brow; correct forward tilt and are broad at base. The wedge is nice and short with plenty of width at the cheeks and of very good overall depth. Short nose with good break in profile but with wee bump in and just rounds off at the very tip. Level bite and chin of good depth. Super typically expressive eyes of pale yellow chartreuse that have good fullness and shape and size; set wide apart. Pleasing soft blue tones to her coat colour, nice and even with some silvering to her head and neck and legs and shoulders; lays close and is a good texture. Handled well.


EXTRA 4TH MACOY’S KYMIAN WESTON (27) M 23.3.08 I see I judged this lad as a kitten and my has he grown! He is a super solid and weighty chap with proportionate legs and large oval paws. Super shaped tail with paintbrush tip to balance. Excellent muscular development. Slightly generous ears of correct forward tilt set well apart a gently rounded brow. Short blunt wedge of very good width at the cheeks and overall depth. Distinctive break to his short straight nose, level bite with medium depth level chin. Short, fine close lying coat of improved texture since last judged, lays really well and is a warm even toned brown; just a few white hairs scattered over his shoulders. His yellow chartreuse eyes are a good shape and set wide apart with full lower line and gentle slant to nose with a typical Burmese expression, I would just prefer them slightly larger. Bit of a gentle giant, lovely nature!






1ST WALKER’S AMOZOULOU THE NEWSCHMOO (79s39d) M 13.4.08  Super lad of good rectangular body shape with medium length well boned paws and tail that is thick and balanced in length.  Broad cheeks rounded head shape, excellent width between medium ears broad at base. Short nose not quite got the downward slant I would like to see, almost too much of a right angle. Level bite, good chin. Muzzle merges a tad too much into the rounded contours of the head, so not quite a rectangular shape. Good curly whiskers. Excellent tail. Good waves to the body fur, stands away well. Fraction straighter on his back but rest of curls around the neck and face and legs are good.


End of report.